Discussion on Grid Spot - Responsive Blogger Template

Discussion on Grid Spot - Responsive Blogger Template

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next page not working on homepage


Could you send more detail to the support forum? Appreciate your request.



We recently buy the template and once we download the same then did n’t find any theme and PSD file to use further.

Can you please guide further!


Dear. This template not include PSD, only Blogger XML file. Please download and extract download package and follow the documentation in it. Thanks.


I gone through with the same but still not clear how it need to be use and utilized further..

As I finding only the XML file..

Can you guide me!


Dear. You must see the document in folder: Documentation/index.html

Read it and follow. Thanks.

This is a best template for those who want a stylish and quick loading site.But I found a bug (from demo and purchased users site) in this template. Using mobile to visit (I didn’t check it with a computer) the site which is using this template the home page navigation buttons( 1, 2, 3 under post body) take too much time to load in mobile view (m=1) and desktop view.Especially in desktop view (m=0) sometimes it’s won’t load . Otherwise it’s good. ......


I want to buy template but unfortunately both PayPal and Striggle doesn't accept my countrycountry, I need it please help me out. Thanks!

Dear. Just contact Envato Support Central, they will help you. Thanks.

Thanks, I will get back to you soon

This theme is absolutely fantastic! I was looking for something simple yet professional. You nailed it completely. It installed fine and I had no problem with your instructions on the slider (which I fear most of all.) Very happy, thank you.:)

Thank you very much.

Hello Tien, this template is certainly the most gorgeous blogger template that I have used so far! Love it!

One quick question: how do you remove the search that is already in the template? I would rather use the one provided by google because it doesn’t take the user away from your website… Thanks!

Sorry when late reply, my timezone is different with yours.

About remove the search form, you can add the below css into your template code before ]]></b:skin>
#side-locked {display:none}

Hello, I can’t seem to get the Advanced Editor to work. No matter what I change, it doesn’t take the change.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem to be my problem. I haven’t even touched the mobile setting yet. It’s at default, which is “Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.”.

I can reproduce the issue, by doing what you said and try an official template and turn off mobile view. This will cause the same behavior I’m seeing with your template. No matter what I do, I just can’t see to get the advanced editor working with your template.

Thanks, email sent.

A couple of questions again.

First, is there anyone to get light box to auto re-size, depending on the size of the browser window?

Second, when I post an article with lots of photos, they all post in one image per line. On other templates, I could group them into tables side by side, but I can’t see to on this one. Any suggestions?


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

The problem I have with the re-size has to do with the height, not the width. If I have a photo that is longer, the user will have to scroll down to view the entire photo. The Blogger light box will auto re-size both the width and horizontal.

Sorry, I should’ve been more clear.

As for the second question, I can provide two examples. First is how they appear on my current site, with an older template: http://www.basementoftatlock.com/2013/08/star-wars-black-series-wave-1-darth-maul.html

If you scroll down, you can see the photos are side by side.

Now on your template, with the same code, I get this: http://tatlocktestblog.blogspot.ca/2013/10/star-wars-black-series-1-darth-maul-test.html

Notice how they all go down in a line, instead grouping together, side by side.

Is there anyone to do that with this template?

Thanks again for your help.


About the light box responsive, maybe I will find solution in next version. Thanks your feed back.

About the images. You can add below code to your template code (before ]]></b:skin>):

body.item .post img, body.static_page img { display: inline; }

But because Gridspot content width is smaller than your old template, so maybe it can not display a group with 4 images properly. In case you need to increase content width. You can read a discussion above for detail of expand width:


Thanks again for getting back to me.

I look forward to an update on the light box.

Thanks also for the help on my second question. It looks like if I comment out this block of code:

body.item .post .body img, body.static_page .body img { display: block; margin: 0.5em auto; padding: 2%; background: #f8f8f8; border: 1px solid #CCC; max-width: 96%; }

it resolves the issue of the images, while also removing the border. I just need to play around with the width some more (also, thanks for that info as well) and see how it looks.

Thanks again.

Hello, I’ve uploaded the latest template on my test blog and I can’t seem to get lightbox working. Any suggestions?

Never mind. I had a widget that was causing conflicts with the lightbox feature. I removed it and all is well. Thanks!

Hi there Tien.

I like to purchase the template. I just want to know a certain detail

1. Does/Can it support the Google+ comment system? (In a way that even the comment counts are displayed correctly)

Sorry but Grid Spot support Blogger comment only. Thanks.

Hi there! Love the template, but was attempting to change the orange colour to a darker shade of red and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Is that feature locked or how do I get around that? I also wanted to make the grey header black… Many thanks!

And I released new version of Gridspot that was fixed comment problem. You can download and upload to your blog. Thanks.

Hi Tien,

I tried that code but it didn’t work. Are you sure that’s to get RID of the borders? I don’t want any borders!

I’ll download the new template and see if I can update my modified version to fix the comments.


Hi Tien,

I found that code in my html and deleted it – problem solved!

Thanks very much. Now, to try fix the comments…

hi There,

I purchased your awesome template a couple of months ago and I got an email today letting me know that a new version is up 2.0. how can I upload version 2.0 without missing up the the look and feel of my blog?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hello good sir!

How do I add the drop down menu?

You can read in document of this version. I wrote very clearly.

found it, thank you!

I’d love to add a divider image to the bottom of each post. Is there a CSS code I can add for that?

Oh, my gosh, you are SO HELPFUL! Thank you! All of your suggestions worked like a dream. The search window’s icon has dropped down to another line. I’m not sure what to do about that? But apart from that the changes are finished and everyone LOVES this template so much. If you could help me with the search window I will leave you in peace from here! http://yamuses.blogspot.com

Hi, you changed the sidebar width to 230px (decreased 70px), mean the search box width must also change to 190px (260 – 70 = 190px). Now, it’s 200px, so please change to 190px.

Oh, you are the most helpful designer I’ve ever communicated with. So impressed. Thank you!

In addition to my post on loading it to blogger—I did upload-XML file V1.9 but thats all I did I see the blog but do not see the Auto Generate Logo working??

You can also load older versions to test. If one of them work, mean I must repair 1.9 to 2.0. If no version of them work, may be, the error is from you blog itself.

So you can email to me your blog URL at: nguyentien.jobs@gmail.com, I will take a look.

Can you post the step by step instructions for loading into blogger—thanks

Looks great! 1. Could you tell me why you recommend keeping the top slider images under 600×238? I would like to use larger images at 920×338 and display them that size 2. Are sub-menus easy to add? Like in your Green-B template? Really super template!!!

Dear Gold Strom. Your ideas are really nice. I will make flexible size for slider and easy submenu for GridSpot in next update. Thank you very much.

Hi, I was wondering how I might get a couple vimeo videos to cycle in the timeslider instead of photos? Is this possible? Otherwise, great template.

Dear, The template supports Image slide only. Thank you.

Ah ok no problem, thanks for the fast reply!

Is there a way to use a grunge black background image at the top of the template, behind the slider and Blog Title?

Add below code to your skin:
#header {
    background-image: url(http://your-grunge-black-bg-image-url.jpg);
.auto-logo .even, .auto-logo .odd {
    background: none!important;
    border: none;
Wow! That worked perfectly! Thanks for being so quick, too! You are AWESOME!!! http://yamuses-test2.blogspot.com/

How can I add sub-menus to the template? I would really appreciate the help.

P.S I love the template.


Gridspot support page-list only (for fast site-link purpose). So it’s pity, it not supported drop-down menu at the moment.

I suggest you can add link list on right-sidebar. Have many ways to navigate your site.

Thank you.

Thanks tiennguyenvan. Your replies are okay. Forget about the video etc. this is not necessary – speed may be something with my internet connectivity. I understand html, js and css so I will manage. The slideshow is not really important to me, but I’ll try the images gadget, if it works it will be fine. Thx.


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