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Unless the all “news feed” page starts with a small image / icon then it left aligns everything… have I done something wrong? www.eastldn.co.uk

Hi, i see you have finally solved this :)


No, Haven’t fixed it, we have to start with small images as a quick fix. Is there a proper fix?

hi, please let me see this and try to fix the behaviour in next update.

Best Regards.

The pagination (auto and button) seems to be repeating content rather than showing additional content… is there a fix?

So essentially if we use this theme its going to be detrimental to our website and hits :(

Hi, i am workng on this in next soon update will be solved, don’t worry.

Best Regards.

Hello, Just bought your theme. There are 2 xml files in the sample data file which one should I use?

Hi, you can use both, the last one has more content, see date :)


okay, thanks

Another quick question: how do i get the blog post info (date, #of comments, posted by etc,) to appear in the same line as the blog title, the way it does in the demo?

Hi, are you reffering to the news just under the top menu? This is the Mimo Newsticker Widget.

You can see where and how to publish it in documentation ‘Theme Strat Up’ section..


no, i’m referring to a blog post. The information that is listed under the blog post title ((date, #of comments, posted by etc,)), I want that information to be inline with the blog post title, like in the demo.

Hi, sorry but i cannot see it in demo, i see the title in a line, then the info, please send me a link to the page you are refering to.


Hello, I am trying to get categories to show up as the news wall. We have it set up that people can view a rather large list of categories and their child categories, and would like it to that when you click on whatever category it will pop up as the News Wall. Is there maybe some custom php code to place into an Override Text Widget so that it will open up with the corresponding category?

Hi, with the theme this is not possible at the moment, you will need to code it i think better with an ajax call.


Hi, I’d like to have the Auto pagination working with the regular permalinks, do you think that can happen or should I just give up on this? Any news on theme updates?

Just asking so I stop bothering you guys…

Hi, i am still working on this, i think before the end of this month it will be solved if it can be done.


Hi Mimo,

I want to buy this theme, but I have a question before it: I see the image of the single post is too big, could I use images of 500px maximum?

Thank you and regards!


So If I use all of them of 500 px is the text going to fit? Or I´d had a lot of white spaces? (Sorry I need to improve my English).

Hi, the text will fit but for example in single view it will appear a blank space on right of image because the space is bigger than 500px.

If you need to ask me in spanish please do it in support@mimothemes.com

Best Regards

Thank you very much! I think I´ve understood everything. I´ll buy it and if I hesitate, I´ll write you in Spanish better. Regards!

I have a quick question – I want to have a featured image show up on the front page – but not show up when I click into the blog post. Is there a way to do this? I don’t want an image to show up in the blog post.

hi, sorry i thought it was my Upnews Theme, the lines are 23-147 inclusive.

Best regards

Worked like an absolute charm!! One of if not THE best theme and support I’ve used on Themeforest. I had it set up in less than 30 mins and it is way easier to customize then any other theme ive used.

Thank you very much!!!

A client had this theme and hired me to get it going after trying it themself. This is by far the worst thought out theme i have ever came across on themeforest. The documentation makes no sense and the way the theme works is way overly complicated. No need for the theme to be made like this so much more easier ways. I spent days on this and just had to give it up. The import data only helps so much has the theme runs from widgets which importing dont save the data for. The theme looks brilliant its a shame it was killed by over complicating the function and execution.


the theme works publishing widgets, you have in documentation all the info needed to start the theme in 10 minutes. If you cannot, please send me an email to support@mimothemes.com with your issues.

Best Regards

Wow!! Just want to let you guys know that I tried the solution you gave to @ringding. And it works (ofcourse it works) and geeeeee…...you are magnificent!!!

Thank you very much!!

Hiya, I don’t want people to comment on my posts. How can I delete the text where you can see how many comments there are?

Hi, you can choose to not show the comments info in any view Theme options or any widget options.

Best Regards

Great theme, nice work. Anyways, what is missing for me is Pinterest/Tumblr social links. I did follow docs and set “Mimo Custom Social” widget. I tried to get around replacing icons/links for LinkedIn/StumbleUpon as we do not need those. So, this part is solved! – Now, problem is that ‘social share’ portion that appears in Posts…etc. obviously is not affected. I am not sure where to change social links (mimosocial.php?). For example, icons are changed (LinkedIn/StumbleUpon showing Pinterest/Tumblr) but shared links are leading to LinkedIn/StumbleUpon. So, can you help me with this please. Need to change links to Pinterest/Tumblr. Thanks

oh forgot to tell, i got it somehow, ...1 thing… :) -> ..replaced LinkedIn for pinterest, what i did? – 1. swithced icons 2. add line in file mimosocial.xml (copy pase for example line 10 and replace following lowercase-uppercase linkedin to pinterest) 3. changed line 400 LinkedIn to Pinterest (copy paste from line 410) in file content-single.php

work as charm now, so i have it both follow on the top and share/pin in posts on the bottom

but! – i need to add Tumblr, problem remains, cannot figure it out how to add, icon/link is not showing if i follow what i did mentioned above :-(

Hi, as you have seen this are different things. One thing is the mimosocial widget, which i see you have oened and the other is content-single. In this last one you can add your icons copying exactly the same structure.

Later you need to add styling in less/style.less file, it is like css.

If you need further assistance please email me to support@mimothemes.com


ok i got it, “style.less” file was missing, everything working as charm :-) – thanx

I found another issue, so if you can help me with. There is an option to change background color (Grider Theme Settings/style/). So, i changed Background Color; Logo Background Color and Container Bg Color in ‘black’. It did not apply to “sidebar” and all widgets inside, same things happened to “Mimo NewsTicker”.

Question is how to change those two to black background?

Thanking you in advance, Regards

Hi, the menu has its own file, look in less/menu.less


yeah, was looking there last night…. .....anyways, thanx i got it now :-) , it is inspiring …

one more time to tell everyone this is amazing and very interesting layout, plenty room to customize… depends on your creativity

>>MIMO<< you did it…this is a master piece!


Thank you very much!! :):):)

I’ve never spent such a long time with any theme so far! This theme is so complicated. After doing everything by the video tutorial (apart from dummy content), it does not load my news wall, it actually flashes and the disappears. I don’t know the solution, hope you do!!

Hi, please send me a link to support@mimothemes.com so i can take a look.

Best Regards

Email sent!

Bonjour à tous, Je viens donner mon avis en espérant avoir enfin une réponse (en anglais s’il le faut) ! J’ai acheté ce thème, et pour le faire fonctionner, j’ai installé la version 3.5 de WP qui à l’activation du thème me réclame GANTRY Cependant ce dernier me plante WP qui après quelques recherches s’avère ne pas être compatible avec la version 3.5. Il me semble pourtant que ce thème qui nécessite ce plugin est annoncé comme compatible avec 3.5 ?! Alors quelle est la solution ? Car là je viens de passer quelques heures à essayer de le faire fonctionner et je crise un peu. Merci pour votre réponse, espérant avoir une….

Hi, sorry i don’t speak french. But i have understand more or less your issue. Please install latest version of gantry and latest version of WP.

You can also install previous versions of gantry from their website in wordpress 3.5

Please send me an email to support@mimothemes.com if you finally cannot install them.

Best regards.

Hello Mimo, In my website, the homepage breaks up weras the other pages dont.. Can you please help me? It sudenly started showing


Hi, i have answered your email


My site, cameronbirrell.com uses this theme but the slider colour overlays on the newswall often load as clear (no block colour, just text). Do you know how I can solve this?

(Tried to create an account on your support page but don’t know where to find the ‘purchase code’)


Hi, you can find your purchase code in your downloads page here in TF. Please send me a link to the issue to support@mimothemes.com so i can take a look.

Best Regards

Hi, I’m thinking to buy this theme, but I need to know if is possible to disable, with backend’s configuration, the overlay’s animation on the article’s thumbnails. Thank you very much. Michele

Hi, pleased to meet you, you can choose to show the image or the colored background for any post.

The animation of colored background appearing cannot be disabled through theme options but i can tell you how to disable it deleting some lines from the jquery archive :)

Best Regards

To anyone considering purchasing this theme:

The author of this theme has provided excellent support throughout the installation and customization process. At first, the way the theme is organized seemed a bit counter-intuitive, but after I got the hang of it, it was a breeze to work with!

Customer support: 10/10 – VERY fast responses, and provides clear instructions.

Theme design: 9/10 – Everything works as it should once you figure out what everything does. Tested the theme across multiple platforms/browsers and didn’t have any issues.

Documentation: 7/10 – The documentation is thorough, but I think a novice or someone not versed in web design might have trouble figuring it out. Thankfully, as I mentioned before, the author is excellent at providing support and answering any questions.

If this theme worked with WooCommerce, I’d purchase it twice just so I could implement it on another site I’m developing right now!


thank you very much for your feedback :)

Best Regards

Just got around to setting my server up and implementing this theme. I get the demo content install but everything seems to be pushed to the right. www.ramchip.net

Hi ramchitech, pleased to meet you, please take a look to the layout tab under ‘Grider Theme’ to control and set the width of any elemant.

In docs you have a big video explanation on using this feature.

Best Regards

Thank you much! Looking fantastic. Now to get my own content in there!