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Please I purchased the Granite theme for Wordpress, and then I can’t find the WP includes folder. Please how do I go about this?

This is a html template not Wordpress.

But it stated that it was a wordpress theme and as even categorised under wordpress

It’s in the site templates section, items on ThemeForest don’t get put into the incorrect categories.

Hi I am looking to purchase your theme… Quick question. Is there a way to put a sorting navbar in the portfolio section?

Great theme and thanks in advance.

would this be compatible on a quick glance –

I havent used this one before but I have seen it used here, looks good. :)

Jo, Love your work. All your projects seem to load so very quickly. This particular one-pager is great. Tell me; can you create either a “light-box pop-up” or ANYTHING whereby when I go to Read More about a particular TEAM MEMBER, the audience could read their credentials, etc? The process in your ICHI theme is exactly what I’m talking about. Thank you!

+speaking of Ichi-can one remove the “pre-loader”?

WOW, that was fast. Thank you for the input. And count on a purchase from me. I also see that you do custom work (may be speaking to you about that shortly). Cheers ;-)

PS: Do you currently have, or have plans for implementing a STOREFRONT into your sites (such as WooCommerce)? Thanks

Not currently, but we may do as we convert themes over to WP. I’ll have to persuade my developer :)

if i can buy this template with pulse or social point tools / fb game cheat, I’d love to buy this, but I can not afford it, because I do not have a paypal account or bank, I only pulse: ‘(, if you can help me ..? contac me

Hello, I want to add some radio inputs in the contact form with the following code: <div class="personal_form"> <div id="note" /> <div id="fields"> <form id="ajax-contact-form"> <div class="form_info col-12 col-12">ID?<span>1</span></div> <div class="form_info col-12 col-12">name <span class="required">*</span></div> <input class="col-12 col-lg-12" type="text" name="name" value="" /> <div class="form_info col-12 col-12">gender <span class="required">*</span></div> <label> <input type="radio" name="gender" value="1" />Boy <input type="radio" name="gender" value="0" />Girl </label> <div class="clear" /> <input type="submit" class="btn" value="Submit" /> <div class="clear" /> </form> </div> </div>

But the alignment of the radios are not inline with the option. Could you kindly provide me some examples?

Hi, this link should help you:

Thanks a lot :)

I know this is a single pager theme but I think it can be used for a client project. Before I buy, can I check a few things?

1. Can I add pages to this template? 2. Can the logo float over the slider? 3. Can I move the menu to the bottom of the first screen and on scrolling, move to the top?

All these things are possible, if you have a good knowledge of html and jquery.

Hi there, can you tell me where i can get more of the social media icons that are on the main slider?


Hi, there’s more included in the download, extras folder. :)

Cheers for the response! I should have checked there first. Im having issues when viewing the site on a windows phone. I cannot scroll down the page, the page is stuck at the top. Can you help me with this please?

Regards Dermot

Sorry I cant see that you have purchased the template?

Greay theme, wanna buy it but,

Can you put the sticky navbar on responsive layout too??? ‘cause it’s only in full resolution mode.


This job is about third on my list in regards to template updates. It will be a while though…

Hello, I bought your theme- and i’m using it for this project:

I have some challenges doing the following: 1. I want to add a sub menu to the navigation. It’s been showing somehow. I need your assistance on this-there seems not to be the css record for sub menu items on the css style. 2. The site when scrolled down- shows a dumping effect-how do i stop that. 3. The slider doesn’t stop when the video is playing. 4. I’m not sure where in the css style to increase the define size of logo (200px X 66px) I’ll apreciate your quick response. Thanks

I mean that the website shows shaking or jumping effect towards the end of the site. I was asking how i can make the logo bigger than the width define in the default css. the logo i uploaded is larger than what it looks- but kind of shrink to become 200px X 66px. the project link:

You can control the logo in css : .navbar-brand, add a width. In regards to the site jumping, sorry I cant replicate this on my mac. What are you using?

Hi again, here’s how to add YouTube video.

<div class=”caption fade fullscreenvideo” data-autoplay=”false” data-speed=”500” data-start=”500” data-easing=”easeOutBack” data-autoplay=”true” data-autoplayonlyfirsttime=”false” data-nextslideatend=”true”> <iframe src=”;rel=0;’”> <div>

Hi josweb, few questions… 1- How can I add an image in the background of the loading page? 2- How can i define for the revolution slider NOT to start until the loading is completed?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, for the background you would add a background image to preloader.css > #royal_preloader .background
background: url(../img/background.jpg) 50% 0% fixed no-repeat;
-webkit-background-size: cover!important;
 -moz-background-size: cover!important;
 -o-background-size: cover!important;
 background-size: cover!important;
The slider starts after the preloader has finished.

Great thank you. But the slider on my site is in the second slide after the preloader finishes. Any controls for that in the files?


It’s not when I view your site.

I included my email address in the mail.php file, but when I launch the website and submit through the form, I do not recieve the message. Am I missing a step?

Thank you

Sorry, I was a bit hasty, The message went to my Junk mail. SIGH. GREAT F%$&in Theme GUYS!!!

Hi Jo,

I love the theme; however, I’m having some problems when scrolling on safari 7.0.3 (I’ve checked on two different machines). When I scroll down the page bounces up and down. This happens on other themes that use the scrollTo javascript. So, this is no slight against the theme; however, I’m wondering if you know what’s happening and a work around.



No sorry I wasn’t aware of this, I’ll have to look into it.

:) I guess I didn’t explain the problem very well. My problem isn’t editing the webpage (I like VI :) However, the problem is when scrolling on both your Granite live preview and the template I bought, the page shifts up and down rapidly as I scroll up and down the page. This happens with both my mouse and trackpad on my laptop.

Thanks for the quick reply

Yes I see, I sent you the wrong message at first.

Hi josweb,

Can you tell what is making the contact form error / submitted messages appear right above the contact form? What controls it to appear in that spot.

I am doing some editing and now the error / submitted errors appear on a separate blank page



Yes it’s in the php files, I’m not sure what actually calls it (not too good with forms) but it shouldn’t be opening on a separate page.

did you use an outside form to implement into this theme? If so, do you have name and where you got it? This way i can try to figure out why this is happening.



no sorry I don’t.

I’m interested in buying Granite. But when I feed the live page into my iPhone browser, it goes to the Honcho website.

How can I view this website on an iPhone?

Thanks… very nice design!

Eek! many thanks for pointing this out. You can view it here:

Hello, I am having issues with the buttons within the carousel at the top of the page. It seems that on a web browser they work just fine, but on any kind of touch screen (both Android and Apple).

You can check this at, however I looked at the template (before any edits had been made) and they didn’t work there either.

Thank you, Jenna

Hi, which carousel? I’ve just checked on my ipad and all is working.

The carousel at the very top of the page, the one that’s apart of the revolutionary slider.

tried them on my iphone and they work? I have iphone 4

Hello josweb,

Thank you for this wonderful one page theme.

I am having a single issue with it however, I want to make a button on a slider play a video but nothing seems to work.

I tried to make the button open a modal popup window as I have in other sections of the site but for some reason the modal won’t display correctly.

Is there anything else I could do to make the button play the video I want in either the same slider or in a popup box ?

Thank you

Sorry but I’m not sure how to make a button play a video.

Hi. I can not see the site on the iPhone, does not find apple-touch-icon.png, I added in the root. What is wrong?

Thanks a lot

You need to add them to your code e.g <!-- Fav and touch icons --> <link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="144x144" href="ico/apple-touch-icon-144-precomposed.png"> <link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="114x114" href="ico/apple-touch-icon-114-precomposed.png"> <link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" sizes="72x72" href="ico/apple-touch-icon-72-precomposed.png"> <link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed" href="ico/apple-touch-icon-57-precomposed.png"> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="ico/favicon.png">

Thanks a lot. Cheers


I am trying to install the granite theme I purchase. I was using this them on my before and I let my hosting go down. I would purchased another license to be able to using the them again but when I download it I can not install it. It looks like it doesn’t have a file in the download.

Please let me know what I should do to get this theme working.

Thank you,

Andrew Pastue

This is a html template and not a Wordpress theme.

Hi. Is it possible to change heart animated with another icon? Thanks a lot. best regards, Bruno

Hi, the heart was created with css to show where you could put your logo. You can replace it with an image or a font-awesome icon. <div class="wow bounceInDown" data-wow-duration="3s" data-wow-delay="6s"> <img src="img/logo.png" alt="" class="wow pulse center" data-wow-iteration="infinite" /></div>

Thanks a lot. Best regards