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Great theme! clean work :)


good theme,have “pricing tables” page?

Thanks:) No, the next update will include this page.

New version, add Pricing Tables. Look please:)

ok,thank you,i will buy in few days.

Congrats and GLWS!

Thanks, very pleasantly:)

very clean design.. congrats mate..


Looks nice! Good luck with the sales ;)

Thank you:)

Nice and clean design. Please see PM :)

Thanks, answered you.

50 HTML pages….!.. Nice work, good luck with this

Thank you very much:)

Great template!
You will add a multi-level vertical accordion menu? It is required for my project
If you add, then I will buy template :)

Spasibo:) Write me on email please.

New version, add Multi-Level Vertical Accordion Menu. Look please:)

Thanks! :)

Hello i like this template, one question:

Does it to easy edit the html files?

can i put a black margin only in the content, but the header and the slider i need to continous wide layout, can i make it?

thank you very much

Hello. You can change CSS rules in “wide_cont” in main CSS file (style.css)
.wide_cont { width: 100%; }

is there a PSD included?

No, only HTML, CSS, JS file included.

I am helping a friend setup his website with this theme that he bought. However I do not know how to change the Flickr widget to show photos from his own acct. I thought it would be as simple as just replacing the numbers that are in the url where it says user to have his flickr acct username but it didn’t seem to work now nothing shows

Any suggestions as I didnt see anything even mentioned in your documentation folder about the flickr widget thanks

In next update, I will included information in documentation. Sorry.

New version, add documentation. Look please:)

Great theme! I have read your documentation and looked at the code in various files and for the life of me can’t figure out how to change it from a full width layout to a fixed layout. Can you please advise? Thanks!

Thanks. You can change CSS rules “wide_cont” in main CSS file (style.css)
.wide_cont { width: 100%; } – full width
.wide_cont { width: 1000px; } – boxed

Below is what I have, but it’s still not showing the boxed version:

.wide_cont { width: 1000px; font-size: 12px; margin:0 auto; color: #555; box-shadow:0px 0px 3px #b4b4b4 !important; background-color: #fff; }

Write me on e-mail adress. I help you.

Thanks for your response. I was going to email you as you requested, but I don’t have your email address.

Ok. I fixed it bug, and update item tomorrow. Sorry :(

Update item, download new version. :)

Great theme but when looking at it on an iphone I have an issue I replaced the default logo.png with my friends company logo. However now when I look at the site on a iphone the correct logo shows for a minute and then reverts to the text that says grandway even though the logo.png is the correct company logo and also there is alt text that says the company name not sure if there is a css file somewhere that has also the grandway text logo in it?

the iPhone uses to Retina display. For the accurate image of a logo, created increase exactly twice, the copy of your logo and sign it logo@2x.png.
For example:
logo.png (151×29) -simple display
logo@2x.png (302×58) -retina display

I’m loving your theme. I had a question about the Tabs. I was able to add a link inside one of the tabs, which works, but it doesn’t show any text decoration, such as an underline to indicate that it is a link. I even tried add the strong tag to make it bold and it didn’t pick up on it. In any event, how do I make a link inside the tabs look like a link? I couldn’t find it the main CSS file. Thanks!

Add in CSS class
.class_a {color: #9c6 !important;} and add HTML class in link .
For example:
<a href="#" class="class_a">Link...</a>

Wait for update better, soon. I will fixes this bug.

This is my first html template so please excuse my ignorance. I have been able to do everything I want to do so far but am wondering if there was a readme file or some other sort of starter file that I should have read first.

We only need a very basic 5 page site without any interactive features or scripts yet. How can I strip out most of the things we will not need without breaking essential functionality and responsiveness?

You can delete a few scripts that do not affect the template.

Waitng for WP-theme :)