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Very interesting theme.


Beautiful theme! just a suggestion: can you include a way to have different overlay colours for each category to help differentiate posts?

Thank you! It can be done perfectly with its layout feature, you can give a different color to each category.

Looks unique with a different layout. GLWS!

thank you!!

Nice touches here , congrats ! :)

thank you very much!

Thank you!!

Stunning work! Good luck :)

thank you very much!


Cool theme man, it’s nice to see something different like this. Good luck, you’ll do well.

Thank you very much!!

does the theme fully support child themes so any customization could be done using a child theme and keep a clean upgrade path?

Hi, this theme have not been thought with child themes in mind but gantry framework does. I have found this link for you to get more info about it:


It looks very good theme!

Thank you!

Hi ¡¡great work!! One question: This theme WPML support for diferents lenguagues? There is good support for third party plugins?


Hi, thank you! the theme is not tested with WPML, but you can traslate it easily to any language.

Best Regards!

Unique design, great job :)

Thank you very much!!


Very unique theme!

I know it’s considered a magazine theme but would it also be suitable as a portfolio? I’m setting up my own website for design and photography showcase. And I’m looking for something unusual as this.

Is there a portfolio or gallery template included? Or is it easy to set it up?

Thank you.


Hi, yes you are right, you can set up some pages with different newswall and settings for each.

To serve as a gallery you must modify code, i think and easy customization just to only see the images.

Also notice when you open a post it has its own gallery(also with lightbox) so perhaps this will do the trick.


Good news. Thanks.

Now, when viewing on iPhone there is a menu icon in the top left corner. It would make sense that after taping it the user would get to see the navigation. But instead another menubar appears so in reality you have to click twice to actually see the menu. Would you consider using the menu icon to show the navigation? In the next update?

After seeing like hundred themes over here I have to say that that this one is the closest to my idea of how my own website should look. Thanks for that.

Hi, the icon menu for small devices is part of gantry framework and i have only touched design, the behaviour is the default one that i have incorporated to the theme. If you need to change this behaviour i don’t think this can be so difficult but needs jquery touch i think.

I must study this because for now it was not in my plans but really now i don’t have time to, maybe in later updates in can be included but i can not sure it.

Thank you.

Best regards.

Wow! Some very nice ideas here packed in great design ;)

Thank you very much!! It’s great to hear things like these.

Is it possible to change the comment section to facebook comments?

Hi, i am working to include this with no plugin, but of course you can use a plugin to this. I am sure there is more than one than can do the trick easily.

Best regards.

I think we can stop our work on the grid project. This is what we wanted. Great!

Hope the design has a good technical background, too. Love to see this.

Thank you, here i am to solve any issue.

Best Regards.

Hi, Really got my attention and will purchase now for upcoming project as soon as I get a response. Would I be able to set it up so that the image in the grid can be a link rather than just the heading in the grid image? I find that the intuitive action is to click the image.

Hi, at this point this has very low priority. there are more urgent requests and this is a simple html change that users can do alone if they really need it.

Please tell me, which theme are you talking about?

Could you create a video on how to set it up? I’ve read the manual but I’m overwhelmed with so many options and buttons… =(

hi, well the theme i think has a lot of possibilities, that’s why so many options.

I am now working in a setup special video for this theme, you can see general videos at www. mimothemes.com

the easy think is, once you have imported content, publish widgets as you see in the 3 images in documentation.

If finally you cannot get it, please send me login details of your site so i can take a look and config it for you.

Best regards!

Great theme :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you!!

I really love this theme! The best i’ve seen in a long time to be honest and I’ve worked with a great deal of themes and my magazine. How “turn key” is your template? Meaning do I have a great deal of building to do? One thing I’ve noticed in some of the recent themes is that I pretty much have to build the site as if I were doing it from scratch and not with a template. How easy is the customization? What level? I consider myself to be intermediate. It took the developer to send me instructions on how to activate and customize the footer menu…it was not straight forward and had a lot of “disable this and that” to go through…for example.

I really would like to purchase this template but I just don’t want to spend a lot of time on simple fixes. I would like something straight forward. Is there a way to try out the theme before purchase?

Also, is there a comment section after each post? Or a social share buttons that resemble the buttons on the top of the page? I don’t see one on the template demo…


Hi, this theme has a lot of options for advanced and not advanced users. You will need to publish widgets as you see in documentation, then you are done. :)

There is no try before buy for the moment

Why this theme need the widgets to be published? You can get demo aspect or unlimited other aspect because for example you can position your logo, or any other widget, wherever you want, so you have unlimited layouts you can create or just simply use the one showed in demo, of course you can assign different layouts to different pages, posts, categories…etc

Best Regards :)