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Hi – I would like to disable the email validation – where can I do that?

Thanks! Gabriel

Hello gabitech ! You’ll found that into your main.js file. Line 124, just remove the else condition :)

Broken Themes I got this message after installing:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description GREADY 1.1/css Template is missing.

Hello sirkris, Sorry but it’s not an Wordpress template, it’s an HTML/CSS Template.

text flashing or just me? lol :)

Don’t really understand about your “flashing text”

The header text flashes bold – unbold – is there a way to stop it?

I realy don’t understand about this text flashes !! I’m on the website on Chrome/firefox/Safari/IE and there’s absolutely no problems :s

I must be doing something wrong then because I get a slight bold/unbold flashing effect on the heading text below the logo. However I have edited the text, so maybe I have done something.

Hi! We’ve just purchased your theme, nice work!

We have noticed that the responsive layout doesn’t work as expected on some resolutions, for example on the Google Nexus 5 (landscape orientation), and some other tablets like Google Nexus 7 (portrait).

Have you experienced the same problem?

I’m having the same issue. Here is the error i got in chrome:

event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 405 (Method Not Allowed)

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Please help with the folder name and file structure to use to get this installed properly. Thanks so much.

This template is complete. It’s not a Wordpress Themes, it’s a HTML5/CSS3 Template.

Understand. It now works great. awesome template.

Glad to hear that :)

This template is not responsive, the header image tiles vertically and looks terrible when viewed on anything but a desktop. Would like a fix!

Hello Richard, Could you send me screenshots on my e-mail ? because the template is reponsive, there’s normally no header image on iphone/ipad …

Hi. I am having problems with the mobile dropdown menu. When oppened it closed automatically instant. Any Ideas?

Could you please show me your website ?

Pretty strange, it’s probably from one scripts that you have add, but i cannot exactly tell you wich one and you probably much edited the javascript file.

Hi i would like the video to show up on mobile… how do i do that? THANKS!

Hello :) Into your media queries ( style.css ) you have to add .cbp-so-side-video {display: block; opacity: 1;} then you video will be show on Mobile device ;)

I’d like to adjust the speed of the transitions in the Testimonials section from 0.6s. Can you tell me where I can change this?

Hello, into your main.js, line 144 there’s the two sliders of the testimonials, here is what you looking for : slideshowSpeed: 7000, animationSpeed: 600. This is the basic speed, if you want to decrease them, just put it into the 2 flexsliders with a lower speed.

Hi, i purchased this theme and i realized that the right side of the mobile version of the webside is cut off,specially the 3 sections below the thubs section. How can i fix this?

I used this code and seems to work, but somehow the text of that section overlays my embed video, when i run it in mobile version, can you help me to fix that?

i already found the solution, you just have to change the style=”margin-bottom: 10px;” to -60px in the class=”six columns cbp-so-side-img cbp-so-side-right” in the video section from the index.html.

Perfect !

Hello- my video disappears on mobile- I want my video to appear on mobile -how do i do that?

Hello Brookehall, Into your media queries ( style.css ) you have to add .cbp-so-side-video {display: block; opacity: 1;} then you video will be show on Mobile device ;)

Hi, i need to add more text in the footer section, but when i do that the entire website seem to get dissort, there is some way to do it without screwing the paralax effect and the website design?

You have probably to modifity the height of the footer in your style.css and also the spacefooter.

Hello – this is an amazing theme. Quick question – the images in the content sections are not showing up when viewed on a mobile – how can I make them appear please?

Hi @supview can you pls help. We really need to fix this for mobile users!! Thank you.

Hello Kirank76, On the Line 734 of your main stylesheet, you have to delete the display none of the cbp-so-side-img and cbp-so-side-video. But the template has been designed normally without this image, so you’ll have to edit a little bit the code and add some padding & margin for fit perfectly.

OK thanks for that Supview.

I’m having trouble getting the background image full width on this site: http://smokefreediary.com/ On my monitor (1600px wide) there’s a 200px gap from the end of the image to the end of the screen.

It’s even worse on tablets with the image only taking a quarter of the available space. Any idea why this might be?

Hello DebatewiseDave, nice editing :) concerning the background, you have probably delete the line : background-size: cover;

That did it, thank you :)

Hello and thank you for this fine theme. I do have two questions:

[1] I’m attempting to turn it onto a (small) multi-page website. The challenge I am running into is getting the Navbar to show when scrolling past 200px on the homepage, but on subpages for it to be sticky since I’ve removed the top image. Is there an easy way to do that?

[2] When using Google Chrome and testing smaller resolutions, the main images disappears and displays a black background on some of the downsteps and on other downsteps the main image is repeated vertically. Is there a fix for this?


Is there an easy way to add video in the background? Full width?

Hello ! Of course, you could check videobackground.js ( https://github.com/georgepaterson/jquery-videobackground ) , pretty easy to use / Add into your main javascript code ;)

Thanks François :-)

One preorder question. How work subscription form ? How store emails – need a database or use third party service like maillchimp?

Verry nice template!

Hello dimitrow, currently when you have a subscription, it’s directly goes to your e-mail, but you could integrate mailchimp into the form_sender.php file wich is included into the template ;)

How exacly going to my mail? Im new in html/php and dont uderstand verry well. Its easy to set-up or need to coding hard ?

Why on demo site, when click SING UP button there is no mail in my inbox ?

Because, i haven’t set-up a mail back, and it’s not forwarding to a real e-mail. Concerning the code, you have to understand a little bit the code. Mailchimp have a great tutorial about how to integrate it : http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/can-i-host-my-own-sign-up-forms/