Discussion on Goya - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Goya - Modern WooCommerce Theme

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How to keep sticky sidebar scrolled to the top? As I scroll down my category pages, my filter sidebar automatically scrolls to the middle.


cntrmedia Purchased

How can I make the free shipping progress bar calculate based on the total and not the subtotal?

The progress bar calculates the subtotal just like the WC mini cart, optionally it can include the taxes.

The ‘total’ with coupons, shipping, etc. can’t be calculated there.


I couldn’t find any other way to communicate with the author, hence posting my questions here.

1. Is WP bakery going to be an extra purchase or is it included in the theme? In other words, do I need to pay for WP bakery separately?

2. Does the theme support multiple languages?


Related to the first question, can I use this theme without WP bakery and still get all the features working?


1. WP bakery is bundled with the theme. You don’t need to purchase the plugin separately.

WP bakery is used for custom pages (home, about, contact, etc). The demo content is only editable with WP Bakery.

For WooCommerce you don’t need WP bakery. But it’s required for custom pages like home, about, contact, etc.

The demo content is only editable with WP Bakery.

2. It works with multiple languages. Of course, the translation is managed by a 3rd party plugin of your choice.



nm323 Purchased

How do I hide the sidebar on archive pages for specific categories? Say I am using the filters only on category “Apparel” archive pages but not for “Beauty” pages. How do I disable the sidebar widgets on the beauty category archive pages and display them 100% width? Right now they show as 80% width with an empty left sidebar.


nm323 Purchased

https://dev.institute/blog/remove-hide-sidebar-wordpress-page/ plugin I’m using but pages still don’t revert to 100% width if no filter or sidebar widget is present.


I will pass the notice to the developer to expand the content area automatically when the sidebar is empty.

Currently, you can hide the sidebar using CSS. Each category has a unique class in the body tag like “term-beauty” or “term-xxxxx” based on the term id. You can use that class to hide the sidebar.

For specific assistance please open a ticket https://support.everthemes.com/ and include your site URL


Hi, I’d like to edit the circled footer area (https://ibb.co/Qjd5MNC), 1. the section titles, and 2. where displays company name and its description ), can you show me how? Thanks


All those elements in the footer sections are widgets.

Go to Appearance > Widgets to edit the widget titles and the custom text which is managed with the Custom HTML widget.

Check this article about other adjustments to the footer https://goya.everthemes.com/help-center/footer-options/

If you have more specific questions please open a ticket and include your site URL https://support.everthemes.com/



bitsoft Purchased

Is it possible to add more photos for a variable product?


You have to use a plugin to do it. See some examples https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/Additional+Variation+Images/

If you need specific assistance please open a ticket https://support.everthemes.com/ and include your site URL.


tiknius Purchased

Hi! Are you aware of the Single product page thumnail slider problem? When many images are added to Product gallery you create a carousel slider from product thumnails which is really helpful but the problem is with the last thumbnail. As soon as the down arrow is clicked to reveal the last thumbnail the main product image disapears.

Hi, We just checked and all images are loaded. When you click on the carousel to load the next thumbs group the main slider reflows to reveal the matching image. All images in the gallery work as expected.

We can’t reproduce the issue you mention.

You can open a ticket and include more details https://support.everthemes.com/


Hello, I chose style 3 for the product layout, in catalog mode! Is it possible to change the look of it?

For example: Right at the beginning show the name and price of the item, inside the image, and when I overlay the mouse, just make an animation!

By default it only shows the bookmarks button at first, and when we overlay the mouse, it shows the name, price and button to go to the item.


That could require custom code. Contact support with the account you bought the theme https://support.everthemes.com/



nm323 Purchased

How do I highlight a menu item (In Main) as active or current when on a specific taxonomy listing page?

The current menu item is automatically highlighted. So if you added a product category to the menu then it should be marked as active when you open that category page.

Hi. Great job with the theme. Modern, pretty and fast. Im a webdesigner and developer and purchased Goya for one of my clients. I would like to know if theres an option to increase the size of the image box of an variable item in individual product page. Thanks a lot!

Hi. Glad to know that you like our theme. Thanks.

I can’t fully understand if you mean the variation images selector because they don’t work with the actual variant image. Please, open a ticket and include your site details https://support.everthemes.com/

hi, can it be edited with Elementor?

Hi. The demo content can be edited with WPBakery only.

You can use Elementor but only to create new pages.


salnz19 Purchased

Hi, Will WP Bakery be updated in the next release when you update?

Hi. Yes, bundled plugins are updated with every theme release. We will upload a new version in a few days.


I try to customize my header layout by adding differenent elements to the top and bottom lines.

Left: Hamburger, Logo Right-Top: Account, search, wifhlist, cart Right-Bottom: Primary Menu

According to the documentation there is an option for top and bottom but when i go header Layout: Add your own elements, there is only Left, Middle,Right. There is no Top/Bottom or the option of Text1, ect. in the elements list.

How can i customize my header layout according to the above?

There’s an option to enable the bottom section.

You haven’t bought the theme yet.

If you buy the theme and need support please open a ticket https://support.everthemes.com/



nm323 Purchased

What’s the shortcode for the search icon included in Goya? I am using Elementor and would like to include it in my custom header. In Elementor I only see the default search.

There’s no shortcode for the search box. It’s a function that only works with the default theme header. It can’t be reused with other page builders.


Welcome I liked the template Does it support the Arabic RTL language? And does it support customization in elementor


Glad to know that you like our theme. Thanks!

Yes, the theme supports RTL languages.

The demo content is editable with WP Bakery only. You can use Elementor only if you want to create your pages from scratch. There’s no custom widgets for Elementor.


Can you see the rtl form?

Here’s an example, not Arabic but RTL https://k-store.co.il/


Every time I select a variation that has its own set of images, the product slider refreshes and the page automatically scrolls to the bottom. Any idea how to fix this bug?

Variations can only have 1 image by default. If you have multiple images that’s probably from a plugin.

If this problem only happens with our theme please open a ticket and include all possible details https://support.everthemes.com/


Could you pls tell me, WordPress version 6.2 is supported for this theme?

Hi. The theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version.


Hello, how i can fix it? https://prnt.sc/LTM5pUtJ9ctw

Hi. Your support ticket has been replied. Please, add all support request to https://support.everthemes.com/


Hello! This is a pre-buy question. You have a SHOP demo for this template (Goya – Modern WooComerce Theme) which is perfect for our client. Is theis demo fully downloadable, with all the woocommerce plugins implemented and shopping cart and checkout implemented? Or do we have to bluid it on our own on a bare bones version of the SHOP? If it is really bare bones, how much would it be for you to build a SHOP like in the Demo for us? Thank you!


The theme setup wizard can create an exact copy of the demo site https://goya.everthemes.com/help-center/installation-setup/

Required plugins are installed automatically, just the images are lower quality but everything else is the same.


Thanks for your interest.

WP 6.2 & WC 7.6.0 compatible?

Also WC Templates outdated. When update will be available?


All WooCommerce templates are up to date and the theme is compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

Keep your theme updated https://goya.everthemes.com/help-center/how-to-update-the-theme/



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