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Editors are allowed to access the settings? I would think this would be locked down to Administrators by default. I haven’t checked, but will basic Authors and Contributors have access to the Grandnews settings too?

Hello, I will test it…

how did this testing go?

Hello and sorry for delay…
Authors and Contributors cannot access Grandnews settings – only Admin + Editors. Thank you


I’m looking at purchasing this template but can’t tell if it is possible to disable the middle column – is it?

Thank you~

Hello, without coding it is not possible. But I can offer you my other 2 col theme: :)

Hello, so it is not at all possible to disable the sidebar section (where flikr photos are now) or possible with a little coding? Thank you!

Hello, it needs modification (coding) of files to remove middle sidebar. Thanks

One more question, the section have a pretty different format right now, is it possible to make them all look the same – for example the way LIFESTYLE and PHOTOS looks right now, is it possible to change the settings to have 6 of those (2 rows of 3 or 3 rows of 2)?

Thank you!

Hello, homepage is modular and you can use any of dragable widget in place you want to and yo can use them more times. Thank you

where is the blockquote style? blockquotes don’t work.

Hello, you can create styled quotes via shortcode generator. Thank you

shortcodes for every time we need to use the built-in wordpress blockquote feature? that doesn’t seem normal or very efficient. am i understanding you correctly?

where is the blockquote css located? i can’t seem to access it from the main wordpress css file.

Hello, default quote is not styled – you can add eg.
blockquote{padding:25px; font-size:22px}
into style.css (at the bottom). Thanks

any shortcut ideas for overriding the author box with the information from the custom byline plugin? it’s picking up the name, but not the author link or the gravatar. it’s using the author link (that’s linked on the byline author’s name) and the author gravatar for the person who’s entering the byline post. the trick is that the byline plugin doesn’t allow for an email address entry, so the gravatar image should be using a default.

hope that makes sense.

Hello, I don’t know this plugin (and its code), so I cannot help with it. But these features (info, link, avatar) comes with theme by default. Thank you

hi, we’re trying to set titles and subtitles at the Alt. BG.. for example “FEATURES” is the title and “explore some cool features” the subtitle… no problem with the title which is the category name, but where do we set the subtitle? thanks

Hello, you need to add descriptions to the menu items – process is described in documentation. Thank you

Love this theme, but i need a html version instead. Do you have a copy of this for sale?

Thanks in advance

I’m sorry, but HTML version is not available.


First let me say that I love this theme.

Is there any way to change the location of where the ‘review’ box appears on a post? Right now it appears at the top, but I would like to put it at the bottom of a review post, right before the ‘Related Posts’.



Hello and thank you! Delete
    <div id="leftsidebar">

        <?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar("Left Sidebar") ) : ?>

        <?php endif; ?>

    </div><!-- #sidebar -->          

    <div id="core_bg" />
in homepage.php, single-s-right.php, page.php … and re-style #content

Thanks. Tried that and it made the site all wonky! Will try again to see where I went wrong.

Nicely done :)

what size should the feature images be for best viewing?

Hello, the images should be at least 560×450px


I just purchased your template and cant find the “quick start” files. Are they included?

I would like our site to match the sample you have online. This is what we thought we purchased.

Thank you, Steve

Hello, From download ‘All files & Documentation’ .zip file. In this (downloaded) zip file is XML file (with demo content) to import. Thanks

Hi There,

Great looking theme, but I have a few questions:

where would I manually edit the code for the mobile version of the site? I’m thinking of serving the right ads on the right platform using tags?

does the sidebar with flicker have to be flicker or can i use any widget in there?

would your gallery slide overwrite any plugin for creating galleries? i want each image on a new paginated post?

I love the look and feel, but also worried about the heavy use of images? My images tend not to be that big or glossy, would it still work for me?


Hello and thank you, - mobile look can be edited in mobile.css file, - you can use any widgets in both sidebars, - if exists plugin with this functionality, it is possible, - you can use smaller images on your website but theme won’t be so good looking. Thank you


Great theme! I plan on purchasing as soon as I am incorporated (have already submitted that paperwork) but have a question. First, I am completely inexperienced with WordPress; I love the layout of this theme but, when I purchase it, will the layout appear as it does on the live preview OR am I going to need to input the widgets, ad spaces, and other areas (ie, fill in the layout myself)? Thanks in advance for all your help!


Hello, theme package comes with XML file (demo content). Some setup will be needed (using widgets etc.), but with documentation it is easy.

Thanks, Vergo!!!

Hello, just purchased the theme. Great stuff. I wanted to know how I can make the main menu static on top, when scrolling down to view the home page?

Thanks buddy. I will give that a try.

I removed that code, but now I just have a black space there. How do I make the left content go wider beside the right sidebar, instead of now there being a blank space there from removing the left sidebar?

I wasn’t really wanting to remove the left sidebar, I liked it. I just wanted that if there was nothing there, the main content would automatically cover the space of the left sidebar. Do you know what I mean? Cause I am using widget logic, I do not want the left sidebar on certain pages or posts, so if I am hiding it, I don’t want there to be a blank space there, and would like the left content to adjust to cover that space. Let me know if you don’t understand. Thanks a lot.

Hmm, but this bahavior cannot be done easily. It is very large php modification to make content wider if left sidebar is not used.

I really like your theme, but it seems really slow. And CPU activity is very high when i look at live preview. Can i look at some websites that use this theme?

Hello and thank you,
theme is slow because our hosting in not the fast one.
Sorry I haven’t list of websites using my theme. Thank you

hello, theme purchased, great one. Just wanne know how we can get the same recent post view from the category to the homepage in the front. for the last new post with thumbs. the category view are very clear and good, and we wanne have them in the fron as well. thx for your help

Hello, all homepage widgets are based on categories. If category not selected, widget shows latest posts. All post are ordered from newest to oldest. Thanks

well if you use the normal recent post widget, it has no thumbs. if you use the “home 2 categories” you have 2 columns. both that we wanne.

anyway, how did the recent post on the right works – with thumbs? not the normal widget

Hello, Recent posts widget is native wp widget (comes with wp core, not with theme) – this widget cannot be edited and cannot be with images. Similar look has ‘Vergo – Featured’ widget.

Is it possible to have only 2 columns instead of 3? I saw it on It looks great.

Hello, in homepage.php, index.php, page.php, category.php and single-s-right.php delete this code:
    <div id="leftsidebar">

        <?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar("Left Sidebar") ) : ?>

        <?php endif; ?>

    </div><!-- #sidebar -->          

    <div id="core_bg" />

Hello Vergo,

Thank you for such a great theme. Seems like a ton of work.

I have some questions:

1.The ad space I see in the demo is 300×250, is it possible to change this…especially longer?

2. Can I have more than one ad per page, and is there a limit?

3. The reason I wan to buy your them is that the demo looks the same on my phone as it does on my screen, but I noticed that on other sites in this comment section, their menus collapse, but the menu stays the same on the demo on the computer and mobile devices….will my menu collapse if I buy your theme?

4. On my droid the site is bigger than the screen and I have to move it right and left with my fingers….is there a way to make it fit mobile devices perfectly?

Thank you for your time….and I wish you the best…


Thank you, very impressed with your support….just the last question was not answered….can I buy your Grandnews theme….test it on one site…delete and then install on my main site after testing? I am sorry, I don’t know since I never purchased a theme before…is it tracked electronically or does it have to be downloaded and authenticated each time you use it….thank you ….tik

Hello, answered via email. Thanks


Do you provide full content of demo, articles, photos, sidebars, layout etc? Also, can I change the size of second (smaller) sidebar to make it fit smaller ads like 160×600 ?

If I buy will you give me some guide how to change the size and keep the responsiveness of the site?

Yes, I can guide you.

Ok I will proceed later to purchase and I will send you email as long as I am ready to start the customization. Thanks

Does Grandnews have a child theme, or an option for one?

Hello, you can build own child theme. Thanks

Thank you…just purchased GrandNews!

Thank you, very much!

I purchased the theme and i am very happy with this theme. I am only having trouble with the Header, i thought i saw a comment about that but can not find now. No matter what size i make my title and logo, it ends up small.

Hello and tahnk you!
Due Retina support needs to be your logo in bigger size. I’m using (in demo site) 450×100px logo:
Thank you