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So am just starting with this theme…so far it is BAD ASS! The option to change the responsive Mode for screens under 740px is very innovative and wonderful…which I just tested and it works wonderfully!

I am testing it on and will use it to replace very excited…


Thank you…

OK…sorry for all the e-mails…I have found out that the logo size is controlled by clientheight….but I cannot find it anywhere in the theme pages….I am building at and would like to make the logo bigger….the theme is awesome and this is all I need…

Thank you so much…great theme and great support…


OMG!!! I hate IE! And the people who use it…LOL…So this worked very well…exactly what I need…works in Chrome and FF and on mobile devices but not in IE 8 or 10…I know this is not your job as a theme maker…because everything worked before I changed the margin and size but any help would be appreciated…I searched the web for hours before asking…the test site I am using is and the STAGETRAMP logo in the header is what I changed….still love your theme…very very much…tik

BTW, I want to buy more of your themes for my other website… but have to figure out which one…tik

Hello, I checked your site in IE 10 IE 7 and without problems. Only in IE8 and IE7 is logo on the left…

hello..we use these awesome theme, but missing one very important feature, wich is needed in german.

how can we or you make it possible, if a featured image is shwon in the post, that a description of the image, is shown under the image or the text. if you take a normal image in the text, its shown, but we need the information for the feauterd images as well, cause of the photographer credits. the normal image field desription or alternate text is much enough.

how can you helü?

Hello, it is good idea – I will rethink that – if it is even technically possible. Thank you

Hi!!! I just purchased the theme, i like it a lot!!! congrats!!

I need help with something! How can I put 10 link in the menu without the last link going down one line?? I tried to make the font smaller on the css file, but it doesnt work! PLEASE HELP!!! thank you!

Hello, you need to decrease width in style.css – for ’ #navigation>.nav>li ’ element. Thanks

Hello Again, very happy with my theme on no matter what width I make my video it stays the same size in the home page widget…I saw in your documentation you need a width of 626…but using iframe it destroys my dual catagory widget…here is the iframe code

<iframe width=”626” height=”352” src=”//” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hello, can you put video into this widget, ‘cos irame shoud be 100% of one column – like in demo. Thanks

Theme is awesome. Quick question and probably a simple one. On your theme demo, under the main navigation titles, you have a ‘sub-title’. For instance, under HOME, you have ‘Home of awesome stuff’

Where do I put in that sub title text on the theme?

Hello, plese check ‘Theme Icons & Custom Menu’ chapter in documentation – there are screens. Thanks

found it thanks.

Hey in the demo you have many pages with what it seems to be one category per page, how is that done? I tried to put a category in the menu structure but it just showed, “Page Not Found”. On top of that the blog page I have shows full posts although I selected “summary” in the Reading Settings. Help please as I’ve been struggling with this for a few days.

Hello, links to category pages are created automatically. Just create some custom menu (Appearance > Menus) and add any category to your menu.
You need to use ‘Read more’ quicktag to break your blog posts on the blog temaplate.
Thank you

Vergo, awesome theme. Using it right now for my website

One question is, I saw in your demo that there is a spot for a leaderboard slot(728X90). Can you upload a logo here? if so how do you do this?

Thanks for putting in the effort to make such a great theme!

Hello and thank you!

Leaderboard can be set in Grandnews admin panel > Static ad. And you can use this place as logo. Set URL of your image (logo) and URL of your webiste.

Thank you

For some reason, the navigation bar on my site has a glitch. Would you please help me out? Thank you Vergo.

Hello, for some reason your menu doesn’t “take” 100% In style.css find ’ .nav ’ and add width:100%; for this class. Thank you

This template is exactly what I need. Everything looks fine apart from my logo image is small and will not get any larger despite the current size of 985×113. This is a png file. Web site is


Hello, you can adjust logo width in style.css. Just find ’ img#logo ’ and change width. Thank you

Thanks for the prompt response.

the theme is great ,

Feedback: the only thing missing is more color options, for example i want different sidebar background from menu background which cant be made by theme options. Or different color on top menu from category menou….

It would be a nice future addon since than you could change little the design of the theme which isnt possible at the moment

Best Regards N.

Hello, thank you for your inputs. I will consider them. Best

Checked both Author Template and Single Post. How to manipulate every post so the “About the author” will not show?

Hello, you can disable this section in admin panel > post settings. Thanks

the only negative of this theme is lack of facebook comments :(

Hello! Perfect theme, but I need to get some “Vergo post options” like rating in my custom post types, how I can do it? Thanks!

Hello, I’m sorry, I don’t know exactly what do you mean

Hello, I mean, theme included additional field in standard posts (Vergo post options). How I can use it in custom post types?

Hello, you can extract back-end code from ‘post-metabox.php’ file in …functions\posttypes folder.

And use rating code from single-s-right.php file (lines 43 – 51)


Hello again! Still working on my page, but I have a problem!

When I created my MENU, i put a ”#” on each menu item for them to work link links. I already created all my categories. How can I target each menu item to a page where only the posts with that category show up??

I would like my page to work like this one:

On the first menu link “main posts” there are all the categories and each category goes to a new page with all the post related to that subject.

Other question! Is there any way to make the FLICKR plugin to work with INSTAGRAM??

The last question! I would like to have my site to work in spanish and english, giving the user the option to choose between the 2 languages. How can I do that??


the theme is awesome!!

Hello and thank you.

You can create custom menu in Apparance > Menus. Just add listed categories to your custom menu – these menu items will be linking to categories page automatically.

Is not possible to re-make Flicker widget to Instagram, but you can upload instagram photos to flicker

For multilingual websites is necessary to use some plugin eg. WPML

Thank you


Thanks for all the hard work! I finally purchased this theme and have been playing around with it; however, when I received the documentation, none of the images came through. I have tried to open them by right-clicking on them, clicking on open photo, attempting to open them in a new window, etc.

Can you please tell me how to see these images? If I can’t see them with the documentation that I received, would it be possible for you to send it to me again? As I mentioned in my first e-mail to you a month ago, I am very new to WordPress and I feel these images would be of great assistance when attempting to set up my site similar to what you show in the live demo.

Thanks again, Chris

Hello and thank you for purchase!

You need to unzip documentation folder first. Unzip it and open index.html file – images will be visible.

Thank you


I want to upgrade WordPress 3.6.1 version. Is it compatible with new version?


yes, you can update your wp. Theme is 3.6.1 compatible. Thanks

Hi, I’ve upgrade the wp version but on homepage slider ”...” turns to ” [&hellip…”

I search on the internet and it might be a glitch on the theme. It recommends to add code below to the function.php

function fix_excerpt_more($more){ $more = ’ […]’; return $more; } add_filter(‘excerpt_more’, ‘fix_excerpt_more’);

I tried but it turns to [?...

too much coding it’s getting confusion :/ please help

Hello, it is on server side but is fix for this: in functions.php file find:
function trim_excerpt($text) {
  return rtrim($text,'[...]');
and replace with this code
function trim_excerpt($text) {
     $text = str_replace('[', '', $text);
     $text = str_replace(']', '', $text);
     return $text;

hi Vergo,

thanks for the theme, it’s really nice :) However, I tried to make some widgets to be fixed using plugin Q2W3 Fixed Widget, but it doesn’t work. I thought it because of the plugin, but when I tried using other themes, it works perfectly. So, I reckon it may be it doesn’t compatible with this plugin. Do you have any solution for this issue?

Thanks before.

Hello and thank you.

But I’m sorry, bit I cannot support 3rd party plugins. I don’t know this plugin and I don’t know how it works. Sorry


Is it possible to change featured post home slider background colour (currently gray) as well as the text?


Another large issue we seem to be having is making it so that a featured image will not appear on our homepage on a blog post but will still be used in the slider etc. As we do add a properly sized image into the post it is a little repetitive seeing the featured image followed by the in-post image plus the featured slider on top.

P.s. I am trying to get our license/purchase code from our previous developer.

Thanks for your help.

Hello, yes, I need to confirm purchase. Thank you

I actually managed to get the purchase code and am e-mailing it to you now.

Hey.. Thanks for the awesome theme. I’m trying to move the logo to be in the middle but I don’t seem to find that option… Also.. I’m trying to upload the logo in the footer but the documentation doesn’t show how.. in steps :D

Thanks again.

thnx.. it worked.. :)

hello again.. I looked up in all comments how to ad a responsive or non-responsive header banner “GIF ad” but no luck.. I hope your theme supports GIF header banners next to the logo. I’m working here:

any new newspaper themes? something feels more like new york Times or other big newspapers?


can you add some .gif into header? I’ll look at it.

I’m working on different projedt now, but new newspaper theme (s) will come, definitely! Meanwhile you can check this one: (available on other marketpalce)