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I am wondering how to integrate mailchimp with this theme?

Hello heathermhuang, you can easily integrate mailchimp, they have a great tutorial in the following link : http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/can-i-host-my-own-sign-up-forms/

Since there are many people asked about this, could you please help us to create sample code for mailchimp integration. I tired but breaks every time.

Hi, Thank you for this great theme. I wanted to do the following – 1. Change the order of the sections so that in the main page, the line of the form for signing up will appear – how do I do that ? 2. Add much more text to the main screen – is there a room for that ?

Thank you

Please answer my questions

Hello, it goes to the right because of the stylesheet of the page. If you modify the order, you have also to modify the concerned section into your CSS file. Concerning the Please enter a valid e-mail, are you sure that you try online and not in local ?

1. you are right I didn’t check it online. 2. but in the css there is no indication of where it’s located. this is what is written – padding:50px 0 30px 0; position: fixed; bottom:130px; z-index: 9; width:100%;} 3. If I would like to increase the size of the text next to the pictures where there is text and picture – how do I do that ? not the size of the font but the width of the place I can add text to 4. why is the css it says – background:url(‘http://www.placehold.it/1600x1200') #363f48 fixed; where the picture is 1600X1200 but it also says – height:600px;

Thank you. I did that but what happens is that I can’t control where it’s located. I want it to be there instead of the two buttons. for some reason when I copy it, it is located to the right. Also it moves with the page.

Hello, first of all good stuff, beautiful theme! I’d like to use a dropdown menù. How can I do? Thanks!


I have bought your theme and it’s supposed to be responsive but it’s not.

Please look at thelandofvenn.imaginemachine.com and let me know what to do

Thank you

Hello, It’s responsive, and i’m watching your website into my iphone, and concerning the “basic” blocks that i have built everything seems working, you have modifed some stuff like the signup form, it’s supposed to be on the buttom, if you want it on the top you have also to modify the concerned item in your stylesheet.

what do u mean ? can u please tell me what to place where ? in the css ? regarding the responsive, the main image doesn’t respond well. I don’t see it on the iPhone. the top became dark with the text under it https://www.dropbox.com/s/yfq3zhqmiwieh4z/Photo%2016-03-14%2C%2019%2000%2005.png

please answer me

Hi there,

Is there any way I can switch off the image and text animations please?

I just bought this theme and I’m having a hard time to integrate it with MailChimp actually…. can you provide a more detail step how to integrate it with “your” code? Thank you

Excellent site. Can i pay you to create my site for me please?

Thanks, Osman

Hi, bit of a silly question, but can you swap images and text over from right to left ? for example the iPhone 5c in red , how do you move this left and text right ? Thanks,

hi, i love your work. Also liked your Mobile Mockup, can you tell me where i can buy this mockup?

I bought your template, I would like to know how I can put the icon like facebook, twitter just comes.

thank you!

Hi! I’ve noticed a problem in the Testimonial section: if I open in a mobile browser and swipe on pictures the text under the images doesn’t scroll!

How can I fix it? Thankyou!

Hi, I’m having trouble getting the scrollto, to work, how does it work out?

Hello :) You have simply to add the class “button” on the element that you want to scroll to ;-)

worked, thx.

can you use iphone 6?

Of course, you have simply to find a iPhone 6 mockup ;-)

but what about the width and height, cz i donno how to change the CSS related. i dont want to mess up the UI

Hello karissa, you’ll not have any problem concerning css. Because it’s a image mockup and it’ll automatically fit with the content ;-)

Here are some questions. How can I let images show on mobile phone? How can let the the head background image show on 11” notebook? Thanks.

Hi, i cant install the themes GREADY 1.1 error ” not find the style sheet css”

Hello huduma, as it’s noticed in the category, it’s not a wordpress template :/