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Hi Alex. Can you answer my question please?

Hi Marko,
please remember me what question was from you?
seems that I’ve missed it..

Hi Alex. I was wondering if there was a contact html page? I can’t seem to find one. I do not want to use php. Thanks.

Hi Mark,
just rename it into contact.html and clean the php code from top of this page.
Then copy and paste the contact form from blog single page into your contact page
that’s all, then you’ll get your contact page in html format.

Thanks for that but I don’t seem to have a blog single page? I have blog.html but not with a contact form Marko.

you have it, there is in the main archive.
also if you want a blog, so you can buy a wp version from my portfolio page.
Thanks, Alex

Sorry about this Alex but I can’t find it. I have blog.html but there is no contact form on this page. Exactly what is the page called? Where exactly is it?

the page with contact form is called contact.php
there you can find working contact form

Hi Alex,

How do I change the colour of the main navigation dropdown box (currenly dark)

Also, Are there two seperate font size values for the top main navigation links and the size of the dropdown text font? It seems there is only one CSS value for both – I have small top text and very large dropdown text, but can’t seem to get a middleground size!

Thanks -

Hi Sticker,
in the ddsmothmenu.css file you can find necessary styles to change.

Hi, Is it not ddsmoothmenu.js?

Also, can you tell me the line number in this file that dictates the colour of the dropdown – theres a lot of code there!

Can you also get back to me on the menu text size I posted above please.

Now, I’m available for freelance work, If you’re interested, so please write me through contact form on my profile.
Thanks, Alex

Message sent!


Your Greatio Professional xhtml is so amazing. It has all the features I was looking for. Login area, and newsletter sign up, and the Blog.

But I read Marko7s’ comment on the blog.html and you told him there was no Blog in this version.

Do I really have to get the wordpress version to have the Blog even though it shows on the demo menu of the xhtml version? and I have to forgo the login and sign up features?

Please let me know I want to buy, download and start working on the template asap.

Kind regards, Terri

Hello, Great jon man, really cool design, i have a question does the bxslider can support youtube videos?


Hi canito,
yes, sure, it supports the YouTube video.

Can you tell me how to use just a single color for the HTML version? I’ve purchased both versions. For this, I am wanting to use blue and solely blue. I would also like to remove the drop down boxes that allow people to change the color, etc.

Any suggestions Alex? I’m needing to make some adjustments and I’d really appreciate any suggestions you would have. Thanks.

Alex Using 2 of your templates now. Very nice look.

Can you send a primer on how to set up the php contact page. I am new to php and would like to figure this out.

Hi jdowns,
thanks for using my templates!
you can find a link to developer’s site who is develop that contact form inside a documentation file.

Just wondering if I can change the size of how big the pictures get when you click on them in the portfolio pages… make them bigger!


Really like Greatio template. Request two changes.

1. Gallery 2 – Like to use vertical pictures rather than horizontal one on the gallery 2 page with room for a short description. A more button will be on bottom

Roughly 200px w x290px h pic with description on right of the pic. The description would be flush with the top edge of the pic.

What will it take to make this change to the Gallery Two Page?

2. Single view – same as above. Use a vertical large picture. Copy beneath pic.

Thanks John Downs

Hi I sent a comment and an email on Friday. Anyway you can respond to me requests? I need some help. Thanks for you assistance on these matters.

John Downs

Hi John,
just replied to your questions, check your mailbox.


I Have a problem,my sliders’ not working.How can i use it?If ? give u my account and pasword can u do it pls

my e-mail:kdrcnkya@gmail.com

to get any support please confirm that you’re buyer, just drop me a line via contact form from my profile page.
by the way all the sliders work properly, you can see it on demo.

Hi I’m having problem with my template, index-3.html, Firefox is asking me for a plugin which it can not find by itself.. send me an email address where I can send you the link to check the problem…

Hi Luz,
It shouldn’t ask to install any of plugins. It works fine without any of them.
Although It may ask you to install the flash player to display video from youtube or vimeo..
Can you drop me a line if you’ve resolved the problem?

Maybe I missed some files when I uploaded, but I checked several times, and still I’m having the same problem with Internet Explorer and Firefox, Safari works perfect. Here you can see the problem, and if you send me a email address I can send you screen shots of the errors… Thanks! http://newlinestudiosfla.com/aps/layout2/index-3.html

Hi Alex. Can you answer my email (sent to you a few days ago to gmail) please?

Thanks. Marcelo Silveira

Hi Marcelo,
can you send your mail again to me your question still was not resolved?

Hi there, I’m having problems with prettyPhoto and hope you can help. I’ve copied the code from the preview site to be sure everything’s correct.

Ihave the images fade in with the preloader animation, but when I click on a thumbnail, the image opens up in a new window, rather than in a lightbox.

If you’d like to see the page, it’s at http://bigtimevideo.co.uk/TSL-Greatio/products.php?Product=Bespoke

what browser do you use?

I’d like to know if it is possible to have ten instead of six photos in the home accordion. Hope you answer soon as I am most interested in your template.Thank you very much. Carolina

Hi Carolina,
sure. it’s possible to have more than 6 accordion slides.