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Excellent & Beautiful work sir :)

Thank you

nice template gud luck :)

Thank you

Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you

Impressive work, GLWS :)

Thank you

Nice template with all best technique. GLWS :)

Thank you my Friend :)

Nice template! :-)

Thank you

Hi, bought the template today and was faced with the problem, not working Google map (With download Google Maps on this page, there is a problem. The details you will find in the JavaScript console.) The map just does not load and in the center of this error.(Grafon)

you need api key (google changed rules after 22 june ) https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key . Please read the documentation.

Nice template!

I would to ask you question if you can help me, how can I hide load all images (delete category All completely) in “OUR LAST WORK” when I open the main page and make the default Renovate

good day . In file scripts.js find code :
                    filter: c

and change filter : c on filter:”renovate”

Hi there I just bought this template. It’s really nice. Thank you.

Problem: When it is in mobile/tablet mood, the toggle menu does not open! The menu not openning? How to fix it? Thanks

Hi there

Problem: When it is in mobile/tablet mood, the toggle menu does not open! The menu not openning? How to fix it? Thanks

Good day. In the end of file scripts.js add this code :
var mobileHover = function () {
    $(".nav-button").on('touchstart', function () {
    }).on('touchend', function () {


Hi. Nice template. But make a problem. When navigating through the site are not loaded images, of a layer of the class BG in BlogItem. Tell me how to fix it? If F5, everything is all right

lost /div thats ok!

Hello, I have a problem when displaying images on a projects page. When the page load, the first images stack on each other with like 20px offset. The problem happen randomly and when the page is refreshed, the bug is fixed.


Hello . Do you have online demo ?

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the preloader. It just keeps spinning and never ends: http://www.bloklandbv.nl/ Please help us out!

kindly i got this error while installing the theme, Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

thank you, i want to refund the HTML template and change it to WP theme, can you help me for changing this mistake

Dear i have purchased the wordpress theme that you sent it to me please make refund for HTML template that i mistake it

Ok . Create refund request

Hi support. My company site use this theme – great theme, thank you! (Bought at 18 Sep 2016) But i have some trouble with woocommerce plugin!

I have empty pages on WooCommerce goods! – this is page with good added to woocommerce catalog https://yadi.sk/i/ChjejGAQ3aNtnS

Is this theme support Woocommerce plugin?


flauble Purchased

Hello, I bought the theme “Graffon”.

I have a problem with this theme. We can not access the pages only by the home and sometimes by the menu but never with an url address, put directly in the address bar of the browser, or by reloading the page.

No errors in the console js.

help me please

Hello. Do you have online demo ?