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Great work, Vergo.

I’m using your template in this site:

I have some little issues with my spanish translation. I have made it with Poedit, but some words and sentences still remaining in english, I.e. “Search” word into the box of search widget, or the sentence “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” after clicking over an empty category.

Also I want to change the font size of word tabs in the Vergo-Home Tabs widget. I found it with Firebug…


...but I don’t know where can I change this 7pt font size. Thanks for your attention.

Hello and thank you.
“Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” is missing – thank you for notice – you can change this wording in index.php (line 62),
theme uses default search form so “Search” wording should come with wp core translation.
Widget titlets can be changed in Admin panel – heading – h2
Thank you

Hi again, Vergo

Thanks for your help.

First issue is solved, but changing the wording in category.php, not in index.php.

Second issue solved too.

My problem with Vergo-Home Tabs widget is not with titlets. When I click over “Tabs” option (Etiquetas in my case) a list of tabs appears but in a 7pt size font. I would like this font bigger. Is it possible?

Thanks again.

Hello, in style.css find ’.tab-post h3’ and change font-size. Thanks

Hi Vergo,

For this theme I understand 3 columns is the default and can’t be changed to 2?? That being the case can you choose what will go in the middle (smaller) column or is this set by default.

My concern is I may have posts which I will struggle to have ‘additional content’ for and instead would just like something simple like a list of links of ‘related posts’ or even just ‘latest posts’.

Aside from this one thing, love the look of the theme both on desktop and mobile.



Hello, yes 3 cols are default layout and with some coding skills is easy to “adjust” main look – source code is clean and easy to customize. Thank you

Thanks – would this involve creating a new template or code tweaking?

I would like to have the OPTION of having 3 columns on some pages but on some pages just have 2 – will this be straightforward to do??

Lastly, I noticed on Vakudesign’s site ( he had a calendar as the middle column – is this part of the template’s option’s or would that need a plugin?

no, is not necesary to create new template, but is not possible to have some post with 3 col and some with 2 cols. Only one layout is possible.
Calendar is part of theme – no plugin is needed.
Thank you

Im not able to add any widget in the homepage box, can yo please help me

I assume that you need to set ‘Homepage’ template as frontpage – process (+ screenshots) is described in documentation.
Thank you

Hey Vergo,

first good job.

Question: How can I get the untertitles in the main menue like in the demo?


Hello and thank you!
You need to add description for your menu items. More is in documentation (chapter: Theme Icons & Custom Menu).
Thank you

Beautiful theme! I am looking to purchase. I am wondering if it will work with plugins such as WooCommerce or any commerce type plugins. I may have missed a spec on that but I wanted to ask.

Thank you,

Hello and thank you for interest!
This magazine theme is not tested with e-commerce plugins, but I think that there will be no conflict. Thank you

Hello, Please, tell me about the middle small column, is it a widget column, or is it possible to add single post or video in it? Thanks

Hello, middle column is widgetable section. Thank you


Great theme but I have another question and prefer to make a comment so others can learn as well.

I’m trying to change the padding around the main-nav. It has an inline code style=”padding: 20px;” but I don’t want it as wide and I can’t find it in the source code. Can you tell us how to change it? Thanks!

Thanks, that works but I had to edit the parent ownScript.js file. I prefer not to edit any parent files in case of an update so it goes back to the problem I’m having with using grandnews and a child theme.

I can not load child style.css with this code using grandnews:

/* Theme Name: GrandNews - Child theme Theme URI: Description: Responsive WordPress theme Author: Vergo Author URI: Template: grandnews Version: 0.1 */ @import url("../grandnews/style.css");

The path to style.css still points to the parent.

I was able to get it to work by editing the parent theme-actions.php by changing all get_template_directory to get_stylesheet_directory_uri but I want to avoid editing parent files.

In functions.php this piece of code maybe redirecting all theme files back to the parent:

$functions_path = get_template_directory() . '/functions/'; $includes_path = get_template_directory() . '/functions/';

My guess is, I need some code that I can paste into child functions.php to ignore that or redirect to get_stylesheet_directory_uri. Any ideas?

Child theme always “link” to parent theme stylesheet. And you can overwrite parents css settings in child stylesheet. Isn’t it?

In most cases yes but grandnews is using some code which could be ‘get_template_directory’ in functions.php making it direct to the parent theme folders instead so the child style.css isn’t even loaded. See here:

‘get_stylesheet_directory_uri’ works on the parent functions.php but I want to disable functions for all ‘get_template_directory’ in the child functions.php and I don’t know how. Maybe you can quickly create a child folder and stylesheet to test it to verify what I’m saying.

Hello. Great work! I want to buy, but one question: can make the width theme 100% ?

Hello and thank you!
It is possible – if ou are able to code.
Thank you

Hi Vergo, your theme is a bomb, let me know please wich is the font of logo on the preview.

tnx Rubber Smith

Thak you for your words! It is Gotham font. Thanks

Thank you very much ashamed, I ask you one more thing, I installed your theme here, because when I load a post me the duplicates?

Hello, you can turn off fatured image in admin panel. Thank you

Congratulations! Nice Theme! One Question.: Would I get trouble with cyrillic (russian)? btw, Im not a coder. Thanks

Hello, I saw my themes with cyrillic, hebrew etc. languages. So I think it will be ok. Thanks

Hello. I have 2 questions left. 1. Is it possible to put just blogs in the main menu pannel? 2. Can I place a Bg Image with boxed layout?


1. I’m nor sure what you exctaly mean…
2. yes, this is possible.
Thank you

hai.. my site i want to change same as grandnews can u help me.


SIR, I i add flash banner in grand news template….

Answered via email. Thanks

Hey Vergo, Nice theme! I have an issue, hope you could help me: I have added a widget area to the header. Is working fine but the area is displayed below the logo. And I want it to be displayed in the right side of the header.

I have sent you the URL and the admin info via PM, check it out please and thanks!

Hello, answered via email, thanks.

Hi Vergo, I am trying to change the font and format of post titles on the static slider, do you know how? I can’t find it on the grandnews tab



Hello Kyle, you can change slider titles in admin panel > Headings tab > H1 font. Thanks

Hi Vergo, I have tried all the fonts and none of them change the text I want changing. Its the text that appears alongside the pictures on the static slider, not on the picture. Thanks for your help

Oh, alongside. This is “managed” by body text (in primary styling). If you want to, you can target this section with ’ #tabsmall li a ‘

Hello, I would like to purchase your template but could you tell me if this template is avalaible in french ? If not, could you precise me how I can translate it ? Thanks a lot for your answer. I wish you a very good day.

Ok, thanks a lot for your answer !

Could you say me if it is possible to change the typography of the website title in the header ? I try but I can’t.

Hello, header title can be changed in Admin panel > Headings Typo > H1 Thank you

hi, i already purchased this theme. how can i modify the flickr widget so when someone click the photo will bring them to the new tab.


Sorry, this is not possible – flicker widget is 3rd party iframe. Thanks

Hey amazing template, i am not expert on wordpress what kind of support it have? Thanks.

Hello and thank you:
Support for my items includes:
- Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features
- Fixing bugs and reported issues
- Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions
Item support does not include:
- Customization and installation services
- Support for third party software and plug-ins
Thank you

Hi, good job !

Here is my cinema website :

as you can see, I don’t know how to get footer widgets. I can’t display them by the traditionnal way > appearance > widget > footer x

And I didn’t find anything about it in the documentation.

Can you help me ?

Hello, footer widgets are not shown because your layout is broken! Remove or set Facebook widget properly and you “will be fine”. Thank you

Yes ! Thank you man !

I’m sorry I have a last question. I use WP SEO by Yoast and it writes “title of page”“title of website” with no space on the tab.

Like this :

Hello, I’m sorry but I have no experience with this plugin… so I do’t know.

I’ve sent you a msg

Answered via email. Thanks

The theme looks great but the .xml file doesn’t upload properly. I also emailed the creator and he had the nerve to tell me he disagrees when he not sitting here looking at the media file errors.

No support so I advise anyone that buy from this guy get prepared to have to do some research to fix whatever theme issue there might be. XML file you will have to tweak it so the images will upload to the site using the import tool.

Message I got – he was nice but quick to get rid of me instead of help: Hello, first of all thank you for purchasing my theme, I really appreciate it.

I’m sorry fo your troubles, but I cannot agree! XML file is properly exported and working demo file. You can import it in Tools > Import

Thank You Best Regards Vergo

Hello, it is only one way to export and import XML files – it is WordPress Importer plugin. XML file is not is faulty and it is generated directly form demo site.

Ok if the wordpress is the problem cool. I can use the example do my post over. You never said anything about the importer plugin being the problem. It seemed like you were only saying the xml isnt the problem and pushing me off to the side. What might help if you put in the instruction how to work around this issue if I had no experience with this Id feel like I paid for a dead product that I can not make look like your demo. I figured it out so Im good to go. The theme is great but you were very vague in your reply. Use the xml file to upload even though it will not upload the images. when posting on the site make sure you use the featured thumbnail within your post to reattach or add new thumbnails. XML file will not upload because of not the xml file its because the importer from wordpress doesn’t work right completely unless you have a third party plugin that will do it properly.

Hello, I wrote you that you can import XML file in Tools > Import. In this case is WordPress Importer plugin is automatically installed and used to import file.