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Great item! :) I love how clean and solid it feels, good luck with sales.

Thanks ithi. Yep, that’s one of my objective for this theme. Clean and feels solid at the same time. Glad you like it.

That’s an awesome Theme really… Love all the details, even if it’s really really dark :)

Thank you arkgratik.. is it way too dark?

I would not say that! If it was I think I would not like it :) Good luck with sales !

nice work as usual!...

thanks so much mabuc..

Great work. Any plans for HTML /WP? Good luck with sales

Thanks charlie. Will definitely convert to HTML in the future. No timeframe yet though..

Great thanks for letting me know. Good luck in the mean time

Thanks palpaldal… Glad you like it.

this is so a must to convert into html which i would buy straight away ,just right for a gaming theme .keep up the good work

Jimmyme. beautiful dark theme, too dark, no just right. Dark makes images much more appealing IMO as I am a photographer. Would love to see this go straight to html ASAP . Name your price !!

@Mark44, Thanks for nice comment. I’ll be updating this PSD template. I’m going to lighten it up a little bit. Will definitely convert this to HTML in the future but no timeframe yet.

Just Awesome one! Would love to purchase HTML /Joomla! one.

@atikrahman, Thanks so much..

awesomeness template! very much, I bought without hesitation!

Thanks so much PafnutY… Glad you like it.

When you do think you could supply the HTML one?

Thanks, Atik

He atikrahman, maybe in a month or two…

Love it.. wish I could get it in HTML or wordpress for my minecraft server review site.

please convert to wordpress… and add width sidebar

Great theme! However, I think there is a font used in the design that is not included in the download package. The name of the font is “Aller Light”. I am not sure where it is used though, but Fireworks gives me a dialog to replace the font.

Magnificent template, I would climb the link once finished being coded [Google translation My french] ;)

no include sub-menu :-(