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Awesome Themes, Congrats Mate ..! :)

Nice job! GLWS :)

Selamat gan untuk tema terbarunya.

If the goal is to look good then yes, it’s good. If the goal is utility, then it’s not good. if the goal is both looking good and utility, then you miss half the boat. Designing a theme for hotels and restaurants would be great if you had someone to help you understand what needs they have that need to be addressed in their website. Until then, this is just another pretty design that follows the form and function of most every other template.

Nice theme. Looking into the pages you have a booking/availability’ link – not linking to anything. Is this functionality not included then?


Yes, the link for booking is link to external url. You can link to hotel booking site.

I am not able to edit the theme “GrandHotel”. Menu in WordPress are not available options “Sliders”, “Portfolio”, “Testimonial”, “Shortcodes” ... Please check what is happening.

I created a password for you to access: www.ticketexpresso.com.br/wp-admin [login info removed]

Please is urgent

Hi, Please read the documentation #1 regarding the site layout… it show the widget used in the theme.

If you still have problem please send support questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/

Please also don’t put your password in public forum…


can i edit the main 3 boxes named “Deluxe Room” “Pent House” “Family Room”? can i change image, discription and else?

Hi. I bought this theme yesterday, and I wonder how can i make this same as your sample? I don’t understrand manual because my main page is empty. 1. Theme Overview and Sidebar Position script is not same as mine. so I cant setting any options at all. plz help me.

I am about buying this theme. Can I change the “dark orange or Brown” color for light blue in the theme?

I don’t see the setting on the side to change it.

Hi, you can change the color… it easy to change via color.css, thanks

Have you created a Gallery by following your documentation?

For creating a Gallery page, it states…

4. Upload image more than one on a Featured Image to the posts.

Would you kindly explain what this means because if you mean that I should set multiple images as the Featured Image, then this is not possible.

b) Create Gallery Content Top

1. Click the 'Sidebar >> Add New' in the menu (Install Content Aware Sidebars plugin first).
2. Fill in the title with 'Gallery Content Top'.
3. Choose 'Facilities'. to show this 'Gallery Content Top' sidebar.
4. Choose 'Replace' and choose 'Content Top' position to replace.

However, your screenshot clearly shows the ‘Gallery’ box ticked in relation to part #3.

Furthermore, it goes on to say…

5. Click 'Appearance >> Widget' then you will see the new sidebar that you just created.
6. Drag 'Text Widget' widget to this 'Facilities Content Top' sidebar position.

Again, the screenshot refers to the Galleries Content Top widget and not the Facilities Content Top widget.

Lastly, the documentation states…

Note: ID – use id from Gallery Page

I have entered the shortcode from your screenshot into my widget and there is nothing on the Gallery page.

Hi there. Congrats for you theme. How I have to install the Klasik Framework???


Hi, download the Klasik Framework from http://www.klasikthemes.com/framework/ then you can install it.

Please read our documentation.


Hi there. Now I have installed Klasik Frameworw, but the installation always show errors.


If you have any support questions please send via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/

Is this compatible with wordpress 3.7.1 ?

Yes, thanks

Hi there. The option: “FEATURED SLIDER. Feature on Homepage Slider” does not show it on my Page Settings.

Can you help me with that?


Don´t worry…I fixed that

Hi guys. What is the best size optimization for Slider?


If you have any support questions please send via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/

I cannot find the xml sample file to import. They are not in the them folder how is it possible?

Unzip the grandhotel.zip then you will see the xml in there… thanks

Is this theme compatible with Woo Commerce or WPECommerce?

No, sorry…

Thanks for the reply. is there a commerce solution that your them is compatible with like WPECommerce or another recommended commerce platform?

Hi. I’m looking at the theme live site preview and it does not demonstrate the capacity to provide a drop-down menu structure.

Does this theme’s navigation bar offer the capacity for drop down menus and if so does it multi-tiered (child pages for child pages)

Please reply. I can only purchase this theme if the answer is yes.

Yes, this theme is support multi level dropdown menu (child pages for child pages)... all our themes are support this features.


Is this theme ready for WPML?

Is this compatible with wp 3.8?

Template + import sample data got a bug. See http://www.ferienhausbergen.de/ the blocks is displayed four times in stead of one time. Same on http://www.ferienhausbergen.de/accommodation/. We have contact the support desk but they only said “it is working on our local”. Now they doesn’t respond on the emails. Please solve the problem templatesquare!

Problem solved by Templatesquare : ) FGXstudios delete custom sidebar that are created with import. Then recreate new the custom sidebar and problem fixed.

I have the same issue. Template + import sample data may have a bug