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I’ve got some issues with the newswall not showing the requested categories (id’s entered in the widget panel) or not showing up at all.

Can I send you the website information so you can have a look ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, yes, of course, please send the info to support@mimothemes.com

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Thanks for the support, everything working OK !

Hi, I purchased the Grider theme and put online on www.designlover.it. I am happy with the result but I have some problem concerning how it is shown on mobile phone. My home page layout consists in having some box with images (image in evidence) and other with the title on yellow background (without image in evidence). In this last case in mobiles the yellow background box with the title is not correctly resized and the length of the box doesn’t allow the correct navigation of the website. For me it is very important for traffic reasons that visitors are able to reach the blog also from mobile devices (for this reason I have chosen the grider theme which is presented as responsive). Could you please help me to solve this problem?

Hi, i have tested your site in mobile and for me it works great. Please could you send me a more detailed explanation to support@mimothemes.com ?

Best regards

I am looking to purchase ASAP I just had a question. If I used a layout like this http://mimothemes.com/demos/grider/?page_id=4221 could I make the big picture post a video on the homepage? It’s super important to the layout I’m trying to achieve.

Hi, i have seen that you have purchased the theme. This can be done coding the widgets/mimonewswall.php file.

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Do you have any tutorials to set it up I want it like this


Hi, yes, download full package and open documentation/index.html in your favorite browser.

See the section ‘theme start up’

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Hi, I am experiencing a large server overload. I have submitted a new topic here, could someone have a look please.


Hi, i have answered you in the forum, please could you take a look?

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Hello, it was a fault of other plugin, its called kiwi logo carousel. Now all is back to normal. I am sorry for thinking bad about your theme. :)

hi Mimo, i noticed this morning A PROBLEM occurred on the theme!!!! – in the header widget “Mimo Custom Share” contains three fields: RSS + TWITTER + FACEBOOK. Now, These fields provide direct links to social media accounts and also receiving data from them about amount of followers. On facebook field links works just fine, but amount of followers are not received so it counts/shows 0. I verified widget on my blog and seems so everything is just right. I went on your demo site and I am seeing same problem there. Can you look at it please ASAP. I have upcoming campaign and would like to make everything work smooth. Thanx a mil.

What type of review system does this theme use? Thanks.

Hi, this is a custom built review system.

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You can add as many criteria to any post, a summary, and the system will calculate the total rating and show it.

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Prepurchase question: will it work with current Wordpress?

Hi, yes, the actual demo is running with Wordpress 4.6.1 and hasn´t any issue. Regarding plugins, the themes works with Gantry Framework 4, not Gantry 5 latest version, by the moment :)

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HI I am getting this message without any interaction with theme or files on the server. I contacted host and Rockettheme because Gantry 4.1.10 reporting errrors and they refer me to MIMO STUDIOS to seek for help.

Prior to that Wordpress 4.16.1 was updated and Gantry to 4.1.10 and was working just fine. Updates were done as soon as they came out so since then until week ago everything was working just fine.

Message appears only when i click on GRIDER THEME in the menu:

Warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in /home/ …. /wp-content/plugins/gantry/core/utilities/gantryregistry.class.php on line 322

Warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in /home/ …. /wp-content/plugins/gantry/core/utilities/gantryregistry.class.php on line 316

Please can you help me with this? I submitted this message few days ago on forum, but there is no response so far. I would like to avodi that website crash completely.

Thanking you in advance for you prompt respond

Hi there, sorry for delay, please look at the forum, i have answered you.

Best Regards

yeap thanx