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I’m interested in this theme – nice work there – but I’m concerned about the translation capacities.

Can you give me any info on that so I can make up my mind? I know I’m asking a lot, but a live admin demo or a short trial would nail it…hehe

Best regards,



Theme is translation ready, but please note that it is not WPML ready. Sorry but no trial demo.


Thanks for the answer.

Could you try to say how much (the first percentage that comes to your head) of the translation I’d have to do throught the raw html files?


As .mo/.po files are provided, no need to edit via theme files.

Frankly I’ve missed it for some 4-6 words from functions.php ;) Will add it in next update.

Hey Tansh

just wondered if your last update on the 22nd June will be compatible with wordpress 4.2.2? Can you let me know before I update the theme?

Cheers and keep up the good work :))


Later Edit: Please refer changelog for important considerations before update.

Excellent, thanks Tansh -

The reason I was asking is because I’m currently on 4.0 I think and the site is fine on Chrome and IE but on firefox there are some issues.

Missing content from home page and top menu won’t show dropdown menus?

Would an update fix this?


No such issue reported. Not getting exact idea about yours, drop me your link via mail, will have a look

I wish to have a fullwidth background for the rows in my site. Could this be possible? if it is then how can I do it?

May be you are missing support tab.

missing what?

Missing info that you should drop mail for support queries. Thanks.

Just a quick show of appreciation for this great theme – easy to set up and edit, and works like a dream. Keep up the good work! Regards, Sleeky


Sorry for late reply :) . Many thanks for feedback.


Both themes “Grepfrut Responsive Software HTML Template” and “Grepfrut Software WordPress Theme” are really great but I’ve found one annoying issue.

I used to plan to get “Grepfrut Responsive Software HTML Template”, but later decided to start using wordpress, so my choice was the wordpress theme.

As some my users are still using old IE8, I must check a theme how it looks on that IE version. And I found strange thing: “HTML Template” looks well, but wordpress theme can’t show slider.

Look, I’ve prepared two screenshots. This is html theme http://snag.gy/DxerF.jpg and it works well.

This is wordpress theme http://snag.gy/29E5M.jpg and instead of a slider you can see that it waits for something.

I beleive that both themes share almost the same sources, so how do you think would it be possible to fix wordpress theme?

It would be so great and I will buy the theme immediately!

Thank you for your awesome work.

Hello Tansh. How do I change the default static background image that is used with the slider control? Its the image that has the blurring effect and graph lines on it. I would like to replace it with my own image. Thanks.


Please go through : Appearance / Theme Options / Slider There it has location mentioned to upload image.

Alternatively, you can OFF this background via theme options and assign a background via slider directly.

Please drop a mail via support tab if any further query.


Hi tansh, If I go to Appearance/Theme Options/ Slider I don’t see a field to upload a new image. All I see is “Slider Background Image” with 3 existing image choices and “Slider Background Color” with a color picker.

Thanks Damian


Please go through the explanation provided at the image field itself (Slider Background Image) in the options panel.

As mentioned earlier, better OFF this in theme options and use slider functionalities to set background image.

Please drop a mail via support tab if any further query.


Hi, Is this WordPress theme compatible with WooCommerce? What are the possibilities of selling a software using this theme? – Like PayPal integration?


Not compatible with woo-commerce by default.

As woo-commerce is a plugin, can be used with any theme with some additions.


But this will need to customize styles too to match theme style for better integration. Unfortunately, have to suggest, better go for woo compatible theme. Thanks.

Hello Tansh.

Are you providing an update to run with WP version 4.6.1? It’s been 5 months since the last update, so thought I’d better check.

Many thanks,


Hi NH,

Demo already running on latest WP version and no issue reported too. No problem to update WP.

No exact time-frame for next update, but not too early, as it will be just for visual composer version released few days back.


Hi there. Could you tell me what changed in the December 9, 2016 update? It isn’t listed on the Change Log.


Updated Change Log. Thanks.

Hi Tansh,

Updated theme to 4.5.1 a but back and the “WPbakery visual composer” just stopped working. I then update the visual composer to 4.5.3 and it’s showing zero content via the composer… only showing through classic view.

Any ideas as to why?

Cheers :)



May not be possible to guess the reason. Drop a login via support tab. Will have a look.


Its ok… the issue has been resolved. Turns out the pre-packed VC update that the theme installs (VC 4.5.3) doesn’t work with WP version 4.5.2. So I bought the new plugin direct from wpbakery on VC version 5.0 and that’s fixed it.

Thanks :)



Wasn’t required but anyways, nice to have licenses :)

Any possibility you are checking old download? as last month updated theme version ( v2.4.0 ) has VC v5.0.1


Hi Tansh, Just wondered if there is an theme update planned soon to support 4.7.5 and upwards? Many thanks :) NH

Hi there, your themeforest profile says “Last Update – 26 May 17” but when I download the theme files, it says last modified 9/12/2016 – 11:33am.

Do you have another download theme file you can send me, as it looks as if I’m only getting the old download file via themeforest?

Cheers :)



You are getting right version ( v2.4.1 ).

Dates are so because last update of May was for 2 plugin zip files (as per below comment, related to new installations only). Rest files unchanged.


Ah right, brill, thanks for confirming.. so current theme download is compatible with the latest version of wordpress and last update was on plugin files.

Error when installing the pre packed plugins -TCSN Shortcodes & CF Post Formats – The remote plugin package consists of more than one file, but the files are not packaged in a folder. Please contact the plugin provider and ask them to package their plugin according to the WordPress guidelines.

Replied to mail. Thanks.

Can you import dummy data from the theme preview?

Replied to mail a day ago. Thanks.

Hi, I can’t figure out how to display the page title here: https://www.airtime.pro/blog/. Can you please help? Thanks!


Do you need to change word ‘Blog’?
Can be done here: Theme Options > Blog > Blog Title.

Drop a mail via support tab if this is not what you are looking for. Thanks.

Bought the theme, but visual composer does not work.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘setSortable’ of undefined at n.setSortable (frontend-editor.min.js?ver=5.2.1:7) at vc.ShortcodesBuilder.buildFromContent (frontend-editor.min.js?ver=5.2.1:3) at Object.vc.build (frontend-editor.min.js?ver=5.2.1:9) at frontend-editor.min.js?ver=5.2.1:9

Also can’t update visual composer it says that is unlicensed.

Please help


Should have worked with version provided, but anyways, will update theme for latest VC version in short time. Will notify here once update approved.

For license message it is as expected, please refer our online document for details.

Please drop a mail via support tab, if any further query.


Hi Again,

Update approved. Once you update theme, plugin can be updated via TGM. You will get notification on dashboard for the same. Thanks.