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I just bought it and I have an important question. What do I do with these files now … I do not know where to put them …

Thanks for your help ;-)

Hello PhilipeSL,

Great Admin is a set of universal XHTML /CSS templates to be used as a user interface of a content management system, e-shop, intranet and other on-line applications. Great admin is intended for programmers.

Thank you for purchasing.

Thank you miketnt!

Nice looking layout, and a good price. Will probably be buying this soon.

Thanks, I’ll be glad when you buy a Great Admin.


Great theme but I had to make some modifications with js files. Some of them you use are very old versions, and I had some problems with certain features. I had to upgrade the js files and with some of them make some adjustments in the theme.

If you have more recent versions of the js files used it would be perfect!


Sorry again, how do you make it possible to select a date (in date picker) older than the actual?

By default, it’s not possible to select a older date…

Hi yabune,

try settings in JS file init.js – ”$(’.date-pick’).datePicker();”


Hello, excuse my English, I am the author of FastGaiu visible on the site. I am developing the project on platform Django and I would give him, officially, your “dress …” ! The question that you do is the following, although my plans are totally free I must admit, at the time of publication, $ 500?? Or simply give you visibility, perhaps implementing a further your logo for supplying part of the project? Keep in mind that in Italy I 21000 software installations today. Thank you for your attention and congratulations for your work, you’re very good! Maurizio De Santis


Great theme but I have some problems with IE 9 .0 (the lateral menu not work properly). Can you plan a fixed version for IE 9 .0 ?

thx many

Thanks for the warning. I fix a bug in the next update.

Thank you!

Hi, I’ve prblem with the lateral menù on IE 8 , the

  • elements remain hidden, can you explain me how to fix this bug? Thank you
  • Jacopo

    Hi, thanks for you Great admin and good price. I bought it and uploaded origin files on webhosting server. But the problem is that the AJAX doesn’t work. Any ideas, what’s wrong?

    On localhost it’s ok…


    Hi eagler,

    can you send me a link to your web hosting server, where I saw a uploaded great admin?


    Rook question. How can i use the tabs more than once on a page. Any time i have more than one sets of tabs the second set does not work

    Please help.

    Hi lordtrini,

    can you send me a link to your web hosting server, where I saw a uploaded great admin?


    Hi all, I also had the issue with the menu on IE7 . Try the following: edit ‘default.css’ and add ‘zoom: 1’ to the entries beginning with ‘ul.mainmenu li ul.submenu’. At least on my site this solution solves the problem.


    I need help in changing tabs upon links being clicked in the sidebar.

    For e.g. on that page we see thee tabs, graphs line, graphs bar and graphs pie. If links to those were on the sidebar, then how do we switch between the tabs?

    Sorry, I just do not understand the request. Is it possible to send a link to this case? Use a private message to e-mail.

    thank you

    I sent you an email, and have explained with the help of a screenshot.


    How can i pick the date in Mysql format like YYYY/MM/DD


    in file date.js change line 6 with Date.format = ‘dd/mm/yyyy’;



    Is it possible to have more than one graph line, graph bar or graph pie. When I try to put two, the second is not displayed.

    Thanks !

    it’s ok I found the id in the file “init.js”

    great, I’m sorry that I am writing now.


    When i create a new web forms project with visual studio and copy the public folder and create a login.aspx file, css is not working as expected.

    It might be related with the container of the main div (<form> tag, see the start of the body section below). So could you please help me to fix the css file. <form id=”form1” runat=”server”>

    Sorry, bad link. Here is correct link:

    Thank for your for help. Issue solved.

    Great info for me! Enjoy this template…