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Hello, Is it possible to add one or two extra tabs?

I don’t see why not but watch the page width..


Love this! Can an upload form be added to the contact page? Thanks!

I’m afraid that forms aren’t really my forte. But if you have knowledge of coding you can add your own. I think I remember seeing one on Code Canyon. Sorry that I can’t be more of a help to you.

Hello! I love your template, I just downloaded it to play around with it.

Question, actually, I can’t seem to change this grey border in between the tabs?

Please review screenshot for clearer idea:

I am just not sure where to find it, or how to change it. Please let me know soon as you can :) Thanks so much!

hi, open up the css and scroll to find the comment – grey theme. Then > .grey li > h2 The background used for the grey strip is there…

How come i can’t open this site in dreamweaver?

Hi, I’m not sure I’ve never used dreamweaver so I can’t really help you sorry. is it something to do with the tabs?

Hi, I’ve got a little problem using the contact form. when i try to send it always shows ”..loading” on the bottom and doesn’t dissapear at all. the message is not sent. i think there must be a mistake in the code. i tried the code from the template without changes, and there it is the same. would it be possible to send the working files? or did i forget to do something important to get it working???

the template is great by the way ..

Hi, it sounds like the ajax isnt loading. Are you trying this online?

yes i’m trying online

Can you message me through my profile page please and send me the link so that I can take a look.

Just bought this and uploaded to my server, i get an error saying ENGLAD NOT FOUND with a box with a spinning wheel? please help

Have you read the documentation? It’s probably best to put your google api key in then you won’t get the pop up box. Then check you have uploaded all files. Then, if you are still stuck feel free to email me through my profile page.

you can take a look at the ENGLAND NOT FOUND error on my website, would like some insight on this obscure error. Thank you

That’s the google map. I’m not sure what you’ve done as these css isn’t working and your page is loading vertically. Have you uploaded all the files including the javasrcipt?

Yes i have uploaded everything CSS / JS and i also signed up for the API code and implemented that. The error went away but i don’t get why the page is loading vertically, If you view the source of the template all the css and javascript files are linked up.

How should the structure go

Public_html>Contact- Style – Documentation – index.html

Inside documentation there is assests, does that stay in documentation? thanks for help

Have you uploaded the main.css? You dont need to upload the documentation folder….

Found the main.css file HIDING out of view of my screen. Works perfectly thanks for the fast responses.

Greetings josweb! A previous commenter brought this issue up, but I don’t think it has been fixed.

In internet explorer, I get the following error:

Message: ‘nodeName’ is null or not an object Line: 44 Char: 80 Code: 0 URI : jquery-1.4.4.min.js

You had suggested updating Jquery to the latest version, however that only compounds the problem by issuing the error above, plus the one below:

Message: ‘undefined’ is null or not an object Line: 112 Char: 13 Code: 0 URI : /style/js/jquery.nivo.slider.js

It would be SUPER DUPER cool if you could fix this javascript error. While it doesn’t seem to affect the function of the template, it’s still a bug that I would love to fix before I implement this as a web site.

The error even occurs on your Live Preview on the purchase template page, so I know it’s nothing I did to cause it. Thanks! I appreciate your help.

Hi! Working with your nice theme, thank you!

I have a little problem at the portfolio-site: If I change the names of the tabs “thumbs” “single” “double” i get a second line with the third link in it. Can’t find the code for that in css or js. Can you please help me?

Thank you! :-)

Hi, yes I can help. Can you email me through my profile page please.

It is one of the best templates I have ever seen :) it is so unconventional :) I’ll try to adapt it for mine legal activity :-)

All the best michki :-)

Really pleased with the template! One small issue though that I can’t seem to find.

I need to change the URL that the mobile site points instead of the “m.” version as it exists. Can you let me know what file that would be in? I’d actually like to change it to point to a static version of my URL (i.e. as I don’t own a “m.” version and don’t want to register that name. Help?

Hi, sorry I don’t really understand your question?

Hi, I really like your template. Just one question: Does the DroidSerif font include umlauts, such as ü, ö, ä and s.o.? Even when I use ä it doesn’t work…

Thanks in advance!

Hi, you will have to go here: to download your language and replace the font face.

Hello! This is a pre-purchase question. I’ve bought a few other html templates on a different site, but I never figured out how to make the contact form work. I searched for some tutorials on the web but with no luck.

Can you tell me how, or maybe give me a link to a tutorial or something? Thanks in advance.

The form on this template works by simply adding your email address, everything is in the included documentation folder.

Are your v-business cards for mobile as well? If yes, I’d like to recommend your responsive templete to my clients…

Can I post a few screen shots on my website? And then purchase from you… meaning through envato… if I need? Thanks –

No sorry they’re not responsive templates.

Im not entirely sure why this is happening but it displays sliders localhost version fine but the layout is screwed up when i upload to my server. you can see the issue here:

Any help would be great thanks. Ive been messing with it for hours and cant seem to figure it out.

Thanks In Advance, JL Griffin

Could you contact me through my profile page please so that I can take a look for you.


I have purchased your template. Unfortunately, it does not support czech characters – like ?, ?, š, atd.

I have tried to find the font at – unfortunately, I am not able to locate any.

Can you help?

Email sent….

Hi, I purchased your theme a few months ago, and I want to make two changes but I’m not sure how since you have several jss and css files. These are the changes I want to make:

1. Add two more tabs. I copied the html code and created 2 more tabs but the width is all screwed up and I don’t know where to look for this in the css files. Can you please tell me where I can change the container width so this is not affected?

2. I would like to replicate the slider you use for the portfolio/gallery section and use it in another tab but when I do so, and see it live on Dreamweaver the program does not recognize the previous one, and it doesn’t work properly. Is there a way to fix this?


As this is a vcard I haven’t played with its width. If it is made any wider then you may have problems with smaller browsers. If you want to add another gallery then you must give it a new id. e.g #coda-slider-3 and add it to the js and html codes.