Discussion on GRID X - Creative MultiPurpose Theme

Discussion on GRID X - Creative MultiPurpose Theme

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Hello we are interested in your theme have some questions for you. We are a well-known radio station (http://889fm.net) in Germany and want to restructure our website.

1. Can I resize the grid tiles if so how? 2. Can I only see blog entries in Grid view or can I also export pictures, audio, video, Show surveys, etc.? 3. Is there your theme even with dark background? 4. How variable is the grid X of the optics? 5. Do pictures have to be of a fixed size or does your theme fit the theme?

5. Is there a maximum number of Grid tiles on the Home page? 6th When setting up your theme, it might look a bit like on this website https://www.kissfm.de ?

Thank you for answering our questions

Thank you for the great video explanation great service. I have one more question.

Please look at the page https://www.kissfm.de . Is it possible with your theme to represent my website http://889fm.net as well?

Many Thanks


Here you can find all the possibilities of gridx element. Then you can prepare your posts as what you want on your site. Every single post can have different size and layout like 1×1, 2×1 and 2×2 etc.



Hi, is it possible to have a home/index page that looks like this?



Yeah sure. Please just select the page as front on Dashboard=>Settings=>Reading


Hello, the Modal does not load a lot of blocks or short-codes.

So far I have had success with loading images and text blocks, but not the short-code block (instead the Modal displays the short-code as text), WP blocks like YouTube or Vimeo also do not work (this also just displays the YouTube link in the Modal). As a workaround for the YouTube block I used a HTML block and included the YouTube embed code that way. Not ideal because it’s not user friendly.

But this is still a huge deal-breaker that I cannot use other regular blocks or short-codes.

Please help fix this, or at the least share ideas why this may be happening and point me in the direction with which code in the theme affects this.


highly interested but got some questions:

1. is it possible to set the order to “random” for the grids? I want to use a grid with images as frontpage. It would be great if the entire grid looks everytime different if a visitor visits my page.

2. is it possible to adjust the position of an image where/how to be placed in a grid-field? (example: I have an Image with a person, ... by default: I would the see stomach of this person in the grid-fielf, and it would be great to get the option: for this image, the center should be the head, so that you see the Head (not the stomach or legs) in the grid thumbnail

3: is the theme compatible with wordpress 5.6.x (current version) and PHP 7.x?

Thank you!


Please look at this and get your information, https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crVqQy9bZr


Ohh pardon me, I forgot to enable microphone when I was recording. Here what I was trying to explain:

1. Random order works fine. It has only concern if you use pagination with it.

2. Generally we are centering every single image as Cover + Center position. You can set TOP CENTER position on your site with custom css and make it easily change image head section. Or you can prepare your images for the posts with cropping etc.

3. It works fine with PHP 7+.

Thanks a lot