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Any updates coming soon for the theme as its not working properly with Wordpress 3.7? getting this error Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in /public_html/wp-content/themes/grandnews/functions/admin-interface.php on line 1293

found a quick fix: find line 1293 under /functions/admin-interface.php and replace: $jquery_click_hook = ereg_replace(“[A-Za-z0-9]”, ””, strtolower($value[‘name’]) );

with this:

$jquery_click_hook = preg_replace(“[A-Za-z0-9]”, ””, strtolower($value[‘name’]) );

Hello, answered via email. Thanks

hello… I want to buy this theme but I have some questions…
1) Can I add any flash banner on ads area
2) Can I add adsense?

I also have another question.
How can I active navigation CSS classes?

I want change menu navigation elements colour. Every buttons must have different colour.. Can it be?


3. redirect page is available so I thisn it is possible.

4. yes, with plugin is this possible


hi guys, i have an issue with the contact form module (the built in jetpack module and also the CF7 plugin). when i insert the code in a full width page or a standard page i display the lines oblique, white on white, so i cannot display the border of the fields.

there’s a way to solve it? thx Federico

hi, i was checking the wrong position of the contact form, sorry but there’s not label{ float: left; } in the style.css… i searched it with the research function of the browser so i’m pretty sure about it! thx

sorry, found it, deleted, but still in the wrong position

can you send me a link of your website? thanks

Your theme stopped showing the homepage suddenly.. I don’t know what happened. Please help

Hello, I can see yor homepage without any problem.

yes.. it turned out that a new plugin somehow changed the reading settings.. Thanks anyways. R there any major updates? can this theme replace the slides on the top with one lead story? like in the ? Also what do you think I should do to make the frontpage look better?

OK, I’m glad

Some major updates are not in plan now. Just some style refinements and/or bug fixes. Thanks

hi guys, i love your theme but i have one question. Can i have 3 column layout on the homepage and on articles only 2 column ?

hi guys, i love your theme but i have one question. Can i have 3 column layout on the homepage and on articles only 2 column ?


no, sorry, without modification 2 col layout is not possible.


hi guys, i’m experiencing from about two days a problem with them theme. it’s sometimes slow in the refreshing and loading of the pages… sometimes loads only a part of the page, sometimes all, sometimes nothing, the page it’s white or the gateway timeout… in the first week i get the theme and started working on it never experienced this, but from about 4 days, 2 off-line and 2 on-line i’m experiencing this… just wanted to know if someone had already experienced this and if you know how to try to solve it. thx!

Can you send me a link? Thanks

Sure thx

Hello, you are using some plugin – this plugin uses flexslider too and styles are in conflict. If you remove this plugin slider style will be fine.

Hello, Beautiful theme , great to work with. Got a weird problem though. In header.php there are 2 head() function calls: ”<?php vergo_head(); ?> <?php wp_head(); ?>” which is causing the site to load twice. Checked for other issues that may be causing this but it happens on every page or post so it’s probably due to the header file. Any solutions for this? Thanks

Hello, no, vergo_head and wp_head don’t causing double page load. How can be page loaded twice? Sorry I’m not sure what you mean. Thanks

How can I use Redirect Page? I could not use this page…

Hello, you need to enter full URL of target page into content + select ‘Redirect template’ Thanks

When I use my web site URL, this page template is working BUT
When I use another web site URL, it doesnt work…
Do you have any idea?

You need to use FULL URL – http:// including

we build up a nice reference from these theme for an german press blog. for anyone how are interested whats possible with small changes:

Thanks, it is nice looking site!

How can I change single post page main image’s width and height?
When I change data in functions.php folder, I cant see any changing.
Can you help?

I need this because when I add a main image, I can see right size, but this image is croped in single post page


you need to change ‘format-standard’ thumbnail in functions.php After change is necessary to regenerate old thumbs:


When I add video link into post, can I make “post slider thumb” image NOT video?
thank you

Hello, in which part of theme? Somewhere is used video and somwhere (small sections) is used featured image.

Hello :)
I dont want to show video on homepage main slider. I want to use videos in posts content.
can I do it?

Hi, so you can create classic post (with featured image) and just add video code into posts content.

when I add video for a post, can I make show image thumb with video content. I dont want to show video thumb on homepage’s slider.
thank you

Hello, I don’t understand in main slider is used video (video content) directly. Just enter embed code into ‘video field’

I want to use ads link target blank.. How can I do it?
thank you

Hi, in …functions\widgets folder are widget-ads-300.php and widget-ads-125.php files. In these files add target=”_blank” to links
.. a target="_blank" href=...

thank you

How can i enable reactions on normal pages? The checkboxes are correctly checked so they should show up!


Hi, answered via email.

When I add RSS read to FEEDLY reader, I cant see cover images. Can you help me?


sorry do don’t know this plugin, but maybe the problem is that wordpress doesn’t show thumbs in feeds by default.

Here is easy tutorial how to enable images in feeds:

Thank you


The theme is compatible with wordpress 3.8?


Hello, yes, theme is compatible with wp 3.8. Thank you


I have purchased your theme but I am having trouble customizing it. I can change the colors, fonts, etc. But I can’t set up the navigation, sliders, etc; the way that I want. Do I need a special code or something or what am I missing?

1. You need to set ‘Homepage’ template as front page and then use ‘home’ widgets – process (with screens) is described in documentation

2. can you send me link to your page? Thanks

I figured out my other issues, thanks.

But I have a new question. How do I get the Virgo Home Slider to display normal text at the end of the article preview?

Here is the link to my website:

The slider is towards the end of the Home Page. I’m trying to get rid of the part that reads [&hellip…


update your theme please: This bug is fixed in latest theme versions.

Thank you

I’m having an issue with the page loading oddly with Wordpress 3.8. When it’s almost done loading all the elements the page goes blank for a second and then reappears and finishes loading. You can see it happen most of the time when switching between categories or articles.


in Appearance > Editor > theme-scripts.php find this line

wp_enqueue_script('css3-mediaqueries', get_template_directory_uri().'/js/css3-mediaqueries.js','','', true);

and try to change to

wp_enqueue_script('css3-mediaqueries', get_template_directory_uri().'/js/css3-mediaqueries.js');<pre>


Hey there, your theme is awesome…been using it for months now…very cool…I need to buy another theme from you for my other website because I am not happy with that…anyway…on I mouse over the image in the upper right slide shows with the guys playing guitar and it shows on my browser preview in the lower left in Chrome…but the corresponding post text to the right..CHECKOUT THE NEW RELEASES SECTION…BANDS GIVING IT THEIR ALL IN THE STUDIO shows a # in the short code and the link does not work…on the back end in word press there is a ? in the short code….I probably did something wrong….this theme is so bad ass…..I still love it after all this time…also I know myself and other asked about the sticky widget plugin…and it’s cool if you still don’t support this…but would like to know if you changed anything…thanks so much…tik

AHA! It’s the same on the demo version…if you go to the demo of Grandnews…you can click on the Bugatti image and it goes to that post…but to the right you cannot click on Bugatti text…am I missing something? Shouldn’t you be able to click on the text as well?

The text changes to pink as the slide show progresses….if you cannot click on that I guess it’s OK but I think it will confuse some of the idiots like myself who use this site…since when you mouse over it shows that it is a link

you mean slider! on the right side are slider tabs – to change single slide. it is common solution..