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Very very nice. Probably one of the best templates around at this moment.

I noticed a couple of things, thought it better to bring it to your attention.

1) In chrome/safari when I switch the background the login and signup button appear beneath each other.

2) Horizontal is spelled wrong in the preview image. It’s written horisontal.

Wish you all the best the sales. :)

Just Fixed! Thanks to Cosmive


5 days ago you posted that you’re converting this to WordPress. Any idea when that’s going to happen? How close are you to finishing the theme and getting it up here? Please let us know. I’m definitely all for buying this if I can get it on WordPress.

Just patience please, no worry :) I think next week it will be here. Also I’m going to post a new design here in the end of this week ;) Thanks!

p.s. my name is Alex

very nice love it


Awesome news! Can’t wait. Good luck with this week’s release.


hi alex, great work , very nice
how can i have special characters in the title, and in the h1, h2 …
thanks for the support

Hi boodoo, you should go to http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ and generate the font with the special characters. Thanks, Alex

Hey MixerTheme, This is a real beauty. Was wondering if home page accordion slider images can subsequently be clicked and link to specific page? Thanks so much…

Hi voodoogal, its real, just add tags <a href="your_link">...</a> to those images.


thanks for the answer
how can i make the slideshow mode work on the gallery section ?
basically , what i want is a single image par project , and then in the light box, all the images related to this project displayed in slideshow…

you can read all the instructions here: http://www.pirolab.it/pirobox/index.php

Hi MixerTheme.. this amazing theme, i’m beginner in a web designing and i have a small problem. how i can activate the contacts page? do i need a special plugin?

Hello hadwx,

you’ll need a small programming help for this, contacts page is not working on this version, but it will be accounted in next version which will be soon.

Thanks, Alex

Hi MixerTheme, Why I can’t use these france lettres “é,è,ç …” in the H1, ,H2…? They would not be displayed. However it works in the text. Thank you for your reply.

Hi qiang, thanks for question,

1. please download this font, which supports your language, you can find it here

2. then you should go following link to generate cufon script for this font.

3. after you download generated font, you should rename it and replace it into this folder “html/js/cufon/”

also if you will have any problems, you can mail me: mixertheme {at} gmail.com

Thanks, It works!


I’m curious about the font used for the logo. Could you please tell me which one it is ?


its name “Freebooter Script”

i need the fonts of this design, used in the logo and others.

The font I used for the logo is Freebooter Script
The font I used for titles is Babel Sans


Hey there great template there are no instructions to activate the contact from please advise thanksssssss…...

The contact form is not working in html version,
I’ll update it with working contact form soon, but not now.

Awsome file, good job.

Hello Mixer Theme,

I purchased this template for my website. Thanks so much, it has been easy to edit so far. I have a few questions as it relates to the functionality of the site.

It appears that there is a log on and registration. How is this used and where is the information stored and retrieved once data is entered?

I am not a web designer so, I need help with several other questions. Would it be best for me to email this to you or may I contact you via phone?

2nd major question: How do I change the images in the design?

3rd: Can I upload this file onto a server and upload a wordpress file in the same file space?

Hello Pawz002,
please see my answers below:
1. The log on and register boxes are done only as popups. So the entered info via that forms aren’t store anywhere.
2. Just find them in a “gallery” folder and replace them with yours, but with same file names and sizes.
3. Yes, sure, but the html version and wordpress version will not be connected with each ones.

hi… i just bought ur theme. There is a lot of mentioned about the non working contact form. Would we need to pay for the updated plugin for the contact form?

Hi, no worries, the contact form is working in this new version ;)

hi mixer theme… is the new version ready for download?

can send me the link?

you can download it from your account download page (http://themeforest.net/user/kinhian/downloads)

I just downloaded the newest version of the template… and I love it. I just had a few questions:

1. Is there a way to make it compatible with Firefox?


2. How do I slow down the slide transitions on the slider?

1. yes, sure, its already compatible.
2. just read the documentation, you’ll find there links to scripts descriptions and find there a ways to slow down slider and other scripts
thanks ;)

I agree with asb5692. You template is seems not compatible with firefox. I mean the jquery stuff (jcarousel and accordicon).

Just sent you an email and waiting for your reply.

Hello mohdzhafran,
It’s already compatible with Firefox,
What do you mean when you wrote about this?
May be you can send me a screen shots of what you meant?