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what about wp version?

Hum, yes good idea!

Looks great :) Congrats!

Thank you very much indeed! :)

Verrrry nice. Love the color composition. Will keep it in mind.

Thank you! :)

Very tricky…eye catching.

Hi, I thought you wanted to know this. I’m on Firefox on 27” iMac, maybe you can find another solution for this. Good luck with sales!

Hi, sorry but I didnt really understand your comment? But thanks for wishing me luck!

Glossycat means that the backgrounds are to small. Nevertheless a very nice theme.

Oh, ok! I will fix it. Just the two grunge backgrounds?

Yes, only the two grunge backgrounds. They are 1600 px widht. Have to be much bigger.

I’ll get to it as soon as I can. I am sure that I can get them to tile ok. Thank you very much for pointing this out to me. Everything is a learning curve and there’s usually something to tweak with a new theme!

Very clean and nice layout.. Good work!

Thank you very much. Don’t forget to rate it!

Hi, there seems to be a problem in Opera (Look)

I haven’t found how to fix it yet, but I haven’t really searched for it either. Just wanted to let you know since Opera is a much used browser too.

EDIT : this also happens on the resume page

Hi, i’ve fixed this issue, thanks for pointing it out. I am going to reupload over the weekend. If you want the fixed code, before I can get it online please feel free to email. It is a height issue in the coda.css.

Ah thank you, I’ll e-mail you for it then.

you working on wp version?

Hi, no not at the moment sorry. There’s just not enough hours in the day!

Hello, the vertical menu doesn’t work on my Firefox 2.0, you know why ? thanks a lot

Hi there, I would suggest upgrading your Firefox browser. Sorry about this….

ok no problem for the browser, you’ve just specified “Firefox 2.0” in your description, thanks


Very nice and clean lay-out, Jos. I purchased it yesterday and rated it with vijf stars!

Thank you very much indeed. That is very encouraging to hear, I hope that you find the theme useful. Send me your link to your design if you like. I would love to see how people customize it. Also, thank you for giving me a good rating too! :)

looks nice! great work!, jos! ;)

Thank you very much, a lot of hard work! :)

Nice design, I like it very much. I just need your help to complete my vcard: if I only want to have the single gallery mode in the portfolio (not thumbnails, nor double), what part of the code have I to delete?

I have deleted lines 242-272 and 258-266 but it doesn´t work.

Thanks in advance!

if you look at the code you will see the pages that make up the gallery. You will need to delete all the code in page 1 and page 3. Then, simply keep copying and pasting the page 2 code as shown below for your different single pages. Replacing the text and image with your own….
Dont forget to replace the ‘single’ text in the h2 tags with your page numbers or titles.

Hope this helps, kind regards, JO

Don’t forget to rate my template if you haven’t already!
<!-- PAGE 2 STARTS --> <div class="panel"> <div class="panel-wrapper"> <h2 class="title">single</h2> <div class="left"><a href="images/15_large.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto"><img class="pic" src="images/a.jpg" height="165" alt="" width="274" /></a> </div> <div class="right_text"> <h4>Featured Project</h4> <p>Cras luctus fringilla odio vel hendrerit. Cras pulvinar auctor sollicitudin. Sed lacus quam, sodales sit amet feugiat sit amet, viverra nec augue. Sed enim ipsum, malesuada quis blandit vel, posuere eget erat. Sed a arcu justo.</p> <img src="images/bullet.png" height="9" alt="" width="12" /> <a href="#" class="link">visit site</a> &raquo; </div> </div> </div> <!-- PAGE 2 ENDS -->


I really like your design, tnx.

I have one problem. I don’t need a gallery, so I would like to change the Gallery Page (Portfolio) same like the Resume Page. But just copying the code from the Resume page and paste to the Gallery Page doesn’t work.

What else do I have to change?

Thanks in advance

Hi there, I presume that you want to remove the tabs from the portfolio page? If so you have to replace the code in the head section with the following… (see code below). If you are copying and pasting, remember that the resume section id is called coda-slider-1, and the gallery, coder-slider-2. You will see them if you look at the html. If you have any further questions, please can you contact me through my profile page. Many thanks!

<script type="text/javascript"> $().ready(function() { $('#coda-slider-1 , #coda-slider-2').codaSlider({ dynamicTabs: false }); }); </script>

Great theme. And very helpful and fast service. Thanks, Jo!

Thank you, don’t forget to rate it if you haven’t already! :)

Amazing and clean design! Love it…

Could you help me add code (to the proper document or section) to clear the form fields after submit? I just got the form functioning and directing email to the specified email, but I think it’d be much cleaner if the fields actually cleared after the confirmation ‘your email has been sent’ text.


deleted… duplicate post.

My wife actually purchased the template for me…so that is why it is not under my account.

The purchase code is 0fa5e419-9f9b-4816-b034-1befe8abb075.

Please can you contact me through my profile page. Thanks!

Hi, Jo -

I’m getting an error when trying to use the contact form:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /xyz/htdocs/contact/php/email-validator.php on line 27

Can you help?



Hi I am not sure if it is in regards to the version of php that you are using? This works in PHP5 but I’m not so sure about older ones.