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Thank you!

Like this theme, just wonder before I buy 1. Where is the H1 on the start page 2. Is there a page builder so I can build up the start page as I like or is it fixed? 3. Is there any tab short code? 4. Is there any advertising page to easy do this or?

Hello and thank you for your interest!
1. H1 is in header – under logo or as calssic h1 heading when logo is not used,
2. you can build your own homepage (drag&drop using widgets),
3. no, tab shortcode is no available,
4. I’m not sure what do you mean with ‘advertising page’ but I think that will be no problem to create some using classic (or full width) template.
Thank you

very clean work.. good luck!

Thank you, Mabuc!

Hi I your planing some WooCommerces support in regards to paid subscriptions?

Hello, I don’t know yet… Thank you

too slow theme …

Theme is OK, but our hosting sucks (under Themeforest “weight”)

Hello did you fix the error with the logo. turns to a very small one with safari browsers… ?!

Thanks for this. It was minor bug – now is fixed.

hi – would like to know if the pagebuilder works only for the Homepage or also for the blog pages and posts because they are always same style – text, sidebar, sidebar – I would like to have more variations – sidebar -text – sidebar or text text sidebar or sidebar text text – means the texfield should have 2/3 of the page for longer articles otherwise an article becomes long and tight and you dont know how to fill the sidebars beside it – oh and – are the sidebars unlimited ? can I create a new sidebar for each category and post and page as many as I want ? thanks

Hello, modular layout is only for homepage (content section). Sidebars are fixed without functionality you’ve described.
Thank you

does the theme automatically grab fist image of post to display on front page ?

Hello, for every post can be set featured image (native wp function – the_post_thumbnail ). Thank you

Hello Vergo,

Marvelous theme!

I am planning on purchasing this theme to run on my entertainment magazine. All of the post content have a width of 860px.

1. Can the post content width set to 860 (or close/or more) with only one sidebar.

2. Can you implement sharing features for social networks such as facebook (share + like), twitter, google+ and pinterest?

3. Can the theme work with Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)?

4. Can you implement small social icons linking to authors social networks such as Facebook profile, Twitter profiles, Linkedin profiles, Instagram profile, Soundcloud profile, Youtube profile, Vimeo profile etc?

Best regards!

- DM/Hpnotik Qrew

Can you please it it for me, I keep getting it wrong? i will give you access to my site. Is that okay?

Can you please insert the sidebars for me… I will give you access to my site. Is that okay?

Hello, I’ve some deadlines, now. Maybe on the weekend – sorry.

Very nice design!!!

Thank you, Tomdekok!

Good magazine theme! GLWS..

Thank you very much!

buy the theme sends me translated into Portuguese Brazil?

No, but you get translatable file with theme and you can translate this file into any language (from english).

What do I need to do to remove the lightbox that comes with the theme as I use my own.

Also is there any easy way to make posts 2 columns instead of 3 as I find the left sidebar semi intrusive in posts and makes it hard to read for what I am doing.

Other then that great theme a++

Hello, I don’t know how your plugin works, but featured images (in post) uses:
<?php the_post_thumbnail('format-standard'); ?>
<?php the_post_thumbnail('format-image'); ?>
functions. Both are cropped into 537px width. there is a link for it in action Social Gallery Mode: CSS Selector:
  • This should be the css class or id of the link around the image (e.g. ’.socialGallery’) Read more about Social Gallery and CSS Selectors Disclude CSS Selector:
  • This is for any additional to the already existing .noLightBox and .noSocialGallery

As it stands say for example I create a post don’t add a image into post but use featured image instead to avoid doubling on pics or having to scale the in post one.

Publish it it shows up top of post cropped properly but the featured cropped image is not clickable.

What i need is it to be clickable so it uses social gallery.

Hello, in ‘single-s-right.php’ delete all between lines 15 and 28 and wrap
<?php the_post_thumbnail('format-standard'); ?>
with link to open gallery

Quick question. Does the theme support Custom Post Types? This would be for an existing site but it runs on various Custom Post Types. Hoping this theme can be a solution for us.

Hello, this is general problem of all themes, every theme can have own Custom post types but these post types are not compatible!
Using classic posts and pages is the best – but sometimes it is not enough.
Thank you

Hey, is there a simple way to work with 3 columms? I’m not able to code so i need to as about the customization options before buy.

Awesome work, bu the way.


Hello, theme is with 3 columns layout by default – so you can use it without problem :) Thanks

Oh, sorry. I just sound like a dumb. I did mean 2 columns, is that possible? Is that a simple task for a person that is not able to code?


No sorry – this needs coding. But I can offer you this 2 cols magazine theme :)

Nice Magazine. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you, very much.

Awesome theme!

But i need only clean html templates for my own engine, can i buy only html templates? even for that price

Thank you! But sorry, no HTML template is available…


Is it possible to include any number of review categories? The examples show either 4 or 5 categories. Possible to do up to 10?

Beautiful work.

Hello, do you mean partial ratings like in this post?
You can add 6 partial ratings + one main rating + summary
Thank you

Yes, the partial ratings post. Is there a way to add more? Up to 10? We’d like to switch to your template, but our reviews contain 10 categories.

Hi, it is easy to add more partial ratigs…

Excellent design! A question: The color magenta typography can be replaced by red? Thank you very much. Greetings!

Hello and thank you!
Yes, in Admin panel can be set any color you want!

Is there a chance to do a post only with one sidebar?...

Hello, without coding is not possible! But I can offer you this “one sidebar” theme :)