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I have a problem. Please check the following link:

Here you can see the product blocks, these are not looking good, the blocks are not next to each other, and the 3rd block is not aligned good.

Can you help me with this please?

You can contact us . We will check and help you fix it .
Kind regards,


I have gone for making User id for two person then I clicked on role then it was showing all and Custom. By mistake I chased custom then save it. After this it was showing for all user id as well It is Showing after logged in Access denied and no configuration has been seen.

One more thing I went to MySQL by finding User_id I did some change for Password for Yogeshsharma user id I put password in MD5 then save it before 30 minutes.

I did not change anything.

Please check and again. Please Please help me out otherwise my all hard work will waste in my site I uploaded almost 300 designs.

Can it be possible if you reinstall again with MySQL Back up.

Hi, You can reinstall again with MySQL Backup. We install it for you but you changed cause this issue.

Well I have done it thank you.

I wanted to change background through background options Magnothem > Theme Options > BG Pattern is not changing. Please tell me how can i change background color.

help thank you :)

This theme doesn’t change background in the admin panel. You can upload background to folder skin/frontend/default/ma_greatshop/images then change background in styles.css file


Just bought the template but its not extracting. The ma_greatshop_template_for_magento_1.6.x.x, is only 1 KB and would extract fine but it will create another zip which throws errors on extraction.

Can you please tell me where to download the correct template files?

You can try download again. We have checked it. It worked.
Kind regards,

I purchased this theme as it says it is compatible with Bootstrap 3. The latest version (1.2) of the theme is using Bootstrap 2.3.2. There is nothing in the documentation about upgrading to Bootstrap 3. Is this theme truly compatible with Bootstrap 3 and if so, what are the steps to ensure a smooth upgrade to Bootstrap 3?

Hi,You can contact direct you We will send you file update.
Kind regards,


As per the Document Guideline, you mentioned that there will be PSD file in it. But when I download the zip I didn’t Get any PSD file of the theme.

Can You please cross check and let me know.


you can find link download PSD files in “readme.txt” file inn the package download

bro where can I edit the forms? contact, returns, etc?

come on man… at least take a look in my site… I don´t have that problem… and now you will answer hours later and I will have this problem that time again… did you read well my problem?

the new product slider, featured product slider and upsell slider don´t have products!!! they appear empty!!! I had that problem 2 weeks ago when I was updating the categories… yesterday I was doing the same thing and the error happens again… you have access to the site… please correct the problem and tell me how to fix it if I need to make that change again in the future… It´s a little bit annoying and a waste of time having to write for this again

Hi, You can re-index data ( admin > system > Index management > re-index ). If it doesn’t work you can make a ticket. We will check and help you later. We have a holiday. Thanks !

Does anyone have some sort of tutorial how to install my theme in my magento site?

You can see tutorial for install template in “ma_greatshop_document.pdf” file in the package you downloaded.

I am using your greatshop theme for Web- I am facing a few problems and unable to find them.

My Featured products got Changed last Night automatic and when i check featured option in Configurable products for those products they were not selected as a featured products. How could it be possible ? I am unable to select my Desired featured products. Kindly help me to solve this problem.

Looking forward to hearing from you

thanks :):):);)

how to change New product Slider’s background image ????

You can replace this file by your image file skin/frontend/default/ma_greatshop/images/bg-newproduct.jpg

how to change New product Slider’s background image ????

You can replace this file by your image file skin/frontend/default/ma_greatshop/images/bg-newproduct.jpg

Support Team Plaza theme

Very urgent issue my website suddenly crashed or hacked. please check

I do not know what is happened someone hacked my website or affected by virus. when i try to open magento admin panel with putting user id and details it was not coming.

Please fix this issue. i have sent the email to you please respond immediately.

Thank you.

Regards Chetan Verma

We’re checking your email then we will respond your email. You check your email.

Hello! Plaza Theme,

My website is taking too much time in loading on portal. Please tell me what can be done? When i consult with a developer he suggested me to put home page in 300kb. What is relate and how to measure this thing?

One more very urgent thing that when i open my website products like

Than you can see in above link after our url then come /index.php/ more. I need to hide this thing. How can i do it please help me in that case.

Thank you very much.

You homepage loads slow because it need load big images. You can remove the index.php in the frontend URLs performing the following steps:

Go to the admin section of Magento.

In System -> Configuration -> Web -> Search Engines Optimizations, select YES.

Edit the /installdir/.htaccess and uncomment the line:

Mine is magento , put your directory name RewriteBase /magento/

It means its loading low because it Images size is low? or it has heavy loading file. please confirm urgent

Plaza theme i want to do SEO for my site can you do it ? If you can please let me know.

I purchase your theme. When i have a product with “custom options”, they don’t look like with the same design. What does i have to do to have the same design?

The products with “custom options” don’t look like with the same design because they has some custom field.

do this product is compatible with magento version 1.9.1, i mean the latest one?

Hi, This theme is compatible with magento 1.9.1. You can use it for your website. If you have question or problem. You can contact us. We will help you. You don’t worry.

Hi. i want to some changes. How to change Hotline phone number, how to change Home Page special offer for summer, how to change Home Page new collections, how to change Home Page featured products, how to add & change in footer (Not Display my website) information in my website, how to add in ajax price search in category, sub category, & sub sub category place.


We have fixed it for you. You can check your email