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Very nice! I like it! :)

very clean.. bookmarked already

very nice!!! This goes to my bookmark list too!

Thanks @Phoenix_Zero, @mabuc, and @draftbeer80! :D

Very nice layout! The icons for that design are incredible.

Thank you. :) I got them from :D

This is great! I love the look, and the coding is perfect and clean!

Moderate use of JS-effects

I initially liked this but it’s not cross-browser compatible and it would be nice to see this in different colors, like an olive for instance. I really liked the rounded corners, subtle shades and overall layout. I would have probably purchased this theme if it was cross-browser compatible. :)

I just purchased this item, and it is great…

However, I would love to have the PSD file to make customizing it easier. Can you please email me this item?

tcaesar {at} gmail [dot] com

Thank you and great work! That is my only complaint!

Cheers =) -t

Really amazing theme, it is better than the WordPress admin theme, great dude!

Hi. Thanks for you theme.

I think that there is a minor issue in the javascript code that manipulates the checkboxes appearance. If you have checked checkboxes in your HTML code, they don’t appear checked after javascript is processed. I amended the code of the file main.js, starting from line 42 to fix this :

/* Fake checkboxes */ $(‘input[type=checkbox]’).each(function(){ var checkbox_active = ’’; if($(this).is(’:checked’)) checkbox_active=’ active’; var $fake = $(‘ ‘).click(function(){ $(this).toggleClass(‘active’); changeCheckboxStatus($this); }), $this = $(this).after($fake).css({ display: ‘none’ }); });


I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

Um, that’s hard to explain. You would need to replace the files (css, js, images) and edit the HTML . :S


I got this theme to apply for admin panel.

But in IE and Firefox, it shows diff. In IE8 its not having any rounded buttons as its having in Firefox.

Second thing for java script main.js issue, I am not getting what the problem with this. I read above comments but not getting.. what the problem is there.

Can you of anybody or developer of this theme solve the issue?

However, rest of the thing is ok to use but not as professional level.

The JavaScript issue is something that I really should have fixed already. It only occurs when you add checked=”checked” to the markup of the checkbox (in the HTML ).

As for the CSS , I said in the description that this theme uses a lot of CSS3 effects. This mainly includes (but not limited to) the use of drop shadows and rounded corners. As of right now, IE8 and below doesn’t support this. IE9 , hopefully, will, however. The use of these properties was to give maximum flexibility to the theme.

I’m sorry if you thought the theme wasn’t “professional” enough. I wasn’t aiming for the unexciting “professional” look of a lot of admin panels.

I’m really interested, but before buying i would like to know if the WYSIWYG script is bundled with the template.


Yes, it is.

Hi, I just bought this admin skin and it is really good. All the files are explained and the “readme” file explains everything on how to use the template. I’m really happy of this purchase (my first one on ThemeForest :) )

Thanks Vasilios

Thanks for this. Saved me so much time and money.

very impressed!

Demo is down

Trying clearing your cache because I changed the nameservers not too long ago.

Ok, when you´ve updated the Nameservers then it takes sometime here (Switzerland) It has nothing to do with the Browsercache but with the global Provider Cache – will check back tomorrow.


It actually isn’t the nameservers I just figured out. My account got moved to another server and I hadn’t created the subdomain. SHOULD be working now! ;)

Live preview not working :(

Getting the following error

404 Not Found The server can not find the requested page: (port 80) Please forward this error screen to’s WebMaster.