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Always a pleasure to work with your files, Sup’ :-)

Thanks Simonswiss, glad to hear that & don’t hesitate to rate it ;-)

Wondering how to change the header image. It’s not in the documentation which isn’t really that detailed.

Theme is beautiful though, just need to figure out how to work it! Cheers.

I found the background:url( in the style.css file but putting my image in there doesn’t seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated as to changing the header. Thanks.

Sorry I figured it out. I needed a ../ thanks for the theme it’s great

Alright :) Thanks for purchasing it & don’t hesisate to rate it !

First of all, fantastic work. Secondly, Is modals not supported in this version of Gumby? I’m using this code and I’m having no luck.



Hello ArchitectCode, Thanks for purchasing it :) Anyway i didn’t tryed this modals. I only use the Gready for his grid !

Great theme! I’m slightly confused on how to setup the subscription form though, and I’m having trouble finding anything in the documentation.

I found the line I have to edit in the documentation, but I get an error when I test it with other emails saying “please enter a valid email”

Are you sure that you are not in Local ?

Hi Developer,

Are you going to plan to update your theme to be retina-ready supported? I love this theme and I’ll definitely buy, If it would be retina-ready.


Hey! Your theme previews does not work right now. ;)


What is the name of the font used for the logo?

Thanks you :)

Hello there, It’s a custom made logo ;)

Hi, I purchased your theme and it’s awesome!. But how can I add this landing page to a wordpress site ? thanks

Hello swaroopsagar ! Thanks for buying my theme, anyway it’s not an wordpress template, it’s just an HTML/CSS One.

Is there a way to integrate a slider in the header section?

You could yes, something like the flexslider but you have to put your hand into the code ;)

I built a one page site using this theme, but it doesn’t seem to work properly with Gumby, jQuery or other modals. This could be a big problem with this theme for people who need login facilities, etc.

Hello ecodigerati, Thanks for buying it ! Anyway I don’t realy understand what you mean…, i’m using into this template the Gumby Framework for the Grid.

Because the theme is based on Gumby it seems reasonable to add other Gumby features such as the modals but there seems to be a conflict with the JS used for scrolling. The user ArchitectCode reports the same issue above.

Hi, nice landing page =) Just purchased, and as many people here wondering how can I change the header, it really is in styles, but changing it does not change anything, just showing the dark grey background.

So the question is “Sorry I figured it out. I needed a ../ thanks for the theme it’s great” where do I need to add …/, or should I change more in style.css then just a link to image.

Thank you

Hello mkfyko, thanks for buying it ;)

For the header you’ll found it into your main stylesheet ( style.css ) Line 315 ( #header ), it’s normally noticed into the Documentation File ;)

Hi, I would like to purchase this awesome template, but in Chrome (v.31) and Firefox (v.25) (Windows 8 SO) doesn’t work properly because images and effects in scroll mode doesn’t appear, in IE works fine, any idea? Thanks, David

Seems very strange ! Are you sure that you didn’t disable the javascript into your browser ? Because this template has been developped with Firefox ( V25 ) & Chrome same version & Safari, Then i check everything to fit on IE ;)

hey, how do i fix the top nav bar?

I don’t want it to dissapear, I just always want it on top!

Thanks so much – loving your work!

Can you give me the html code? I don’t understand. I always want to the header to be there. Or tell me what to delete… Thanks so much


Please contact me by mail instead of spamming some basic request… ( hello@iamsupview.be )

I can’t make the email sender work. Can you please help?

and yes i’ve checked the documentation.

that is what i have…. can you spot the error?

Please don’t post whole code here… Did you tested into your FTP ? Because i doesn’t work in local …

what does that mean in local?

Is it possible to use a video as the “main” image on the top ?

How do you get the images to always stay visible?

I dont want the slide in effects…


Just answered to your e-mail

The mobile menu links don’t work for me. How do you fix that??


Hep, could you just send me an e-mail ? You are spamming when you found a problem, and it´s always basic html question … I’m not supposed to edit/code your whole website.

How do you go about embedding a video into the page like you have in the live preview?

Hello :) You have just to put the iframe of your video into the correct div block ;)

je template ziet er top uit, maar je documentatie trekt eerlijk op niets! Geen verwijzing waar je de header image moet vinden, ook het importeren van video veeg je van tafel met een antwoord van “Plaats het in de juiste iframe en trek je plan maar’...


Hello Pytch, sorry i don’t speak vlaams, anyway, I received a lot of advice that just said it was very easy to ncustomize the templates If you can open the index.html near the stylesheet you’ll found easily the correct section…

Great theme. Just emailed you a question – how can I modify the ‘form_sender.php’ so that it redirects to a thank-you page after successful submission.