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Can i get the contact form please?

Contact me from my profile page, and I will send it to your email. Thanks

Hi Plentong! The template looks grate, just what I am trying to find.

Just one question

How dificult is to change the colors?

For example from green palette to a red one

I can do it with potoshop changing the .jpg?

Wait for your answer before buy it.

Many thanks! G.

Yes, you can change the .jpg with photoshop you can also change from the .psd file.


Hi, I already send the contact form via your email, please let me know if you already got it.



I bought your template and it’s working very well. I saw in previous message that you have a simple php form for this template. Could you send it to me please?


Contact me from my profile page and I will send it to your email address. Thanks

The pop-up info bubbles that appear while scrolling over the main menu bar are glitchy on my Mac. Any way to fix them??

what is your browser? I’m using mac and it looks fine. Thanks

Great work, I’m getting close to finishing my project and just getting to the contact page. What would you suggest i use get the mailing featured implemented.



I was send it to your email,



I’ve bought this template, very good work. It’s perfect for my pizzeria.

As some other users mentioned, I’ve sent you an e-mail if you would be so kind tom send me the php form for this template.

Thank you and best regards.

I was reply your email, thanks

I’m stuck trying to figure out how and where to get the location code from Google.


Open find your location, and click “Links”.

You will find “Paste HTML to embed in website” Copy that code into your template. Contact me from my profile page if you still have a problem and I will help you put the map.


Hi, im very interested in buying this template for a client. If I purchase can you forward me the PHP code to get the contact form working?

Sure, contact me from my profile page and I’ll give you the contact form :)

Hi ive purchased the theme…could you send me the php code for the form please? my email is

Also, with the code you supply me how hard will it be to modify so I can add 5 more text fields and two checkboxes? Is it simply a case of duplicating existing code with one or two amendments or is it harder?

Sent you an email

Does the contact form work?? Please inform.

yes, contact me from my profile page and I’ll sent you the contact form

Can you please send me the php code for the contact form. I already sent you a direct email from my gmail account to your gmail account… FYI .

I really like the concept… thanks.

I was reply your email, thanks

hi, great theme one question can i get the theme in light blue color ?

thanks a lot

Hi Dhimas I already bought “Green and Dark Restaurant Layout” from Theme forest. I followed the comments and noticed you will send the “PHP contact form file” separately. would you please send this file for me and also how can i activate the “error message” and ” thankyou meassage” on the form. I already uncomment line 58, 62, 63 and 67.but the messages will be visible permanently.


I was reply your email :)

I need the PHP form…I’d create my own but no time = /

Thank you,


Hello, I have problems installing the theme. first I tried to upload the theme for the wordpress upload. After that it was impossible, I installed the theme in the ftp. but has an error “green-and-dark-restaurant-layout stylesheet is missing.”

Please help.


This is HTML template not wordpress template, so you can’t use it as Wordpress theme.


Hi Plentong,

Thanks for this great template! I just had one question for you… I need the slider on the main page to support png transparency in IE6 . Can you help me? Thanks!

Hi, actually the slider support transparancey IE6 , can you show me your url? I’ll check it. Thanks

It’s ok, I solved the problem. Thanks! I just wanted to know one other thing. How can I remove the sidebar ion the menu section without collapsing the structure of the page? I want the footer to stay in its position and I want to be able to remove elements from the menu with the page maintaining its layout.

Hello, sorry I dont get it, could you explain it again, or maybe give me some screenshot. Thanks

I fixed the issue. Thank you very much. Great layout by the way.

i have some questions before purchase:

1- 12USD include only PSD files or whole thing (html, css, php codes ready for uploading onto our hosting and running)

2- i want to convert all English titles such as About, Contact, Testimonial.. (on front end) into our Vietnamese language. Do you have guides for us to open the codes to do that? or how is support for this? is it free? it is ok to do for non-technical person like me?



Hi, this is HTML template so you can just upload it into your hosting, you will also get the psd file.

Since this is HTML file, you need to edit the HTML code and change the text directly from the HTML files. All you need to do is edit the html file and change the text direcly.

Cool looking template, might have used this for a client site if it was a WordPress theme.

sorry, there is no wordpress version for this one


I have recently purchased this theme and after uploading it I get a message stating that a stylesheet is missing and cannot use the theme. Can you please advise me further

Thank Katie

Hi, but it’s HTML template not wordpress theme. Maybe you can try this one for wordpress theme, but the layout is different with this one.