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Need a demo not just screenshots.

Jeffreysummers, Its a PSD template so we can only provide screenshots. Are you looking for a HTML or Wordpress version ?

Wordpress. Why not load the PSD onto a demo website? Others have done so to show off the design. Helps to see it in action. Or post links to sites that have used it.

jeffreysummers, we aren’t planned for WP version. Currently working on HTML version, will be released in 2 weeks and you can see it in action :-)

pixeltohtml, If you can make a HTML or Wordpress version of this and instead of reservations, have a “online” ordering system, man, i will buy that in a heart beat.

fawad213, Thank you, we are planing to release the HTML version in 2 weeks, will include the online ordering system too.

we are planing to release HTML version in 2 weeks.

Looking towards the HTML version.

Thanks, we are working on it :)

Xitude, finally HTML version is available!!!

Hey Pixel – awesome PSD , cant wait to see this html and wordpress – oh and you might want to change the title – template to avoid confusion, or put PSD in title :) good luck

Thanks, change the title ? Hope we explained clearly in the description and Preview thumbnails, it’s a PSD template :-)

agent8, Grab HTML version is available now!!!

Pixeltoxhtml, Thanks a lot for all your efforts and hard work man. Waiting for the HTML Version.

Great looking theme. Looking forward to a WP version. Do you plan the WP version to be responsive? And it would be nice to include breadcrumbs, too. Keep working! Nice.

Thanks kriszta, we aren’t planned for WP version. HTML version will be released in 2 weeks, hope it will be responsive. Will try to include breadcrumb navigation.

HTML version will be released by this weekend :)

Guys, we have submitted the HTML version 2 days before, its Temporarily held by the review team. Hope it will be available soon!!!

I accidentally bought this can I get a free/discounted on the HTML version? Please, I’m CS5 noob.

Drewtoma, we talked about your request with Envato Support team, they requesting you to contant “support.envato.com” and they will assist you further with it.

Guys, finally “GRAB” HTML version is released!!!!

Thank you for that, I went with buying it well my friend bought it but it’s for his site. Thank you again for you support.

Our Pleasure dude :-)