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Does anyone knows how to edit the form in SP Quick Contact? I want to rename the fields and add more.

Thanks, Gabor

Hi Gabor,

Please use Language overrides from Extensions > Langauge manager > Overrides. Are you familiar with that process?

Hello Right now I´ve purchased your nice template themeforest-7519371-greenwich-village-responsive-joomla-onepage and it was installed fine.

BUT if would update to latest Joomla! version, 3.4.0. it will miss ALL lightbox and hover effects either for images, menus and so on… ??

I emailed to you 2 Joomla installations URL’s

version, Joomla 3.4.0 – MISSING ALL HOVER EFFECTS version, Joomla! 3.2.3 – WORKING ORIGINAL HOVER EFFECT

Any hint? Thanks a lot

Hi Niko,

I already applied an update in your site. Replied in email.

Please confirm is working as you expected.


I have same issue with 3.4 as grafismo…


We will release an update, in the meanwhile edit the file: templates/vg_greenwichvillage/js/jquery.form.js

replace with the following code:


        var action = jQuery(this).attr('action');

        jQuery("#message").fadeOut(200,function() {

            .attr('disabled','disabled');, {
            name: jQuery('#name').val(),
            email: jQuery('#email').val(),
//            phone: jQuery('#phone').val(),
//            location: jQuery('#location').val(),
            comments: jQuery('#comments').val()
                document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = data;
//                if(data.match('success') != null) jQuery('#contactform').fadeOut('slow');



        return false;



Clear your cache at the end.


Perfect Valentin! Fix it is working now with latest Joomla version. Muchas gracias!

Hi Niko,

I’m glad to be helpful!

We appreciate if you give us a rating :)


I tried using the recommended package and followed the documentation/index.html, but I am getting an error logging on to MySQL. I receive this error.

Could not connect to the database. Connector returned number: Could not connect to MySQL.

Hi BrogdonPhotography,

Double the database details are correct, specially the host (commonly “localhost” but not always).

Looking forward to help you


I figured out what my problem was last night. I had to create a new database on the godaddy webhost manager. Everything is good to go on my end.

I’m glad to hear that!

We appreciate if you give us a good rating :)

hello – i am trying to add content in a page before adding the ebor template code ie: Content [template id=”56” Contact]

however when i view the page – the template sits on top of the “Content”. ie it does not seem to recognize there is anything there at all. how can i make the template position below the content? thanks.

Hi mrcavallo,

Please ask for support using the account which you bought the template in order to receive support help. Which Themeforest account did you used to buy it?

Looking forward to help you


Hi I really like your template and I have almost finished building my we site. It looks beautiful. But I have issue with a blog. It supposed to be very easy but it doesn’t work. WHEN I CLICK “READ MORE” IT COMES BACK TO HOME PAGE, INSTEAD TO OPEN TEXT I don’t know what I miss. Please take a look at “my step by step”:

1) Menu-mainmenu-new main menu items- External link menu title: blog link: #section-blog template style: vg_greenwichvillage-Default Ordering: blog

2) Extensions- Module manager-Last work (alternative layout: blog) position: blog Ordering: ASC Number of articles to show: 20 Alternative layout : blog Position: blog

3) new Categories title: blog Parent: no parent

4)Articles- new Article tille: The Golden Globe Category: blog Then I add some text into “Toggle editor” Click “Read More” after the first sentence. So now I have intro and text Save & close

Could you help me please!!!!!!!

Hi Katerina,

The link to your blog is working now. Please Click “Blog”, then “War pigs” and the full article will be displayed.

This is possible thank to the menu item I created in Menus > Hidden menus > Blog


OMG! Thank you so so much!!!!! You are the best!!!!

I’m happy to help, Katerina!

Don’t forget to give us a rating :)


we have sent you a message about some issues we have. Please respond.

Thank you in advance

Hi kuhada,

We already replied your questions :)

Have a good day!

Hi, I send you a message few days ago, and i have no answer. I’m completly bloqued. Please send me a answer. thanks

I just replied, Richard.

Please reply back the email with the requested details.

Hi, I send you all the informations by email, and I’ve no answer of you. For an other project, I installed a one page template and the operating system is the same, and it’s run correctly. I can’t find where the problem comes. Can you help me, please Jean


This is my last reply from May 5 in case it didn’t arrived:

I was trying to access the backend again with no luck. I guess my username is disabled.

Via FTP I checked and your folders have 777 permissions. Those are not correct and insecure!
They should be 755 for folders, 644 for files.
This is something your host can fix in seconds if you can’t do it with Admin Tools.

Hello, I would like to purchase this template, but have a couple of questions. Do you provide the image sizing details in the theme, documentation, or do the images auto-resize? Also, is the paid version exactly as the demo?

Hi There, does this template work with Joomla! 3.6.2?