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Nice color combination! :)

:) thanks…

all flat but not social icons… :) GLWS bro

Siap bro

great color combo :) bv

Thanks :)

Good luck om Ence ;-)

Thanks om deni

Really Awesome! GLWS! :)

:) Thanks

Awesome color and great layout ! GLWS :)

Thanks sir

Very nice! GLWS :)

Thanks 4smart :)

Hi I can I convert your template to wordpress But without framework

If you want to convert wordpress Contact me


I would have loved to buy this theme if it had a pricing matrix. Are you considering one for the future?

yes of course, I think it’s a good idea :) thanks sir

Hi I just bought this file specifically for the psd. I can;t find the second layout of the woman holding a tablet with text and arrows pointing to her. This is the layout we specifically needed. Would you be able to please supply this. I can understand that the picture of the woman is a stock image and we will have to buy it, but if you could supply the layout of the banner in psd please. Thanks.

please contact me

Hi I’m having difficulty getting the contact forms to work. Can you give me some guidance to get those working properly?

Open config.php (directory : contact/config.php )
// To
define("WEBMASTER_EMAIL", 'nce18cex@gmail.com');
replace my email (“nce18cex@gmail.com”) with your email
Please see the link. http://www.signvox.com/system/landing/sign_estimating_software/#contact Shouldn’t the contact forms and newsletter buttons indicate something when the fields are completed and submitted? If just changing that config.php file is all then something else is not working properly. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

any ideas? response to my question please?

Very good theme, thank you! But animation doesn’t work in Google Chrome. Please check it.

Hello. How can I allow customers to download a .pdf file on the spot after they fill up the Form on Index2? I thought the template would do the following: 1. Send me an email with the Customer’s Details 2. Allow customer to download the manual automatically.

How could I do this?

Please contact me via email

Hi, I got this error during installation: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Please advise.