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Nice Work , Good Luck ;)

Thank you!

:) mantap broo …

Sip makasih bro..

Why does this say well documented?

1. The footer isn’t in the partials folder 2. Where does it explain how to add videos, photos, soundcloud to posts? If it not short codes do they just have to be added manually? 3. The tags are not styled on the ghost version but the html version is? 4. No documentation on how to add disqus comments.

Am i missing all of these or aren’t they documented?

This is a really clean theme and i really do wish you luck with all the sales it deserves, but add some documentation.

Hi Imanto,

1. If do you want change something at footer section, you can open default file in your gravity pack, and find footer section in that file.

2. At ghost for now we can’t using shortcode to add video or image. To adding the video you must copy paste the embed code into content. And to adding the image, you must uploading the image at your hosting and get the url of image, after that you can paste into content using img tag html

3. For the tags, it has different style with the html version, because we can’t use tag link at ghost right now. Maybe for the next version of ghost, it can be implemented.

4. To using disqus comment, you must login into disqus website and find the embed code for your account. And then, open your post file in your gravity pack and you can add the code before this code ’</ article>



Do you know whats the right size for the blog cover


Hi Edgar, U mean the total width size for image post? 750px.

Can you update this theme to 0.4?

Thank you

Nice work good luck with best sales;

Interested in seeing what this theme looks like. Demo is down though.

Is this theme dead? No demo. Still stuck on Ghost 0.3. No update since December 2013.

Great !! GLWS