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that looks great. do you have an example how it looks direct in facebook? bookmarked it at first.. maybe i will buy it later. wish you a lot of sales.

best regards


Just added Facebook tab live preview link in item details/description. Please have a look.


Awesome work, glws mate! ;)

Thanks :)

The sizes might be wrong, because I always see a horizontal scrollbar. The horizontal scrollbar appears because there is a vertical one, so it would only not be visible on a page that doesn’t need a vertical scrollbar – which is pretty much non-existant.

Could you fix these things, or would it be a heasy hack to make myself?


Please have a look at “template with custom scroll-bar” (link provided on item details page just below the current facebook link.)

If this could serve your purpose, let me know, will update the template for it.

Thanks, Tansh

Template updated for jquery scrollbar.

Thanks, Tansh

hello i was trying to add this code [onclick=”startGateway(‘144873’);”]

to the two buttons on the pages. First button is in the {overlay caption} and the second button is the {box starts/ends] at the bottom. I need it so when people click the button they dont go to a link but it open [onclick=”startGateway(‘144873’);”] instead. Please this is the main part i needed when buying your template

Even when i remove the button code you used and put in my own button image it will not open. There might be another javascript messing with it, please help me fix this!


Not sure what you are trying to achieve here and how I can help you. Still drop me a link through profile page, will have a look.

hey tansh, I have implemented it on my facebook page and it looks great. can you pls. tell me what tools shall I use to modify the template. thx, S

Hi S, you will need code/HTML editor. Some of the free code editors are notepad++ (PC), jedit (PC & Mac), TextWrangler (Mac). Hope this helps. Thanks.

Hello, nice design. Did you notice that a user on CodeCanyon is selling his script with your Design?


Thanks a lot for notifying me about this. Just submitted a ticket to envato support.

Appreciate your concern. Thanks again.

Nice theme. Easy to implement. Thank you.

Thank you!

Hi! Still Facebook compatible or FB has new policy (now days) that prevent to instal the theme on Fan Page ? So, if i buy the theme, will work so fine on Facebook – Fan Page? Tks!


Frankly, I’ve discontinued support for Facebook pages since new support policy. Better go for the latest one available in market.