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On the default home page, can the images be hyperlinked so that when the images are linked, it goes somewhere else? Or is it meant to be a gallery only?

dmtompki have you tried: admin/appearance/settings/grider

Towards the bottom, there’s a selection for # of columns

Thank you very much, you are right.

under portfolio settings I have “Portfolio – 3cols”. I don’t see any other column setting. -thx.

It shoud there, if no you have problem with install the theme , thanks for purchasing .

So I reinstalled the theme and Settings are no different. What am I looking for? As I said previously the only column setting is for the portfolio (which isn’t doing anything on the home page). I still don’t see any way to make the front page setup as three column. This really defeats the purpose of the template purchase, which I thought would give me a quick start on this site. I’m kind of disappointed that I need to do the work of setting-up block/views to accomplish what I thought this template would have done for me.

Could you send me your site information via themeforest contact form

I will look into your problem

Thanks for purchasing the theme.

Thank you – sent.

Hi, I love this theme but I’m having problems understanding the coding and functionality. Once I was showed how to create the homepage, it was very clear and understandable. But I’m missing any documentation that shows me how to setup the additional pages with styling. For instance, I’ve setup a history page and left sidebar (main menu). The page displays correctly, but I don’t have the same styling as your demo with the lines between the list item. Therefore, is there a document that shows sufficient use of the styles? Thank you.

Could you send me your site information via themeforest contact form

I will look into your problem.

Thanks for purchasing

Hello, i think there is a problem with the purchase button, i want to purchase this theme, i clicked on purchase, i paid it, and the website send me the theme “finesse”... i don’t understant, i didn’t visit this demo… can you resend me the good theme ? thanks

(sorry for my vocabulary, i’m not english speaker)

Hi there

check my portfolio and select which one you want to purchase.



ok, but i paid for the Grider theme and i receive de Finesse theme, can you give me a link to download the Grider theme please ?

You paid for finesse you only download that one.


please, i click the purchase button on the Grider’s theme page, i paid it, and i receive the Finesse theme. The problem is : i didn’t see the Finesse page before to download it, and i’m really not interested by this theme, i just want the Grider theme. It is a bug. I don’t understant how i could purchase this theme by clicking the button on the Grider theme’s page.

Thanks to send me the good theme

Hi, I have a question to front page.

1. Where do I change content (text) in the three columns (Clean modern design, Valid HTML5 code, Responsive design)

2. Where do I hide the portfolio row shown on front page.


Hi there

1/ follow the URL http://your-site.com/admin/structure/block/manage/block/6/configure to change block on hompage 2/ to manage hompage follow the URL http://your-site.com/admin/structure/pages/nojs/operation/page-front_page/handlers/page_front_page_panel_context/content?destination=front-page

or see screenshot how to get that page http://cl.ly/image/0j2B2c0y0e1a

thanks for purchasing the theme.

next time please post question via themeforest contact form http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from

I’m receiving and error on the find content page: Notice: Undefined index: und in include() (line 15 of /home/content/15/9991815/html/sites/all/themes/grider/templates/portfolio/portfolio_full.tpl.php).

Hi there

you could try add sample portfolio content. this will solved your problem


Love this theme! I would like to have the three column topic blocks on the home page under the slider but I do not know how you created it?

HI there

it is simple block with html code

you can copy code from this file http://cl.ly/text/0T20280X2N2I

and add it as add new block.


Does the portfolio only support a limited amount of photo’s? The last time it wasnt working you increased the number of nodes to show on the page to 30? it’s not working correctly again, however the maximum option only goes to 30.

Hi there

Send me your site information +ftp account via themeforest contact form I will look into your problem


Great theme – thank you Have used contact form to send you a query about pre-setting the portfolio data-filter value.

Thank you.

Can this theme integrate with Ubercart if I need more functionality then the included portfolio styles ?

Hi there you can install ubercart module here



I’ve setup this template as the default and “seven” as the admin theme. However, it still uses the theme when doing a live edit. This is fine, however, I’ve been unable to set the correct width for the content. It defaults to “content grid_4” no matter what I do. To fix this temporarily I’ve edited the page.tpl, but I fear this will have negative impact down the road.

Hi there

That why I would prefer you keep default setting .

Sorry, I’m not understanding. Is this not a default setup, what is? Can I send you a screen shot of the issue?

Hi there,

send me screenshot via http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from


Hello! How do I remove “- Zoom” text from the Recent projects? There should be only ”—Detail” in the box. Second question – is it possible to change text color in the slider? Probably novice questions, I’m still learning :) Nice theme!

Hi there

to do that you could modify /sites/all/modules/custom/recent_projects.tpl.php

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Thank You!

Hello again!

Questions about main page. Please tell me how can I make the textboxes below the slider? I mean textboxes with tiny image on the left top corner.

Is it possible to change somehow the “Learn more” button’s text near the textboxes?

Thank You!

Hi there

could you send me message via http://themeforest.net/user/tabvn#from

with details of information , i ‘m not sure what is about textboxes you want to be added ?


Thank you so much for a well-made theme. The Grider theme has made my job so much easier and our client loves it. It allowed me the flexibility to quickly get our site up, but enough flexibility to make it original. -Thank you!

Thank you for purchasing the theme.

Hello! We can I realise the Sidebar like your Demosite? Thank you for Help!