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This is so great! Would love to see it coded!

Thank you!

Great job ! GLWS :)

Thank you!

Awesome Design!!! :)

Thank you! :)

Bought it and downloaded… but the Folder only contains PNG files no PSDs!?

Hi. Let me check

Yes, it seems an error with last update. I just submitted update to themeforest, and it should be available soon. But I can give you direct link to that archive with PSD. Let me know what you choose.

can this be put into shopify?

Hi, This is PSD template (just design), and you can develop any ecommerce theme with his design

Thank you for the fast reply, I am buying it right now!

Any idea on how much it will cost to pay someone to put it into my shopify theme?

Unfortunately I don’t know anyone

I have one last question: Is there a way i can add a link to the homepage on an image but without a button? So the whole image is a link

Hi. Yes, you can. Just read how to use CSS

Hi is it ok if i buy this to create themes for sale similar to these designs?

I think we should have an agreement about partnership in this case

Ok sure i understand now about how this works regarding selling themes you need an agreement.

You can create a custom website using these designs for one client am i correct?

No, unfortunately I can’t help you to create custom website. We are working on Wordpress project right now

I would like to purchase to to create a online site for my retailers and boutiques to shop, can I do this with this site? Would it be similar to just plugging things in like wix.com?

I downloaded the template,but which program must I have to be able to work with this template???

Hi. Sorry for the delay. You need to have Adobe Photoshop to open files

Hello, we just downloaded the full theme for magento and the psd link is not working? Can you help us?

Hi. We have no magento theme in our portfolio. Seems you need to write to another author

Hello, we just downloaded the full theme for magento and the psd link is not working? Can you help us?

You need to write to Magento theme developer, where you purchased Granada