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Intimate yet powerful. Beautiful template. Thank you.

Thanks so much! :)

hi ! nice template but i have a small problem in IE 8 . Still have this error : i had this error when i bought this template. before i start make change

Message: ‘nodeName’ is null or not an object Line: 44 Char: 80 Code: 0 URI : file:///C:/01/myvcard/style/js/jquery-1.4.4.min.js

what is it ? and how i fix it.


Hi, sorry I am not sure really. However, why not try and upgrade to the latest version of jquery? See if that works. If so let me know and I will update my theme. –


I’m not usually a coder but am doing okay personalising your great template.

I am having a problem though – how do i make just the white background have transparency? Not the whole thing, just the background.

I tried this: /* page background ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ */ grey li > div { background-color: #2355; height: 679px; filter:alpha(opacity=60); opacity:0.6; border: 67px solid #fff; }

but nothing i do in that page background section seems to make any difference and other places I’ve tried have made the whole thing transparent.

please help urgently if you can.

many many thanks

Hi, please could you email me through my profile page to save on comments! Many thanks… Jo :)

actually i’ve realised the transparency isn’t really possible as it’ll show through when the various pages are on top of each other.

Another question though – I really wanted to feature the option of the visitor choosing background as you have in the demo. Is that something i can switch on in the code or can you provide that as I thought it was part of it!

many thanks – again, great file!


sorry… an again – is it possible to but a shadow around the main box?

Yes you can add a box shadow if you like… css> grey theme > .grey

Hi, Josweb -

Love the template. Just one more question:

Say I’m on the “About” page. How do I add a link to that page which will open one of the other pages?



I’ve asked for help in the forums regarding this. There has been no replies and to date there is no solution. The navigation is through the tabs provided in the template. I’m sorry that I can’t assist you any further.

Great design. I only miss the buttons for icq ans google+ :)

Thank you, I only have the buttons that are included in the set provided, sorry about that.

é possível comprar por paypal??

No sorry you have to pay through ThemeForest’s credit system.

Great theme. How can i make the actual content area about 100px higher i can’t figure it out.


You can find all the settings for the accordian towards the end of the html code. It has been commented for you.

Also how do i remove the numbers on the pages. I tried changing OL to UL didn’t do anything


Open up the css and find the accordian styling, then change all the css found in :
.accordion li > h2 b
.accordion li > h2 b { display: none; }

Hello josweb,

I love this template and I’m thinking of buying it. Would it be possible to add a blog to this template and could I have one blank page, that would act as a first welcome page, where I could add my favorite quote? Right now it opens with ‘About me’, and I would prefer one blank page with the quote. Great work!


I can’t give you advice on adding a blog as I have little knowledge of integration. For adding a welcome page, you can add what html you like, so this would be possible. It would be best to keep the same amount of tabs though.

Hello josweb,

I purchased the template, and I noticed a few problems. Have you tested it on Mozilla version 3.5.5. and IE9 ? When you open the site in Mozilla Firefox v 3.5.5. and when you click on any page some square box appears underneath the main content. In IE9 there is also a box like appearance at the bottom. How do I fix this?


Great template… It took me half a day to feed it with my info, and it looks gooood…

I’m glad you like it!

however, still having a problem with mail sending… i even set the SMTP properly:

ini_set(“SMTP”, “MY SMTP ”); ini_set(“sendmail_from”, “My MAIL ”);

but I think that my server is requiring authentification…Are there any alternatives to this script you supplied?

That’s a a shame. At the moment I cant help you with another script It is still a part of coding that I am learning…


Your theme is beautiful. I’ve purchased it and am currently trying to upload it into my “Themes” folder. On the Wordpress admin backend I keep getting the message:

“Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description clean-portfolio-site Stylesheet is missing.”



Hi, this is a html template, that’s why!

Ah. So sorry. I thought I’d found my way here via the Wordpress theme link. Must not have.

Well, thanks anyway! :)

Best, Teo

That’s ok! :)

Can you explain how these files should be unzipped and structured in my file manager? I am a novice when it comes to HTML pages.

Hi, have you figured it out yet? If not then please email me through my profile page.

I’ve bought this great Theme yesterday and started editing. I’ve got a problem in the gallery tab. If I add more subtabs/pages it looks like this: – The headings are not single lined. Can you help me?

Hi, yes I can help, please email me through my profile page….

Hi there. This is a wonderful product. I love it. Thanks. Only 1 thing I’m having difficulty with and hope you can help. I’d like to reply the “social” page with a second “gallery” page… different images but the same coding as the first gallery page. If I simply copy the “gallery” coding and replace the “social” coding it doesn’t work. Is there any way to make this work ?

Hi, please can you email me through my profile page so we can discuss this further. Many thanks…

Just want to say not only is this a fantastic template and easily customised but Jo’s support is incredible.It’s saturday and yet I got an immediate reply and a solution,you can’t get better.

Anyway thanks Jo it was appreciated :)

What a lovely comment to read! Thanks so much Marko! :)

Really fantastic template! ;)

Thank you! :)