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Super Theme FEw Questions please 1) Social Media Sharing of posts ? 2) SEO COmpatibility ? 3) RELATED POSTS under a post ? 4) Tagging Features ?

Currently if we share a post’s hard link on facebook, the auto thumbnail is not necessary the one of the post..how can this be fixed ?

I am keen to buy this asap..need to know the above though

Hi, this theme comes with some features, here in Tf you can find a lot of plugins to do that and of course in Wordpress Repository for free.

recently i found sme popuar used plugins doing that and people are using them strongly so maybe take a look.

I have noted all and will try to implement at least the social sharing in post for next update.

Thank you for feedback

Hi, including facebook comments for next update! :)

1joao, is it worth purchasing the theme ? cause by the demo, it looks stunning and insane…

I am just concerned with the lack of the most obvious … social media share for all posts n related posts,..,.

I never set date-based goals for releasing new versions. Updates are only released when the level of quality level is up to my standards. :)

that made no sense whatsoever from a seller-buyer perspective.. I wish Themeforest had a LIKE button, Id get countless likes for saying this… reminds me of an extract from a novel..

I hope you release it early anyways..

i really don’t understand you, what do you mean with ‘make no sense’ :)

Hi rrud_van_raval, as we say here in Brazil, “I paid to see if it works.” If you ask me again in two weeks I’m going to tell you if it was worth it or not. I intend to use it for my site not for a client. I like challenges, so I asked to some friends, they thought fantastic. I think less text and more pictures or images is the way. The SEO Goolge is interested in the taste of the users to.

Hi, this theme need to be constructed, i mean, publish widgets as you see in documentation to get demo aspect.

But the thing is, you can construct differents layouts ,also different layouts for any page, it gives you unlimited possibilities.

Looking good buddy. Bookmarked for the future. All the best.


Nice theme! I have a few questions, does this work with post formats? Will it support the Tumblog plugin? Thanks!

Hi, it has 5 post-formats, including one more in next update, i have not tested the plugin Tumblog sorry.


Plus Grid Magazine Theme has been updated to 2.0 stable version, always working to get better results for you. Cheers! :)

Amazing work! I’m going to buy this when the next project arises. Brilliant!


I need to create a sample version like in your demo. In you videos there aren’t any example about Grid Theme. And reading Document is impossible to follow steps for create theme. I’ve seen other theme documents but this is impossible to follow!

hi, i can help you config site as it is in demo if you need it. also in documentation you have 3 images showing how/where widgets are published by default.

Send me your login details and url referring this comment if you need me to do it.

Regards :)

I sent mail yesterday :-) with all info … can you check?

I am looking to build an impressive buddypress site with YOUR designed theme style…

Are you able to do the cool picture-centric effects with the buddypress groups/member avatars?

Do you do custom work? This is a large project..



Hi, thank you for your words, by now i have several projects in the middle of development so have not much time but please send me to support@mimothemes.com which are exactly your needs

Of course if you finally choose this design for your project i can tell you where to find all code related to this behaviour :)


Hi, Absolutely brilliant theme. Thank you for that. However, I fail to get the ‘more’ link to be activated in any of the widgets. What am I missing?

Hi, thank you for your words, please tell me which widget is causing the issue to mail support@mimothemes.com as soon as you can so i can see what is happening.

Thank you :)

Hello, good evening from Spain and sorry about my english. I have just two questions.

1. I have edited the css styles two times in the last 24 hours and styles properties have changed again to the predefined code. Can you tell me how to work with just one stylesheet?

2. I want that my homepage have 20 random entries. Where can I customize this property?

Thanks in advance. V.

Open less/style.less file in dreamweaver for example, copy your code at the beginning of file and save it.

You can also copy custom css in the text box for that purpose in Theme Options > Style tab, just look at the bottom :)


I have pasted my old code on style tab, but it’s too complicate editing the style as this way. Just last question (promise), my homepage is misconfigured… How can I establish it as your home properties? Thanks you very much again. V.

Hi, please send me a link to support@mimothemes.com to see what is happpening.

Also you can look documentation to see how widgets are published in home override :)

Hi, this is an amazing theme, Im just concerned about banner placement? Do u have a demo with web banners working?

Hi, simply add a text widget with your image code, if you need it to have no padding, please write ‘nopadding’ in widget Custom variations field :)

Regards !

Hello, I’ve been trying to upload a logo, and it just won’t work. I’ve tried selecting it from the media library, or uploading, etc. and tried from different browsers (chrome and firefox) and no extensions. As soon as I click insert into post it just goes to a blank screen. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, this may be inspected by Support team, please could you send email to support@mimothemes.com referring this comment?

De-activating all plugins before except gantry, also would be a good test to see if any has an issue.

Please send issue to support, they will make it work sure! :)

Ah, thanks for the suggestion and quick reply! I disabled all and it works. I’ll just enable one by one till I figure out which plugin is breaking it. Thanks again!

Hi, I have 2 questions: 1)In my posts page I see the NewsWall above it, in all the pages, but I see in ur example that doesnt happen… how do I get to show it only on the homepage?

2) The effect of mouse-over the newswall images, I’d like to have a simple fade in, is that possible?


1.you need to create an override(page template) and assign it to home page. Then only publish the Newswall widget in this override. You have a extended video about overrides in documentation :)

2.A simple fade in is posible but need an important modification in code, this effect is applied to newswall widget and carousel widget so it is needed to modify both to ge some unity i think.

Great theme!!!!! Great support!


I promise I’ll stop asking questions lol, but I love the NewsTicker, can I use it for a custom post instead of regular posts? How could I do that? It would be really important :) Thank you!

hi, you can use it with a little customization, i can send you it but please contact through the mail support@mimothemes.com and tell me which is the custom post type you need to list :)

Hi, i am very intrested in this theme but need to know how hard or easy i will be to implement a small ad banner above the main menu. ive looked at the widget positions but is quite hard to understand without seeing them filled

thanks also ive noticed that the mimi carousel is not touch activated but it also doesn’t move on the demo. is this a bug, can it be set to rotate

sorry to be a pain…is there a way to make the footer black so that it is in contrast to the main layout sections

hi, noproblem :),

the mini carousel has not this feature, only sliders

It only has to be modified the css to change the footer colors.

Regards :)

i never leave any comments in envato, but here, the amazing work i have to give some comments. this is the best theme i’ve bought without doubt in last 3 yrs. Thanks a lot !

thank you very much!!! If you could give the theme 5 stars it would be great for us. Thank you again!

Hi, Great theme! Looks completely different from the clutter!! Awesome work! However, I have a couple of simple question before I buy:

On the grid tiles on the front page, I see that you have to click on the “Post Name” to open the post. Can it be made possible to open the post by clicking anywhere on the tile? Also, can the tiles on the home page be randomized?

Do you have any sites which use this theme so I can see it in action?

And a “Related Posts” option would be great :)

Hi, this can be done easily with a little trick, i can send you it :)

The related posts options i think also would be great, i will implement it in next update probably :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome! You can send it to my gmail, same username. You got yourself a sale, mate! :)

Hi, please send me a mail to support@mimothemes.com so i can send it to you if you don’t mind :)


Hi, I am really interested in purchasing this great theme but….I am a total nitwit in CSS and so on. I just watched the Live Preview and I want it to work like that. Can I use it that way without changing the CSS codes?? Hope to hear from you.

Oh dear. There you have it. Purchased the theme and found out that there a two zip files and can’t find the documentation what to do now.

Hmm….uploaded the wordpress zip but it doesn’t look a bit like I thought it would be. What am I doing wrong. Downloaded the requested plugin and activated it but it puzzles me what I have to do now. You can find it at: http://www.carinvanleeuwarden.nl

In documentation folder there is the documentation, please open index.html file with firefox, chrome, internet explorer or another browser :)

Also you have the online documentation always available at http://www.docs/mimothemes.com/grider

Please send me login details to support@mimothemes.com so i can take a look if you finally cannot configure it.

Find a section in Documentation to start up a new site and get different scenarios.

Regards :)