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Clean Template. GLWS :-D

Thanks :)

Beautiful landing page!

Good to hear that :)

This is amazing , really great job Supview

Thanks altaspix :-)

Amazing job! Good sales! =)

Thanks as usual Airtheme 8-)

Looks perfect ;)

Thanks much :)

Amazing work.

Please reply my mail


Hello SpyroPress, you already asked me about this before and i’m not looking for that at the moment , thanks anyway ;)

Nice job! All the best :)

Thanks daveeeo :)

Looks great! Is it meant to be for this preview that the top menu items link to #? :)

Hep ! You can link to element ( # ) or direct link ( href ) :-)

Hi! This template is really classy. I am interested in buying it, but I have a question: Could the beautiful top background image be set as visible on all devices ? Because when I look at the live preview from my Iphone or my Ipad (through safari) the background image is not visible. :(

Hello solangelina :), You could put an background-cover:100% on the media queries and put your background image as u like :)

Hey great theme. Question – how do we change the icons?

Hep ! Thanks. There’s the différent icons into the component.css ;-)

Hello! Really nice design! I am interested in buying it but i dont know how difficult the customization will be, i am not experienced in code, just wordpress basic customization, will it be easy? There’s a “Guide” or “Manual” to do it? Need Dreamweaver to customize it? Thanks!

Hello leowys, this is not an wordpress theme. If you would like to edit it you will need Dreamweaver. Of course there’s a Documentation ;)

Ok, thanks! If you add a countdown in a future update, definitely will buy it.

Is the font for the logo included? Or can you get it online?

No enuki, it’s a custom font ^^

Hi, I purchased the theme and I’m curious how to change the 3 icons which are at fonts/ecoicons… Is there any chance to change it? (i mean if there are more than these 3 default ones) or I have to make my own and the one from you delete? Thanks for the quick answer!

oh, got it now :) component.css there is the list of them! cool!

Hello. Downloaded and enjoying playing around. Is it possible to link the newsletter signup to Mailchimp?

I never used Mailchimp before, but probably if you edit the code :)

Amazingly awesome theme.

One issue.

The 1600×1200 header image tiles on small screens, like the macbook pro 13’’ for example.

I don’t really understand what you mean by “image tiles”


Grete template! :) Any chance of obtaining the PSD with images?

Supview: Can I get an answer please? I would really like to get my hands on the header image.

Hello there, sorry i don’t have a PSD for this template. The header image is just a picture of my hand and are not include with the template ;-)

Thats cool! :)

Another question though… The Facebook button is transparent for me… I have tried both the Like and Recommend button, but same problem. Any idea?


Helo! I’ve purchased this template and customizing is driving me crazy! Can you please help me? I’ve send you an email today but have no response… please! Thanks!

Here are some questions… • How can i change the main header image? • How can i change the fonts? • How can i remove or/and re-order landing page sections? • How can i link the subscription form with mailchimp? • How can i add some vimeo or youtube video? Thanks!

Hello, you’ll probably found most of the solution into the Documentation File. Anyway i didn’t checked for the mailchimp so i can’t tell your excactly. About the video, just put the iframe of vimeo/youtube into the correct section ;)

Hi, it would be awesome if you could create an Muse template with your style of design :)

Hi, I’d like to ask why the pics in the first/second/third sections are not visible :( I change the link to the pic but it sill doesn’t show it (it is under the background or something like that obviously).... Any idea, mr creator? thanks

Hello flaksik ! Could you send me a screenshot by mail ?

Hi, it’s interesting&weird- cos it just doesn’t work/display the pics (also the effects when you scroll on that sections) in my Chrome (ver 30) but on IE it works (and also my friend’s Chrome). (moimoi.co)

Your website works fine for me, maybe a problem with your navigator :/