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Hi, When will the update with the bug fix for the wordpress gallery issue i had come out ?


Hi, we are working to inlcude that feature for you in next update, but need a stable working solution, let us code it properly :)

By when do you think it can be doen though ? I know it takes time and dont intend to pressurize you guys, but you know its 20 days ive been going back and forth and am unable to launch and work on my website

please atleast help me with an approximation as quick as you can thanks alot

I bought the Grinder theme and it requires the Gantry Plugin. I tried to upload it but an error keeps appearing on the process. Here’s a screenshot: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/4950/wordpressgantryerror.jpg

This error keeps appearing over and over with every try. Please help me with this. It seems weird that the theme does not include a Plugin it needs to function.

hi, just use the plugin search in Wordpress, i haven’t included the plugin because last version is always available in wordpress Plugin repository :)

I’ve been doing that for hours now and it’s not working. I get a new error message – http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/7218/192pb.jpg and every now and then I get the one I mentioned before: http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/2193/172ok.jpg.

I’ve tried in different computers, different internet connections and 2 friends of mine also bought the theme and allowed me to know they’re going through the same issue. Please help me with an alternative to solve this. Thank you for your time!

Hi, please send me your login details and url so i can take a look to the issue, support@mimothemes.com


Thank you!!


this theme work well in Google Chrome but doesn’t work in Safari :-(

Hi, please send me any issue to support@mimothemes.com

Hello, good morning from spain and sorry about my english.

I have some bugs on this template: - Twitter widget shows this message: Twitter responded with an HTTP status code of 400. - My header is not displaying ‘gantry_mimocarousel-5’ - My posts doesn’t show the content.

Can you check my bugs on this link: http://blog.elpioloco.es? Thanks in advance. V.

hi, if you like we can speak in spanish in mail support@mimothemes.com, i am from Murcia :)

1.Try the twitter widget with other users and tell me if it works 2.You need to publish the carousel widget in header position 3.In advanced tab there is an option to hide content

Send me any other issue to mail, thank you :)

So, I have purchased this theme and keen to get started but can’t find sample data like how you describe in the video tutorial. Also, when I register on your forum it keeps rejecting my purchase codes. Please help.

Hi, please send me your user to support@mimothemes.com.

The xml sample data file is in ‘sample data’ folder in theme package :)


Ahem…I downloaded this from themeforest and re-downloaded as well. The zip file and license were the only things downloaded and the zip file has no sample data folder. I have emailed you as well

Hi, it must be there inside downloaded package, i haven’t received your email

Hello, COmmon guys, please have the problem for the gallery resolved. Its been the third week since purchase that I am totally unable to go live with the website.

We need the default wordpress gallery to work too as the one in grider is simply not convenient for anyone to view 15+ images Please help me with an update


this is not a theme issue, theme is coded to do what you see :), but we have added it in next update, this update 1.6 will be ready to download, i think, tomorrow morning


Hiya. Got the same problem with Twitter with the message:

Twitter widget shows this message: Twitter responded with an HTTP status code of 400.

Everything is working fine. Except for this Twitter message.

you’ve got mail :)

Thanks for the update!!! Tweet-Tweet :)

Your welcome :)

Is the update ready ? please

Hi, i updated the theme 3 days ago, did’nt you received an email from Tf ?

Eh, can you check your support forum please. I have several problems with the theme and I don’t know how to solve it. http://mimothemes.com/forum/topic/90/conflict-with-other-plugin

Hello, I am interested on buying your theme but before that, would like to have some information : I did not see in your theme features it can display ads like Leaderboard or Medium Rectangle, doesn’t it ? Thanks you by advance, My best,

Hi, i haven’t tested this but it works with Wordpress Text Widget(used to insert google ads and more) and so many plugins :)


Hi There – the links for the eslider aren’t working. Trying to link the whole image to the imputed address in the slide options. Any ideas? Thanks very much!

Hi, i think you have bought another theme, please take a loook :)


Hi, My NewsWall is not working very well… When I have the infinity scroll st up to Auto or Button, it keeps repeating the same posts to infinite, and it doesn’t show the older posts I have… Would you guys know what the problem it could be? Here is the link: http://newyorkspy.com

Im trying to send a msg to that email and its not working…

never mind, i was writing temes and not themes

did u find out anything? :) im very anxious…

I want the sidebar to stay fixed and the right hand side top content to scroll. Also, the top content to come above and fill up the empty space on the right of the logo. How can I do this?


And where can I edit the css?


1. I want the sidebar to expand on click not hover. What do I change where? 2. I want the naigation top menu on right, only icons. What do I change, where?

Hi, sorry i don’t understand your point 1, please send me a mail with a little explanation to support@mimothemes.com so i can tell you what todo.


Sent. Will send another mail attaching the design

Theres a big problem with the LAYOUT section in the grider admin panel.. the drag button and the sections are all freezzzed I have sent an email to your gmail id too please do help asap

Hi, please take a look to your email inbox.


How do you avoid the title of the homepage HOME to come on the homepage ? Like in the backend, in wordpress settings->reading we ahve to set a frontpage, which I did to HOME due to which the HOME heading comes on the mainpage above the mainbody top section.. this however is not visible in your demo theme how do i solve this ?

Hi, go to advanced in theme options and switch the ‘show content’ to off.


After quite some time, feeling fascinated about gantry and this theme, i feel I did a big mistake. The theme is still much in an amateur mode.. 70% of the most widely used plugins dont work.. Justified Image Grid, ADD THIS Social Buttons, and a countless list ahead.

we need to use them because of the lack of common features in the theme. There arent even any RELATED CONTENT/ARTICLES in any posts..

Im shocked.. barely anything works and Im stuck with this now

It looked so wonderful but is turning out to be a disaster.

No offence to the author. has been wonderful and excellent in support and has always always been kind. But the question is, till when do I keep contacting the author ?

This i s what you guys are #1 in, instant reply and care for your customers ! List of Plugins that are widely used but dont work : 1) ROYAL SLIDER PLUGIN if the shortcode is put in any WIDGET like TEXT/HTML Widget 2) the ADD THIS SOCIAL Plugin for the like buttons and more 3) Justified Image Grid.. 4) There is no way to show RELATED POSTS in thumbnails below after each post/article ? 5) SUGGESTION : Please allow us to choose the POSTS in all MIMO NEWS WIDGETS based on TAGS too

the above 3 are widely used and have 1000s of people pruchasing them from codecanyon too..

Please do make em compatible. If your theme is compatible with the above and more, id be the first one suggesting it to everyone around. Because its possibilities then become infinite

Thank you for the prompt response once again.Appreciate it. value for money

Ok, received , but please, for the next time use the email :)

We are working also this weekend, need some days to achieve this and get a stable solution if it exists.

Let me send you an email when done.


I have sent an email about a major urgent problem in priority None of the links of the website if shared shows meta info (image thumb, title, desc) on facebook or anywhere else… All meta is set to on.. Please consider this request urgent as tomorrow all our visitors will be sharing all the links please

Its been over a day that I have bought the theme, and have been trying over and over again, but just can’t make it work or look the way it is in the demo, the plugins are just soo complicated. Why are there so many complications to just set this up.

I have watched the video over and over again to setup the site, but still I am not even close.

Requesting for support please.

hi, please send me an email to support@mimothemes.com, you only need to publish logo widget and rest of widgets as it is showed in documentation start up theme section.


Please check your mail inbox, I have emailed again.


Hi, I just would like to check when you guys will be fixing the issue of the NewsWall infinity feature incompatibility with the permalink ” Month and name”... When would be the next theme uptade?

Thank you so much, I love your theme!

Hi, we are working to release a new update before next monday :)


i can’t wait!!

Hi, sorry we are still working in the new update.


Hi there, Thanks for this great template! I have one question, is there any possibility to have different font families for different areas, i.e., one font for titles, other for main text, etc. Regards, Roberto.

Hi, no sorry, this is not a theme feature. You could code it investigating gantry framework.


The links in the twitter menu don’t appear to be clickable, can you help us, please?



Hi, sorry but at the moment they are not clickable, i am working in a plugin to fix this for next releases but cannot give you a date.