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Great template !

Is possible to have an added page with only two columns? It will be Fantastic!

I saw the Live Preview.. VERY INTERESTING !

I would buy this template, but I need a page with two columns, too (for example the Navigation & Welcome, without Latest News/Login…;)

Thanks a LOT


Hi Alessandro thanks, if u need 2 column then i can help you in customizing, just email me or message me.

thanks santosh setty

very nice template

i’m like “rossale” it’s possible?


Thanks Santosh, for adding 2 column to services page, is exactly what I need!

I’m going to buy this template !

How could email to you, if I need help in customing? Can I, possibly, ask you some advice?



hi rossale, just massage me or here is my email id settysantu[at], always ready to help in customizing..

Hi Santosh, could you update the Service page in the download package, cause in the live preview work fine, but probably is not the same in the package…

Thanks a lot


Hi alex, i updated and it has been approve, plz mail me so that i can mail you the psd

Thanks Santosh, I’ve changed the CSS that you mail me, now work fine !!



Hi Santosh, Really enjoying the template. Thank you!

Few questions if possible..

1.) I wanted to make the width smaller from 900 to about 750 maximum 800. What or how do I go about making those changes without messing up the layout. I tried once and it was a disaster things got really skewed.

2.) Do you use a IE hack in the CSS for this template… because I did notice slight height adjustments in the text from Firefox to IE.

Thanks Dee

hi zapphfire, thanks for purchasing, plz mail me through my profile page so that i can assist you.

1. yes you can make width smaller, just decreasing the width of relative div’s

2. No i haven’t used any IE hack, has it was not required

if you need more help feel free to mail me

Hi, I did email you. thanks! looking forward to learning how to adjust the width.

How do i to buy this layout ?

How do you to send this layout to me, how much time this delay after buy ?

Can I edit free this layout and publish in my web site ?

hi brunoricardox, on right-hand side you can see price mentioned $12.00 below the price there is a purchase button, click on it as u purchase u get access to download, yes u can edit and publish in ur site

Hi Setty,

Nice job on the template.

Was wondering what you would charge to add drop-downs to the tabs up top.

I know CSS well, but I’m a newbie when it comes to Drupal themes, so I though I’d get a quote for this.



Steve just send me message through my profile page