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Hello Vergo

I think TheHolyFat asked this question so if you will respond to the question you would really help me.

I have purchased the template and am working on it. My current site is displaying maintenance mode for public access or I would have sent you the link.

I have put some sample content into the site and most of the functionality is fine.

However the homepage is not showing up any images on any of the posts or widgets. For example the home categories widget only shows the text. The home slider only shows the text. I placed recent posts in the right sidebar and that also shows just text no image.

Am I missing something? Everything else seems to be working just fine.

Ah, thanks for the swift response. Much appreciated. I’ve done that now and it’s coming up fine.

But for the main slider how do I get posts to populate that?

(on your template it is the one with the stories: Bugatti saleswoman…. Brand new cadillac… There among the hills… Phileas Fogg…. etc)

Ah, don’t worry. Found it in sliders and featured sections. Love this template! Discovering loads every time I play round with it. Thanks for the amazing template and prompt responses x

OK, thank you…

Hi I can’t seem to get any of the widgets to work? I created a home page and now none of the widgets work. When I place it back on latest post my site gets filled with a tone of random post that I don’t want on my main page. What am I missing? Been playing around all night and cant get it. Also wording that goes under the page title? Where do I place that text to get it to show up?


Please chck your email. Thank you

1) Is there a feature to create a video gallery like this that makes the video pop out and play? When you click on video it pops out to play and the width is unlimited with an option to make it fullscreen –

2) Is there a widescreen video option like this for HD videos? – or

3) Is there an option to add featured posts above on pages, portfolios and posts like this? –

4) Is there an image-lightbox feature for photos like the “cute girl hairstyle”? –

5) Is there a scroll to top feature?

6) Is there a blog, gallery, video or portfolio grid fullwidth option like this? –

7) Is there a blog, gallery, video or portfolio masonry fullwidth option like this?

8) Is there a Metro Slider option like this for blog posts, videos, and portfolio? –

9) Is there an option to add images to menu?

10) When a viewer search for items does the results display photos with the text?

Hello, GrandNews is magazine theme and it looks that you need tmore prorfolio or business theme. Anyway:

1. 2. 3. no, this is not possible

4. only images in posts can be opened in lightbox

5. yes,

6. 7. 8. no

9. you can add these icons to the menu:

10. search results are with featured images

Thank you

my link:

The images I mainly use are album covers and most of the time I cannot put a size where the entire album will show since there will be a grey background around them. If I use big sizes then the entire cover will not be shown. I even used the app to fix sized and it still will not fix them as all the images are #x# (# = same number).

Is there a way to change the grey background in the homepage slider to white, or better yet transparent? Please let me know how if so.


in style.css find ’ .tabbig ’ and change width to 64% – should be enough.

Thank you

Does this theme offer also any SEO optimization?

Hello, theme is coded with SEO in mind (validity, headings usage, HTML semantics etc.) Theme is also ready to use some SEO plugin. Thank you


Site is coming along nicely and runs smoothly.

Just a question as I have looked but am unable to find it back end.

Does the template offer a possibility for a custom header?

Some of the static ads I am finding are only 468×70 and not leaderboard. Was hoping I could design a custom header to ‘fill’ the white space between the logo and the banner.

Thanks in advance :grin:


theme doesn’t offer custom header functionality, but Static ad is not limited in width. So you can use bigger image or even full width (1200px) image.

Thank you

Are you planning to put a pure html, non-wp version online?

Hello, no sorry this is not in my plans now. Thank you


Been a few weeks since I purchased your Theme and I am having a great time playing around with it! However, I am having great difficulty in getting the widgets to work. I am attempting to set my site up to mirror your example—the homepage slider works great but when I plug in the “Vergo – Home 2 Categories” widget underneath it, the widget does not work. At this time, when I post information, it shows up in the slider but also is posted vertically underneath the slider. You can see my site here:

Please tell me what I am doing wrong (if possible). Thanks for such a great theme and your willingness to provide assistance!


Hello and thank you,

you are using default (blog) template on you front page. This template is not “widgetable” in left column (content). The process of setting ‘Homepage’ template ( fully modular template) is decribed in documentation. Thank you

Thanks, Vergo!!!

Hy, when I add a featured image to my posts they are displayed on top of the posts in larger version (when looking the post lists on the home page..). How can I remove this? Thx

Hello, you can disable featured images in single posts in Admin panel > Posts settings. Thanks

Hy, thx but i don’t want to disable them, i need them since without them the page just deliver. The problem i have is that the featured image that i choose also displays on top of the post in the post list on main page. I red that it is a common error but every theme has it’s own way to solve it, a css code that gives the featured image “display none” property or changes in file or else. Unfortunatly my page is not public but i hope you understand my problem bit better. KR, K.

Hello, you wanna disable fea. images in blog template?

no, but to explain it i have uploaded two screenshots as example: The duplicate image on top of the posts is the set featured image and that one i’m trying to hide at that place.

in ‘medpost.php’ file (located in …includes\post-types folder) delete all code between line 15 – 20

great! Thx That helped. I have now two more questions regarding the category archive: the headline CATEGORY ARCHIVE is placed on top of the first post in the list, and the read more button only appears on the first listing, not on others. The picture is here: Thx for help.

hello, category label is suited to use featured images (ovelay). If you want delete this do it in category.php file. if you want to re-style this label in style.css edit ’ h1.leading ’ element.

add button code
<a class="mainbutton fr" href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php _e('Read More','vergo');?> <i class="icon-circle-arrow-right" /></a>

in archivepost.php file (..includes\post-types folder)


Hi please let me know if this template has has any updated yet? For some reason I updated my word press and the template is missing everything that should be on the right-side of the home page for some reason. Please let me know what I need to do, to get the site back working. Thanks so much for your help!!

Hi I wanted to check in with you see why my template is no longer working with word press the way it should? I have spoken to word press to update my last comment.

All of the widgets that should show up on the right side of the home page no longer work? Nor does the footer and some of the widgets I had set up on my home page. Also when I try to customize the theme on word press it no loger allows me the option to review what I am trying to change. Wordpress says the problem is with the theme and not the site. Please let me know what can be done everyday my site is down is bad for my company!! Thanks Le’Ticia F.

Hello, answered via email.

Thank I replied via email!!

Hey there. Over the past day or so, a large amount of my featured images do not resize to the correct dimensions. I’ve not had this issue in the past and it seems to really distort the look and feel of my site within the categories (

As an example, when I upload a featured image, it appears huge within the post template. Even if I edit the image and resize it, the issue still stays.

Can anyone provide any advice at all?


Hello, answered via email. Thanks

Something weird going on with the theme. The stars are a bit messed up, and when scrolled down you can see the arrow (to the top arrow) Is all messed up with a black boarder. Any way to fix that? Or any clue on how it happened?

Hello, try to disable your partial plugins (temporary). This “icon shadow” is not “part” of the theme. Thanks

Hello again, Vergo! I hope this message finds you well.

I’m still plugging content into the theme but I have another question for you. When I set up the categories, they appear in random order on the page; there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the order they appear (sometimes they appear on the far right of the list while, when I create a different category, it may appear on the far left. Is there a way to organize them into a set order, established by me, which would give my website a better flow as far as the categories are concerned?

Thanks for all your assistance with this!


Thank you, Vergo! I really appreciate your continual willingness to answer questions!

I do have one other question: the widget “Vergo – Home Video Tabs” doesn’t seem to be working properly. I have it set to show six videos but it is only displaying one (the last video posted). Why is it not showing the correct number of videos?

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this!


Hello, you need to add featured images for video posts too (these are displayed).

Thank you

Vergo, you’re the best! Again, thank you for all your help!


Hi. I need to figure out how to force my logo to a larger size when on smaller desktop/laptop screens.

I have it working on mobile devices thanks to your answer to a question here:

But I cannot figure out for the life of me where ‘mobile.start.css (styles folder)’ is in order to “change ‘max-width’ for ’ .generalresp #header h1 ’” to make it look decent on my laptop. Can you help me out, please.

My website is


In this case add margin for ’.jetpack-image-container’ class – it is your custom class

So, I’m thinking something I changed here in this thread has messed up a couple of things: (1.) Related Posts at the end of the article have way too much space between the images and the title. It wasn’t like this until I changed something in the custom class. (2.) When you click on a thumbnail image in a gallery – – the full lightbox image no longer pops out where it should. You have to scroll waaaaaay over and down to find the image. Again, this is an issue only since I changed the margins. How do you recommend I fix this? Thanks again!


1. decrease margin for ’ h3 ’ heading – it is 70px (!) now

2. I’ve checked it in all major browsers and it seems fine for me: no scrolling is necessary. Maybe old css/script is cached in your browser.


hi, please i need your help to create the video gallery in the homepage, like you show it in the preview of the theme under the title WATCH ORIGINALLY-CREATED VIDEOS… thanks! :)


Vergo, we’re following all steps as indicated but it doesn’t work!..can we send you the screen captures by email ? we don’t know where the mistake is.. thanks!

Hi, you can contact me via profile page: Thank you

Hey just wondering what size you would recommend the images be for them to display properly. Thanks for you help!

Hello, biggest image is used in main slider – 560×450px. Can say this is minimal requirement for images. Thanks

Hello there!

One pre-buy question: does your theme work with custom post types? And if not, it is a lot to modify?

Thanks in advance, Alex.

Hello and thank you for your interest!

This is magazine theme and for primary usage is not necessary to include custom posts type.

You can create custom post types thos every theme, but wp coding skills are necessary.

Thank you

hi guys, i downloaded the theme for my web magazine. i have just two questions

i need to display a slideshow in the single post, for the img galleries, there’s a built in slideshow or i need to download a plugin? i need also to hide the gallery thumbanils in the posts, in order to display the only featured img in the post page. how can i hide them?


hi, thx for the reply. i added anyway a plugin for the slider because of the styling of the built in slide. however cannot understand how to remove thumbnails on the blog page, under every featured img and text of the posts.

i need to mantain the gallery in the post but i don’t want to see the thumbnails in the archive pages, don’t know if i explained myself.


oh i forgot, there’s a way to show also the tag of a post with the categories, author and date? thx

You need to use read more tag (native feature) to “split” posts on blog page:


One more questions, the popular tab right now is showing the same posts and order as the latest even though there are posts with higher views. How does the Tab widget know which posts are popular and how can we get it to show the popular posts properly?

Thank you!

Here you go:

Hello, I can see that widget was edited – are you sure that proper query is still there. Can you revert to original widget?

We only edited the style of it, did not touch the query, but thanks for the suggestion will look into that