Discussion on Grand - Creative Responsive Multipurpose Template

Discussion on Grand - Creative Responsive Multipurpose Template

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Hi! We are about to purchase this theme for a customer but on iPad in vertical mode, the menu just… disappears… Could you please let us know if it’s fixable? Otherwise a great template!

Use this CSS code in style.css file to resolve this issue if your are in middle of customization.
@media (min-width: 769px) {
  .header-inner #mobnav-btn {
  display: none;

Thanks a lot!

I have a small problem : When I reduce the width of the browser window, at a certain point, not all the options in the menu are displayed. I see the same behavior on your demo. At a certain with, the “blog” and “shop” menu item are not visible. It’s just before the menu change from a full menu to the mobile menu (with 3 horizontal lines). I also see that when this happen, the logo which is normaly on the left move about a inch on the right. Could you please let me know if it is possible to fix this (keep all the menu visible and keep the logo aligned on the left)? Thanks in advance!


I found a bug in the slider.

If you resize your screen (to for instance mobile dimensions), hit F5 to refresh, and then resize back to normal desktop dimensions, the image doesnt resize to desktop dimensions.

I found that the .slide-bg on the slide is causing this bug. Remove it and it will work as it should. Furthermore in the css .fr-slider removing the max-width will make sure the slider is again full-screen.

I will check it out and resolve it in next update.


I am just completing a Grand theme html site. There is a form on the Contact page but no instructions as to how to make it work or any mail.php file to edit?

What do I do to get the form working please?


Hi sorry this is only static template right now there no working contact form with PHP. But don’t worry I will create one for you. Please email at energeticthemes@gmail.com so i can drop you file later.

Thanks All the best

Hello, I’m trying to set up the shop but I can’t find any shotrcut or template in the backend. Can you help me or link me a guide?

Hi, Please post question from that account by that you purchased this item.


I bought your templates for html “grand” and Portfolio 2 columns / Portfolio 3 columns does not work. When i open portfolio 3 columns i have only two and the third is on the bottom. On your live preview everything is working but on the files i had downloaded it doesn’t. I want you to refund me what i have paid because it’s not working. I usually buy and do website it’s your file that doesn’t work so please let me know how to be refund then i can buy another one. I can send you the proof if you want to check what i am saying. Kind regards


Hi lolo69, That issue has been fixed we just update the template 1.1.5 you will received in 24 hours. Thanks

I am having the same issue as wieselmann77 which apparently got fixed:

in the portfolio 2 columns there is only 1 column in a row, not 2

in the portfolio 3 columns there are 2 columns in a row, not 3

in the masonry portfolio are 2 colums, not 3

This happens in the demo I downloaded here. It’s working in Chrome, but not in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari. Can you please tell me how to fix this problem?

Hi Comlot, That issue has been fixed we just update the template 1.1.5 you will received in 24 hours. Thanks


I just bought the template…

in the live preview demo everything seems fine. now after download and open it I got some problems…

in the portfolio 2 columns there is only 1 column in a row, not 2

in the portfolio 3 columns there are 2 columns in a row, not 3

in the masonry portfolio are 2 colums, not 3

can you help me please

thank you, regards


thank you very much for the fast reply and that you fixed the problem! great!

best regards


meanwhile I have another 2 questions about the template…

did you received my email?


Hi wieselmann77, I got it i will back to you. Thanks

Hi, Could you please help to add my location on map. Thank you

Hi, You can add your location by longitude and latitude. In the bottom of contact us page you see javascript just replace longitude and latitude there. e.g latLng:[-37.8184615,144.9634737],

Thanks Regards

Hi, Thank you for quick reply, i did with gmap3.min.js but nothing :(

Ahh.. Ok.. I found.. Thank you

Dear energeticthemes, I would deeply appreciate your response to my question above. The masonry portfolio layout is my favorite, yet it does not work properly. I cannot tell if it is the CSS or the HTML, many people have looked at this and no one has found the answer. When we look at your preview version, the layout retains its three column format. When I open my version, it collapses into two columns and is non-responsive. Having purchased your work and given the promise of support I would deeply appreciate you helping me solve this problem.

Hi maceycleary, Sorry to hair it from you. Pleas can you send me your website link so I can see myself. Please drop me email energeticthemes@gmail.com so we can resolve it right now. Thanks Regards

Hello! In line with the comments about the broken masonry-css portfolio page, we discover no errors in Google Chrome’s ‘inspect element’ – however, we do compare the file you provide for download (masonry-portfolio.html) and the version here in the preview version online ... do not seem to be the same files. Please provide a working masonry-portfolio.html file. One of the primary reasons I purchased your theme is because of that very page. It is the primary page I wanted to use for my site.

hi, it is great theme but when I open the site (local/remote) portfolio columns are (2 and 3) not working, its only one column and empty place for second or third column. its like floating. but 4 column is working. Is there any way to fix that in code?

HI serdaruyanik, Did you see any error on 2 and 3 columns portfolio ? (You can check jquery error on chrome by right click on 2 or 3 columns portfolio page and hit inspect element and go to console) . If you see any error there let me know. Please deactivate any other plugin and check again.


hello, its working well on chrome… problem is safari. I checked from safari inspector panel but there is no error or jquery error… 2 and 3 column is not working there…

Hi Energetic Themes, thanks for your template, it looks great, simple and clean which is what I need. I have a problem with the menu though, I have put in the number of links I need and most are off the edge of the page, if there are too many links for the width it should respond? I can edit to make the text smaller of course, but its not responsive. on my tablet it displays only 4 menu items and the rest have gone off the page .. your demo does the same?

I didnt get an answer….?

Hey webcatUK , Sorry for late response. Please always post on support forum for fast replay. I am going to look on this issue. Thanks for report :-) All the best


First, great product, coded very well and I have learn from your work. I was wondering could you help me figure out an error I am getting.

I decided to format a long list that I have and at first I was just going to use the tabs with the information under them. The list was just too much so I thought that it would be cool if I used the “TABS Box” but inside of the “TABS Box” I can can have the “Toggle & accordion”.

So I use the classes that you have and edit a little CSS but after I put more than two “Toggle & accordion boxes” it doesnt work correctly.

Do you have any advice or helpful code to suggest?

Best Regards,



after contacting the envato support for several times we can’t find another way: we have to contact you. the currtent wordpress version 4.1. can’t find the css style sheets. who can offer help? thx!

Hi bumbum1000, This is a static template its not a WordPress version. WordPress version available here.


Is it related to Template? Please drop me email if you facing any issue that is related to Template.



Any PHP for the contact form on the near future please?

Hi sorry this is only static template right now there no working contact form with PHP.

It’s OK i have created one for it now. thank you.

Hi, nice version. Is there a way to edit nav breakpoint cause big
  • are hidden on medium screens?
  • The Template looks great! What date will there be a WP version? I would love to buy it. Thank you! Gr Nina

    Hi Thanks Nina, WP version is almost ready maybe in next week.

    Also how can I adjust the map beginning position to an other coordinate?

    Gr G

    Hi There, How Can I adjust the flicker images at the bottom. I could not really find it back.

    Thxs Gr

    Hi you can adjust the flicker by js call function. You can find it under js> main.js

    Hi Energeticthemes,

    Welcome to Envato Marketplace! I saw this theme, bookmarked with some other fine works… show that to a customer that pick your work!

    So, I will making a website using your stuff, I will rate your product next week, for now, I will work with this gorgeous HTML and CSS.

    Keep the good work, and Good Luck With Sales (GLWS)

    Thank you :-) i appreciate it

    Easy to understand, very good structure, gorgeous!

    Great product!

    5 stars


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