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love the background! goodluck with sales! :D

Really nice dude. You should so code this up!

Will this be made available in XHTML /CSS form?

thank you for your comments guys.

@jvanzyl: as you may noticed, i sell PSD files only. i am thinking to code all my PSDs into XHTML . when will that happen? i don’t know. honestly.

excellent work mate

Now this is awesome! Great work darius! Good luck with sales.

Great work!

Can you tell me how wide the background image is in the actual download package?

The screenshots show 1180px but I’m curious if the background image in the download package is wider.

I need to make sure it’s wide enough so that it doesn’t tile/repeat on larger screens.


the background image is only 1180px and will tile/repeat on large screens.


it’s 1180px but for all of you who bought template i will make it repeat smoothly or make larger background (let’s say 2000 px wide).

@dalemo & jimmyme: thank you guys.

Slick design! Great attention to detail and I dig the color palette,.. not the typical ‘dime-a-dozen’ on TF color palette!

Code this up and I’ll buy it the day you’re done.

the grid doesn’t start on the far left. it begins somewhere arround the logo. also, some of the elements can’t be precisely set to grid. but it’s up to you or to anyone who code to use “creative freedom”. it’s PSD file so you can rearrange things (or add/remove staff) as you are pleased.


ok.. cool. Make sense.. totally understand ‘creative freedom’. So, the grid was used more as a reference instead of strict placement .. no worries. Thanks again!

as a reference and as a main guideline :)

also, i am always here to help customizing, editing files. ;)

This is sexy :)

hehe. thank you. you reviewed this one :)

wow awesome work darius and yeah its sexy ;)

amazing work man!

thank you guys!


Edit: Just noticed the icons on the bottom… WOOOOW !

Excellent template again, looking forward to more of your work…

thank you for your kind comment, and thank you for buying the template! ;)

great work man !

Glad this template is available as html as well!