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Deleted the old wordpress theme and all the text and so on (it is complete black at this moment) and the Grider theme is installed correctly. I still can’t find a way how to make it all work. Sigh….

In documentation folder inside downloaded package, find index.html file, you can open it with a web browser like chrome or firefox :)

Also you can see it online, visit it here:


cheers :)

I’ll send you an email :) and look into the documentation online because I really can’t find it.

it just won’t do what I want it to do. I am a newbie and it seems that it isn’t that easy.

Your theme + Gantry may make this the most customizable theme ever.. lovely

However now while setting, my main menu simply does not come across horizontal.. the links stack above each other making it a long vertical menu..

Hi, this is Mimo custom Menu Widget, is this widget the one you are using? It is different form Gantry Menu, used for the top position :)

I am using Gantry Menu widget for the top one.. it still appears like that

Something surely is funny in the theme though.. As once I put the Mimo Carasoul in the header widget and again removed it and put it again..nothing is visible.. Please let me know the issue so I can contact n send details

I have sent everything via your inbox message way here…

Figured ? Please do let me know

hi, don’t worry the support team will receive your mail and see what is happening as soon as they can :)

Just want to let you (and everybody else) know that the support was absolutely great!!

BTW what do I do with an update? Just upload it to my wordpress (as changing the theme?) I’m a bit afraid to do so because I migh loose everything? Or do I upload it through ftp?

OMG I managed to do it the wrong way!!! Can’t reach my dashboard anymore. I uploaded the theme to the wordpress folder. Thought I deleted it afterwards but now I can’t reach it anymore. What to do now. Try installing it all again? OMG

Yeeeeee….I’m brilliant! I managed it myself. BTW I’m still a complete moron but I don’t want to mention that awful fact all the time. Love the theme and now I know what to do with an update. Won’t make that mistake again.

Hi, It’s me again. How can I change the language. It is English but I would like to change it in Dutch. Is that very hard to do?

Hi there,

I seem to have a weird problem that I cant fiigure out.

I’ve setup the homepage with a newswall widget but I cant seem to be able to get rid of the regular blog posts below that.


Any help is appreciated


Hi, to hide the regular blog content go to Theme Options/Advanced tab and and turn off ‘Blog content’ Option :)


I still would like to change the language into Dutch.

Hi, sorry for delay, please contact support in email support@mimothemes.com and get the steps :)

Hi mimo, I love the design of Grider theme! one question before I do my purchase , I only want to use the blog area of this theme … that is possible?

Hi, yes of course, this is possible :)

Hi i purchased this theme, and i´ve been working on it for 2 weeks let me tell you that the theme is pretty cool, but the set up and customization is hell!! definetly not simple, I´m stuck again, I almost finished cutomizing the home page, but i see the exact same thing in a post or a page, what do i have to do to have them right?? ive been looking in the documentation and haven´t found anything

hi, just create an override(page template) and assign it to Single Post View or Page View. Please take a look to Overrides section in Documentation, they are like page templates but you can create them, assign them, customize them…etc :)

Sorry again, but it seems I’m stuck in something else (bug?)

In the top I have the mimo carrousel, but when I try to show only one category it is blank. If its the category field is blank, no problem, but as soon as a sppecific category is added, it’s a blank space:

https://www.evernote.com/shard/s3/sh/789e8ff6-ce4c-4cb9-a8b0-bf318efa8ff8/33b195e44d9f8a90a1232bb80b2b1c88 https://www.evernote.com/shard/s3/sh/aa087e8f-d9f5-440e-9252-a60e32336de8/4890f3ab754bcd9d7fb65a2fd263bd10

Could be a bug?

Thank you

Hi, this is probably because the posts showed haven’t got a featured image, give them a featured image and try please :)

If not working please send me the login details to support@mimothemes.com so i can take a look :)

My newswall is working fine in Chrome but doesnt work well in Safari… could you help me? :)

Of course, please send us login details to have a look to the issue :)


just a simple question. How to install the new 1.4 Version if the old one is already running? Whats the best an easiest way?

Nice Greetings from Germany


Hi, the way is to upload new theme through ftp overwritting all files, you won’t lose your settings :)

Cool thanks – worked fine. Is there anywhere a changelog? What is changed to Version 1.4?

Kind regards


We are working to include it in theme description, but i can tell you small issues have been fixed :)

hell mimo :-)

I bought this cool theme but I dont understand what the carousel feature means. I thought it´s a special feature that shows 5 or 10 new posts in a slide show or somthing like this :) But now the carousel is an static feature in the top of the wordpress template :) Please inform me what I could do with the carousel feature. Thanks

Geetings from Germany


Hi, this is a widget, you can publish it in any position and in the widget settings choose to show the category name or not, the number of columns…etc :)

sorry I mean hello NOT hell :(

Thanks a lot but I need your help again. I want a layout for my homepage like in your demo (http://mimothemes.com/demos/grider/?page_id=4221) with 3 cols and no sidbar. I watched your documentation video but it doesnt work when I try it. It´s possible to help me directly in my WordPress account. Can you customize my template? Please help me. I would pay for it :-)

Please send me login details to support@mimothemes.com :)

Your are great :) Thank you very much. I have sent you my mail few minutes ago


I ‘ve a problem with “more post” in Mimo News Wall Widgets.

I mean work, but open the same post that I see up, and I have more than that.

This in my web page http://www.fineartstudioblog.com/

Can you help me?

hi, sorry i don’t understand your question, could you send me a small explanation to support@mimothemes.com ?

Thank you :)

Strange thing occured (haven’t used it before) if I’m on my homepage http://www.carinvanleeuwarden.nl I cannot use the gantry menu on top with my mouse. I can use it with the arrows though. Everything is working fine on the sidebar but the menu on top puzzles me.

Please send me the browser your using to support@mimothemes.com, i have tried in chrome and works well :)

Everything’s working great now. Thanks for the absolute great support!!!

How come the default wordpress gallery does not work in posts ?

It simply does not appear despite the shortcode..no images no gallery apears.. I have sent a message with my details and also an email. please do help me out

Ok, let me see the issue :)

Havent heard back..have sent an email too with details.

the HTML and CSS is present in the pages when we add the wordpress gallery or the social gallery plugin gallery. It does not show however,something to do with the theme. The plugin guys also confirmed it.. have emailed all details.

Hi, ok, let me see it, have you activated the ‘Disable Autoparagraphs’ feature in Advanced tab?

Hello, good evening from Spain and sorry about my english. I have some issues:

1. I want to change css but I can`t find the file is running. 2. I want to hide the title and the content of Home in my homepage (i jaus want to show the news). 3. Twitter user is working in Mimo Custom Twitter, but not in Mimo Custom Share. 4. Mimo Carousel is not working fine in homepage (I want a layout for my homepage like in your demo)...

Can you help me? Thanks in advance. You can check my page on: http://blog.elpioloco.es


1.look in folder less/style.less…it is like css, the same 2.In theme options/advanced turn off ‘show content’ option 3.have you tried another user to see if it works? 4.Give all news at least a featured image to be used by carousel widget.

Please if you need more assistance contact through email support@mimothemes.com

Regards :)