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Good day.

¿Where can i change the label error and everything of contact form to spanish?


Hello again. ¿Can you apply this code for fix the twitter error? http://problemsolv.in/2013/06/jquery-twitter-no-longer-works-try-this-alternate-method/


Hi man, plz download latest version :) we’ve fix this bug

Wordpress version ready?

Hi Felixplus,

Great HTML theme, lots of content and well worked out. 1 important thing though. I found that the different colours (for instance: css/skin/pink.css) only work 100% in firefox. In IE 10 & Crome lots of the elements don’t change colour and are the original orange.

This is how i select the colour in my HTML doc:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/skin/yellow.css" type="text/css" id="colors" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/skin/yellow.css" type="text/css" id="templates" />

Please Help

OKay we’ll check and reply you later :) thank you so much

Hi, You can re-download template to fix this bug ^^

Hello, great theme! I just bought it. I was wondering about performance on mobile devices. I see that on the index4.html file I am working on, there are loads of javascript files.

Are they all needed or can I remove the one I am not using to save bandwith and cpu.

Also, I checked the page on mobile and I think it would be better user experience if the menu was not sticky on such a small screen. So to not loose height. Would it be possible to desactivate sticky menu on mobile?

Thank a lot, Regards, Sebastian

we’ve fixed this issue, please download the latest version :)


I downloaded again the whole package, but it is the same (version 1.1). It does work, the Tweets eventually do show but really really slow. I mean like more than a minute or two after the page loaded.

I entered your demo: http://felixplus.com/demo/grid/html/skins/dark/under-construction.html in Firefox, Safari and Chrome (Mac) and the behaviour is the same.

Since v 1.1. of Twitter API it seems that we should do it with a Author token acces key. It does not seem that you are doing it that way. Could it be for that reason?

Thanks for the help, regards.

So to add some feedback from 5 days of testing. The tweetable script works. Sometimes very well, sometimes not so well (veeeery slow until finally the Tweets appear). I am on Mac, I opened the site in Parallel to try on PC and there it works perfectly. On Safari (Mac) it seems to be better, although the results are a bit random. Anyone having issue with the Tweets inside the theme? I would like to know if it’s my computer, server, or anything else.. Thanks!

hello… i just purchased the gris temp yesterday and when i trying to open the index.html the dreamweaver is crushed!... its append also with index 2 index 3 shop and one or two files… all the rest are good… when i drag the index to the desktop, then i can open it with dreamweaver… please help with solution. thanx

Oh, We checked on the Dreamweaver and no problems like you describe. Please check your software

i did check my software… and its runs good with all the rest of the files but not the index files…. there is a problem with the code… when i deleting some of the js code on the start its open good…

Im sorry but you guys are taking long time for the WP version!

We had a few problems, so the WP Grid will release later than planned. sorry about this :(

OMG! Are you Serious? I have tried to contact evato team has been unsuccessful, i would like to have my money back so that i can buy another theme thats works for WP

Hello FelixPlus first of all i like your template very much its top noch, i got one question im making a cms and will use your template for the front end of my own website, on the about-me i see that the picture is loaded directly from a css file can you give me any suggestion to keep the same efect but a way that it doesnt depend on the css file?

Can you describe more specific?


Downloaded latest version and Twitter isnt working, it isnt working on your page also on the Under Construction page

Still see both issues ( on yours and our version ). I will figure it out

Our developers are rechecking , we’ill respond to you ASAP

Thanks, also noticed, on iphones, when you scroll the normal logo appears behind the @2x logo.

@Australia. I mentioned the Twitter problem 10 days ago but no answer. I updated the javascript of the theme and created the php necesary based on Tom Elliott’s tutorial. It works now like a charm.



Good night. Your own support system is crash, so i write here…

I have two questions.

1. ¿How i can active the social tools for all the portfolio? (The custom.js, not function) 2. ¿How i can link to some especifly item in the portfolio?


Hello, Thank again for this great theme. I have one tiny css question. When I click on a link, it turns purpule (default html color) until I click outside anywhere in the page. How can I a avoid that and make it turn the original color of the link?

You can repeat the behaviour by right clikcing the FelixPlus.com on the footer, and opening in new tab. Thank!

Hi team, how can I install this template :( I think this work with wordpress but after i buy it i see it’s html can you help please?

Hi, thank for purchased. We are in the process of finalizing WP version of Grid. After the release, we will give it to you, absolutely FREE

Hello, Thanks to hear that When exactly?

Im having problems doing some changes to the pds file it ask me for some samsung font that i dont have and it wont let the file be edited like that where can i find that font?

SamsungImaginationModern Bold

hi sades, plz give us your email :)

Hello felixplus, When you have some time, could you please answer my question above. I think it’s an easy css question but I don’t see where to change it. Thanks!

Sorry Sabee for delay.In “style.css”, you jump to line 65 and add class more “a:focus” or replace this class to fix this bug.

a:hover, a:focus {
    text-decoration: none;
Sorry again :)

Great! thanks, works perfectly :)

Just thought I would touch base on this really great theme.

Still in dev, but here is what we ave so far.

Plus we opted to use AnchorCMS for the blog solution, which has taken me about 12 hours to fully customise.

View the blog here.

Still a few little gltches, but our basic framework is now constructed.

Great theme, awarded 5 stars

Many thanks :)

I’m being a little dense here, but where is the code to change the map location? as mine just shows Paris.

Bit stuck. :/

Hi PortobellaRain, plz submit your ticket on our forum : http://support.felixplus.com . we’ll help you do that . Thank you :)

Hi in portfolio.html

if you click on Sort portfolio and select any option.. it does not display properly on your demo, how to fix this?

Hi Rajscuba , please submit your ticket on our forum support, we’ll help you fix bug now. Thanks :) .

any chance you guys update to bootstrap 3?

hi, it has already been asked (long time ago), but when the WP version will be released please ??

We are converting Grid , we will release soon


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