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hi Monny ! please where is the favicon ? i can’t find it to change !! thank’s


I’m sorry, but the icons are not included in the package :)

What you guys make is from the plant Osiris. BEYOND our world BEYOND or comprehension of what a website is, what a website is suppose to be.

Everything you guys create is out of the norm, against all rules and regulations of common web design. Thats what sets you among the best

Monny Design is at the pinnacle of creativity. You guys sit at the table with Michelangelo and trade WONDERS.

We need more web design like this that pushes BEYOND all formalities and boundaries of design.

PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You the only ones in the ENTIRE forest doing such work "trust me I would know"

(Osiris is a planet that is an exoplanet, a planet that is out of our solar system, Osiris resides some 153 Light Years away. Its one of the first exoplanets ever discovered)

Wow!!! What a wonderful comment!!!! We are really happy to read so many good words about our work, THANK YOU!!! I don’t know what to say! OBEISANCE !!!


Thanks for design.

I’m trying to gmail.

email form is not working.

can you help me please ?

Please send me an email with more information about your problem, and I’ll try to help you.

Hallo Congratulation for your template. I have a problem with contact_form.php its not working and always appering the following msg: “Something went wrong, go back and try again!”

Thank you

Which is the version of PHP supported about contact form? Is this of 5.x PHP?

Sorry but i wrote you before 6 months and didn’t ansewer my question.

Hi, is it possible modify the entry page (pictures, font)? Thanks for reply!

Hello, great work! So, original! But is it actually responsive?

Thank you.