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wow nice work! it looks tasty, Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks man :)

Very nice!! Does this theme come as an exact copy of the demo, with the dummy content?

Yeah! exactly dude :)

Allow me to be the first to purchase!

Wonderful work, thanks!

Thanks nota-bene, hope you have Purchased it first :)

It was indeed me :)

Cool! dont forget to leave your Rating :)

For me it’s way too chaotic, read it as a constructive comment, I like minimalist templates. But anyway good luck with sales. :)

Thanks soireeDigitale, always feedbacks polished us :)

Fabulous template. Would like to buy but there are major issues in IE 8 .

Background images e.g. footer_bg.png, header_bg.jpg are invisible. The main menu shifts and is misaligned. Text overflows/is misaligned in the div.mid_cont. Text overflows/is misaligned in the div.grab_details. Here are some screenshots: http://images.betawebs.info/grab-demo-index.jpg http://images.betawebs.info/grab-demo-appetizers.jpg

Good Catch harbourhead, we have updated the files in live preview and also uploaded for review.

Harbourhead, Reviewer as approved our file and updated the theme.

Hallo Seller, may i know does this theme include an order feature which the customers can order food in online?

Hey Mate, theme doesn’t have any online ordering features. We will implement in our upcoming themes.

Will purchase today, if you can tell me …..does the reservation form have script that works in real time, or is it just for demo purposes?

Ktracy, Reservation form don’t have any script in it, just for demo.

Hello pxoutline, I just bought your theme. But, the installation of the theme doesn’t work.

Decompressing the archive extension … Installing the theme … The archive could not be installed. Missing the style.css file in the theme. Installing the theme failed.

What is the problem and solution. Thank you for your feedback

I want modify the text “Grab”. I will replace by the restaurant name ;)

You can easily modify and replace the text “Grab”. we have used the logo background as separate transparent PNG image.

Dear Buyer’s kindly don’t forget to leave your ratings :)

The “ad” or advertising page on themeforest shows a mobile version on an iphone. This was the reason for purchase, however only a desktop version appears to be included.

Thanks for the purchase mate.

We have just added it for image preview!! btw we haven’t explained anything about mobile version in “ITEM DESCRIPTION ”

After editing the template to my needs I noticed that the template doesnt align correctly or fill the whole page of the browser on Computer, Tablet, or phone. It has white space on the right side of the screen. Do you have a new version that is full width of the browser window as this looks unprofessional with the white area visible.

kgramazio, change following lines in style.css ”.slider_container class width should be 1100px;”

.slider_container {
   margin: 0 auto;
   position: relative;
   width: 1100px;
   z-index: 0;

If there’s anything else we could help you with, kindly let us know.

When i added that code it didnt fix the page not filling the whole screen on ipad or phone. I added your original files to a different domain and tried it with your code added to css and it is now in the slider correctly but the right side of site is white and background doesnt fill page. Please help with this issue. :) Thanks

kgramazio, grab HTML template isn’t responsive version and we aren’t supporting for iPhone / iPad, will update theme into responsive near future. Thanks :)


i bought your Grab Restaurant Theme – HTML Template but psd files are missing, i just wanna change the todays_special.png image.

Could you please send it to me? wher can i get this file?


Hi Ubicalu,

Thanks for Purchase. PSD files available in below link.
Grab-PSD Template

Does it look the same on mobile devices or is it transformed into a mobile device version?

Hi Ikokot, We haven’t coded for mobile version.