Discussion on Green Nature - Environmental / Nonprofit WordPress

Discussion on Green Nature - Environmental / Nonprofit WordPress

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Hi, how can I add plain html in a page? Thanks

You can add them into WP editor directly but please note that the header and footer will still remain.

Hi, I have added some custom menu links like the “Pages” link you have on the menu on the demo. I have noticed, that if you double click on it, it gets you redirected to the homepage. How can I change that? I don’t want to get redirected. to homepage




That shouldn’t be happening, could you post your site URL where we can see the issue?

I don’t see this issue on the demo site.

https://wildlifesense.gr/ All top menu items are custom menu links. It is happening in the demo too, you just need to quickly double click on a custom link.

Could you try replacing your \wp-content\themes\greennature\javascript\gdlr-script.js file with the one from here and see if it helps: https://we.tl/t-P8QuXx4xm8 ?

You may need to clear your browser cache to see the change.

Hello! We observe that the settings icon in home page doenst work. Any advice? thank you!


This is most likely happening because you are using an older version of the theme, please update your theme to fix this. Instruction for updating the theme can be found here: https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/

If that’s not the issue, please send the site URL and WordPress username-password so we can take a look: https://themeforest.net/user/GoodLayers


Hi, We observed that all the images on the homepage page https://demo.goodlayers.com/?theme=greennature&switcher=on are lazy loaded, however with the same theme the homepage of our website seems to have no lazy loading of images.

Please let us know any specific setting needed for the theme style.

Thank you.


This is not the lazy load feature, it is a fade-in effect on images and some other elements. It is enabled by default, there’s no need to change anything.

I checked your site https://vanarambh.org/ and it seems to be working fine here.

Actually we want to improve this report for vanarambh.org. Going Green is one of the targets as the website itself gives the same message

Report: https://ecograder.com/report/X4yGGMqnnrWwp7SBTi4yP4MT

This report might also help you in improving the upcoming version of the Green Nature theme. The report also helps to show where does each issue lie.

Thank you.

You can improve site by using optimization plugins and caching like WP Rocket, Autoptimize, WP Fastest Cache , etc… (these also provide lazy load option if needed)

You can also check these : https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/15781/ but currently, we are using WP Rocket but that’s not free.

Hi, I want to add the tiktok icon on contact page https://wildlifesense.gr/contact-us/

I added [gdlr_icon type=”fa-tiktok” size=”28px” color=”#444444”] but it did not work.

Could you please help? Thanks


This icon is not included in the icon pack that is shipped with the theme. You can use this icon by installing this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/font-awesome/

and using this shortcode:

[gdlr_icon type=”fa-brands fa-tiktok” size=”28px” color=”#444444”]

Hi, how can I remove the Website field from Comments form? https://wildlifesense.gr/our-latest-news-november-5-2022/ Thanks


You can remove it by adding this code at the end of the functions.php file(preferably in a child theme):

add_filter(‘comment_form_field_url’, ‘__return_false’);

Hi thank you, but the page breaks and the tick box is moved up. Please check


Adding this css in Theme Options Panel > General > Page Style > Additional Style should fix the issue:

p.comment-form-cookies-consent { clear: both; transform: translateY(10px); }

If not, please post the page URL where can we can see the problem.

Is this theme compatible with woocommerce? When we install woocommece, the whole website crashes. When we remove it, everything works again. Are we doing something wrong?

Can you try to witch the theme to default theme and activate Woocommerce? See if the issue is still there or not.

Does the theme work with BuddyPress? Someone asked 6 years ago but I wondered if you had since then!


Unfortunately not, this theme is not for Buddypress.


nish17 Purchased

How to import the demo content of logisco ?

Can you please submit ticket in our support website? Our dev and supporters only provide support in there, not here :(

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through https://support.goodlayers.com (Purchase code can be found here : https://support.goodlayers.com/purchasecode.png )

Thank you very much! :)

Beside, you are posting this in the wrong item comment.

Pre-sale questions: 1. What Page Builder are you using with this theme? 2. Your theme is compatible with Elementor?



First of all, Thanks for your interest :)

1. We use our own page builder.

2. You may use third party page builder plugin but note that most element in demo site will not show as it must be called by our page builder.. For example, blog layout, portfolio layout, column service, stunning text..

When you use page builder plugin, it will call its own element, layout.

Query on social shares 1. Will you add Share to WhatsApp option under Social Share?


Sorry, there are no current plans to change this section. You can disable the built-in feature and use a plugin to get the whatsapp option.

Okay, thanks

Hello, On mobile devices (tested on 5.5inch screen), facing the title trimming issue.

Example links: 1. https://vanarambh.org/blog/2022/06/19/mruga-pakshi-shastra/

2. Home page https://vanarambh.org/ > for example, “Think Sustainability” Block

Please let us know the resolution.

Thank you.

Hi, Adding this css in Theme Options Panel > General > Page Style > Additional Style should fix these issues:

@media only screen and (max-width:767px){
.greennature-blog-full .greennature-blog-title {
    font-size: 20px;
    word-break: break-word;
.greennature-action-ads-item .action-ads-title {
    font-size: 32px;

.greennature-page-title-wrapper .greennature-page-title {
    font-size: 20px;

Resolved, thanks!

Hi, how can I change the subtitle, below the main title? https://demo.goodlayers.com/greennature/about-1/ (Condimentum Ipsum Vestibulum)


This text can be changed in the Page Options panel: https://i.ibb.co/rm54YtG/2022-05-20-07-55-03.png

Pre-sale Q: Hi there. I’m very interested in this theme. Yet I find it very similar to Green Earth theme. Are there any crucial differences between this two? Mostly I’m asking about the use of the Page builder (saw it on your Youtube channel). Is it possible to add partner’s logos carousel for example? Or can I increase the Header dimensions? Thanks


Thank you for your interest :)

Yes, there are differences. The Green Nature theme uses a newer framework, you can see the page builder being used in the videos here: https://demo.goodlayers.com/document/greennature

Yes, you can show a logo carousel in this theme.

The header height depends on the logo size, its width is the same as the body container size. We can help you change this separately with some custom css.

I bought Green Nature and tried to submit a support ticket but Green Nature is not in the product list. I tried to use Green Earth product, but I get an error saying it is not what I bought. What do I do now?


I assure you that it’s in the list. If you already loggedin with Envato account then the name will start with ‘[verified]....’

You can also notice that it’s in between Limo King and Total Business: https://take.ms/fvd96

An issue observed with the clickable date of Goodlayers Recent Portfolio widget.

How to observe the issue: 1. Visit https://vanarambh.org/storyticles/ 2. On the right pane, find “RECENT WORKS” section 3. Click on the date of any of the portfolios. 4. It redirects to a page, for example, https://vanarambh.org/blog/2021/04/18/ however throws 404 Page Not Found.

Can you please fix it?

Alternative resolution: Instead of redirecting to https://vanarambh.org/blog/2021/04/18/, if the widget can redirect to https://vanarambh.org/blog/2021/04 then the link works.

If widget can redirect to https://vanarambh.org/blog/2021/04 after clicking on the date then that shall also be fine. Kind of a month’s archive.

OR else it should redirect to


listing the portfolios created on that date


This happens because the date archives for custom post types like portfolio are not created by default. You can use a plugin like this to enable them: https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-date-archives/

And replace the wp-content\themes\greennature\include\widget\recent-port-widget.php file with the one from here to change the links: https://we.tl/t-SxDTzQqAiS

Hello, Recently the Green Nature theme does not appear to resize or does not seem to be responsive to different resolutions. We are on latest Wordpress version 5.8.2 and the on the latest Green Nature theme version available till date.

Please suggest a solution. Also let us know any additional information or screenshots are required.

Yeah but I can confirm that there’s no such an update available for us yet. I will check with them.


Sure, thanks

Please ignore this reply. Adding a separate comment.

My masterslider doesn’t appear. I keep getting Invalid slider ID or alias.


Can you go to the page builder and try to select the slider again then save page and see if it’s fixed?

Hello, A query regarding the Master Slider Pro plugin update. We have Green Nature theme installed. Wordpress shows that the update for Master Slider Plugin is available however the plugin cannot be installed from there.

What is the way to keep getting updates for the Master Slider Pro?

Oh sorry, just pushed 3.5.7 in there. Can you try again?


So as mentioned in the \GoodLayers Plugin\Master Slider.txt, we need to go to the google drive link specified in it and download the masterslider.zip, right?

It worked, thanks!

Hi Team,

We are stuck with the inbuilt Donation Payment options, can you please tell us how to connect Woocommerce with your Theme Inbuilt Donations options.

If this can’t be done then atleast tell us how to add a different payment method directly.

Regards, Nish


Really sorry, our theme support only Paypal, Authorised.net and Stripe. :( To integrate other payment options, you have to hire a coder to do this. It’s pretty big work.


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