Dream-Theme does not currently provide support for this item.

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Tumblr? I wish that I could use this theme for a regular website.

very nice :) a better pagination would be perfect

OMFG ! THis AWESOME . Endless scrolling please? And is this gonna have support? Like future updates etc?

Purchased :) Lets see what I can do to pimp it up xD Hope the dev is gonna offer support.

Umm the manual folder doesnt have docs. =\

Haha no probs. The PSD is perfect. Will let you know what I come up with :)

Link to manual: http://dream-theme.com/goth_manual.zip It is very basic (as Tumblr itself is :) )
We have plans to update this theme in 2 weeks:
- infinite scroll
- toggle for “following” block
- twitter and flickr widgets (still on discusion)

You have all my requests such as twitter etc covered. Well thanks. :)

Hey, can we implement this: http://www.beyondcoding.com/2009/01/15/release-jquery-plugin-endless-scroll/

I will try it and you can have a look at what I did here: xDeepS.tumblr.com

You should add a option to switch sidebars, pretty easy xD

Hello! Unfortunately, I can not provide support of this kind. But I have a small bonus instead. Check your e-mail;)

Thats a pretty nice layout. And as you told me you plan to update this theme, that scrollig would be good as the current snippet messes up the posts. And I’ll try to implement it and let you know how it goes. Thanks.

really like it but lack of twitter widget (with option to on ON or OFF ) is sad :(

I downloaded it but idk how to use it, can you help me I extracted it but I don’t know what to do after that

Hi! Try to read the manual: http://dream-theme.com/goth_manual.zip If questions remain – will try to help

Does this work with Wordpress

Hi I want to buy a theme but, I have a request, I want to change the direction of the text from left to right because I type in Arabic. majid

Hi! I’m sorry for taking so long to reply: now it is big holiday in our country. About your question. You can use this theme for right-to-left writing just with adding atribute dir=”rtl” to “html” tag.

Hi I bought a theme but there is a problem with lines and modify the text direction.


Hello. Simply add dir=”rtl” to tag body: <body dir="rtl"...

I did that and became a write outside the box,As well as the title does not appear because the font does not support the Arabic language I want to change.


You can switch-off “Gothic fonts”. But There IS layout problem. Would you mind to give me your Tumblr login and password? In this way problem will be solved more quickly and more effectively. Sorry for inconvenience.

Thank you .. Can you give me your email.

you can simply send me personal message via Theme Forest:)

I sent you a mail message.

Modified Thank you, I advise everyone to buy theme is wonderful.

Sorry for make you waiting so long. And thanks for positive feedback :-)

Do you have this theme in Wordpress

unfortunately, no

Beautiful theme!

Does it support some kind of widget for readers to share posts on other social sites?

Thank you!

4 stars! Who did that?! :)

It’s not working for me, but when I view the text in the index file, it doesn’t appear to be html code, I tried re-downloading several times but it still doesn’t work :(

replied you via e-mail

Is it possible to change the red post type images to another color?

Yes, but it will require some amount of customization. You can hire a freelancer to accomplish it.