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Nice and clean theme! Keep up the good work, bro :)

Thank fitwp ;)

Very nice!, will keep this in mind for one of our next projects… glws

Thank aongroup and hope to work with you in the near time ;)

Very nice! GLWS! I’ve got it to my site

Oh, vuluu… You’re so pro :)

First Purchase :-)

I just bought your very nice template! Is it compatible with the new Magento version?

Dear vanleur,

Could you please feel free to submit new ticket for this problem then send to our Themeforest-Department. Our team will help you check it and answer for you via there.

Here is link for your submitting: http://www.magentech.com/submit-a-ticket/submit-ticket


Thank you for your quick answer. I already submitted a new ticket but still no answer received.



I answered. Please kindly check again


Hi There, Nice template. Is it possible to set main menu on top and slider below menu?

Dear devc,

This theme is not available with your feature. But you can call a custom-work for it, our team will help you with a small pricing.


I love your theme. May I ask:

(1) Can I replace “SM Tab Listing” by “SM Responsive Listing”?; (2) In listing, I have “sub-tab” for each “tab”, how can I make it in your theme?

Thank you very much.

Referring to (1), if I purchase “SM Gran” and go to replace “SM Tab Listing” by “SM Responsive Listing”, do you foresee any technical problem or difficulties?

=> I think you need to add css to have the same design

Could you refer to me which sites are using your “SM Responsive Listing”?

=> We do not have a demo site for you at this time

Except CSS coding skills, may I ask anything else?

Yes, Css only

(3) for example, if I enter into the category of “Living Room” in your demo theme, how can I configure the site to hide all “Sidebar”, and to show 4 columns and “Tab Listing” for sub-category on the top of the product listing (like the look of “New Products” in the middle of the front page)?

Thank you very much.

Our module supports to select columns to show


Could you tell me your user guide for SM responsive listing as well.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Hello josephlau,

Please feel free to contact us if you need


I coudnt find the blog extension in the extension file, it is only working in quickstart, I dont want quickstart because it has some multi site problems. please need this is urgent.

Hi, I purchased this theme but there was error while unpacking this file sm_gran_quickstart_pl_m1.9.0.1_v1.1.1. Total three errors. Can you plz tell me whats wrong?

Dear devc,

ThemeForest requires us to provide Placehold. In this case, you need to change to your images


Thanks for reply, what about that three errors when unzip the above file?

Dear devc,

Which version of zip tool are you using?

I checked but it is working fine. Some customers who have purchased this theme did not have the same problem.


Hi There, Can you tell me where can edit testimonial, about us details from admin and how can I increase cache memory, I am running this on my local WAMP server..Thanks

Dear devc,

We would like to answer your questions as below:

1. Can you tell me where can edit testimonial, about us details from admin

-> please go admin -> cms -> static block and find these block: gran-about-us, happy-clients

Then refer detail the part ‘happy-clients’ and ‘gran-about-us’ here:


2. how can I increase cache memory

-> Edit php.ini .Search “memory_limit” in your php.ini, and change it. If no “memory_limit” found, add the following line at the end of php.ini

memory_limit = 128M ; Change the 128M to your needs


Hi There, I think you forgot that you’ve told me in my pre-sale question that you will help me to change menu position, even you offer me that for free but once I purchase the theme..and after I purchased it you just change your mind and asking for small amount..Not a good practice. Now I will prefer to do it with any freelancer but not with you guys.

Hi devc,

We’re sorry about this. It seems there is a missing information in here. Could you please let us know your email that was used to submit ticket into our system? We will check and answer in your ticket right now.


I didn’t open a ticket but I sent you PM from your profile page about this and you replied that you will tell me that after my purchase and I did purchase this theme. As a programmer you know and I know as well that this is not a big thing but your integrity is doubtful that’s for sure. I will sort it out my way but will avoid you guys.

Hi devc,

Our team will do it for you but we need to know detail information of your site. With this requirement, please feel free to submit the new ticket then send to our Themeforest Department. Our team is ready to help you.

Here is link for your submission: http://www.magentech.com/submit-a-ticket/submit-ticket


Thanks for reply. There is text below hot products, bolg and new products on index page like “loren….” can you tell me from where can I change that text and also from where can I edit contact us page? I want to change map, add and email in that.


Hi Devc,

Please use this guide: http://www.magentech.com/documentation/sm-gran/ then find Contact Menu area to read how to modify this menu.


Hi a few days ago purchased this theme. I can say its the worst theme ever I have used. A lot of the fancy dropdows in the megamenu from there demo are made with static html!!! and magento store urls – nothing is dynamic. If you try to put the categories dynamically in the megamenu – the design is destroyed. For me – this theme wasted my time and money. The install packet for the theme doesn’t includes the blog extension – you need it to copy manually from there quickstart package! I can not suggest to buy this theme a lot of bling bling in the demo but a very bad concept in the realisation.

can you update sm listing tab module so we can sort tabs?

Dear cilkaydem,

We will consider this feature in the next version of SM Listing Tab but not now. If you need it right now for your work, you can conisder to request a quote for this custom-work in here: http://youtechworks.com/our-services/magento/extension-development

Thanks & regards!


My store, in list and view, not showing the category navigation. I need a suporte for work its item.


Dear sir,

Please submit ticket right. We will check it for you.

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